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26 November 2015

Children: Parenting
New Israeli Court Recognizes Interfaith Lesbian Couple as Mothers of Each Other's Children

Civil Unions
New Civil unions become law

New Uganda passes new anti-gay law

New Mexican Top Court Rules in Favor of Gay Marriage

25 November 2015

Gender Identity
New Vietnam passes landmark law recognizing transgender people

24 November 2015

Estates, Wills | Gender Identity
New Supreme Court Rejects Family's Appeal Against Transgender Woman's Cremation

Discrimination | Canon Law
New Constitutional Court dismisses appeal by gay ex-pastor
South Africa

Estates, Inheritance | Gender Identity
New More than five years after firefighter's death, transgender widow to get his death benefits
Canada, British Columbia

Gender Identity
New British Columbia prisons implement reforms for transgender prisoners
Canada, British Columbia

23 November 2015

(Marriage, Partners | Immigration)
Premier: Immigration rules could allow same-sex couples to co-habit legally News item summary
Cayman Islands

(Parenting: Birth Certificates)
Arkansas Judge: 3 Gay Couples can Amend Kids' Birth Certificates News item summary
United States, Arkansas

22 November 2015

(Health, Medical)
It's official: 'Homophobia' now a mental disorder! News item summary
Italy, United States

(Domestic Partners | Words & Phrases)
'Domestic Partner' Not 'Spouse' Under Bankruptcy Code News item summary Memorandum Decision
United States, California

20 November 2015

Ninth Circuit Upholds Gay Man's Deportation to Mexico News item summary Opinion
United States, Federal

(Gender Identity)
New law requires some Philadelphia businesses to turn restrooms gender-neutral News item summary
United States, Pennsylvania

(Parenting, Adoption | Assisted Reproduction)
Portugal allows same-sex adoption, lesbian artificial insemination in push for gay rights News item summary

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18 November 2015

(Estates, Wills | Gender Identity)
Body of Israeli transgender woman to be cremated, court orders News item summary

UK Court Rules Immigrant Spouses Must Speak English News item summary Judgment
United Kingdom

17 November 2015

Gays seeking military exemption in Turkey no longer need to provide visual proof of their homosexuality News item summary

(Asylum, Refugees)
Home Office denies asylum to gay man that 'failed to prove' sexuality News item summary
United Kingdom

(Children: Access, Custody, Visitation)
Oklahoma Supreme Court hands down landmark ruling on same-sex parenting News item summary Opinion
United States, Oklahoma

(Children: Visitation | Assisted Reproduction)
Biological father 'cannot visit child' News item summary Judgment
United Kingdom, England & Wales

16 November 2015

Over 600 wait to wed as gay marriages 'go live' today News item summary 'We Want to Get Married' graphic
Republic of Ireland

15 November 2015

(Assisted Reproduction, IVF)
IVF: Know your rights and risks News item summary
Australia, International

14 November 2015

(Parenting, Fostering)
Utah judge reverses his ruling on lesbian parents News item summary
United States, Utah

12 November 2015

US Judge Embraces EEOC Equating of Sexual Orientation, Sex Discrimination News item summary Opinion
United States, Alabama

(Gender Identity)
Kerala becomes first state to unveil transgender policy News item summary Draft Policy
Indian, Karala

Changes to Dallas law provides more protections for LGBTQ News item summary
United States, Texas

Ukraine passes anti-discrimination law News item summary

11 November 2015

Ukraine dismisses anti-gay discrimination bill but passes visa-free travel News item summary

(Gender Identity)
Fiji High Court rejects transgender woman's bid to have birth certificate corrected News item summary

(Parenting, Fostering)
Utah judge orders same-sex couple to give up foster child, says baby would be better off with heterosexual parents News item summary
United States, Utah

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