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15 January 2019

(Gender Identity | Health, Medical)
New Assembly to Pass GENDA and Legislation to Ban Conversion Therapy News item summary
United States, New York

11 January 2019

Lithuania's top court rejects anti-gay discrimination News item summary

10 January 2019

(Death Benefits, Pensions | Estates, Inheritance)
Mexican Supreme Court ruling allows same sex couples to receive widow pensionNews item summary

07 January 2019

Whitmer Bars LGBT Discrimination, Nixes Religious Exemption News item summary
United States, Michigan

(Gender Identity)
Press watchdog rules against ‘misleading’ Sunday Times trans coverage News item summary Decision: HTML
United Kingdom

Federal judge denies state’s request to dismiss second Masterpiece Cakeshop lawsuit News item summary Order: 156.15kb
United States, Colorado

04 January 2019

(Parenting: Birth Certificates)
California law prohibits biological mother to be added to baby’s birth certificate News item summary
United States, California

(Crime | Discrimination | Censorship, Free Speech)
Three ‘creationists’ fined for distributing anti-gay leaflet News item summary Judgment (in Dutch): HTML

(Military | Gender Identity)
Trans Military Ban Still Blocked Despite New Decision Dissolving One of Four Nationwide Preliminary Injunctions News item summary Judgment: 203.89kb
United States, Federal

03 January 2019

Two gay men mount first legal challenges to Hong Kong laws banning same-sex marriage, with court giving their applications green light to proceed News item summary Decision: 163.93kb
Hong Kong

Delhi HC allows 2 women to move in together: Cannot impose fetters on her rights News item summary Judgment: 64.82kb
India, Delhi

02 January 2019

(Parenting, Adoption | Discrimination)
Christian magistrate can appeal dismissal for gay adoption comments as judge says 'intolerant views' must be respected News item summary
United Kingdom

01 January 2019

(Gender Identity)
Germany adopts intersex identity into law News item summary

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Impact of India gay sex law reform: Our analysis
06 SEP 18

Courts are leading the global battle for LGBT equality
20 AUG 18

Double standards for LGBTs over burqa row
15 AUG 18


Homosexuality is to blame for sexual abuse, not Catholic church, claims German cardinal
TheTelegraph 04 JAN 19

Politician lambasted for suggesting Indonesia quake disaster was god's wrath against gay people
RT 23 OCT 18

Pastor raises slogans in court against verdict on section 377, ‘God has destroyed the cities which allowed homosexuality’
TheFreePressJournal 10 SEP 18

Wingnut Bill Donohue Blames Gays for Catholic Church Abuse Scandal
United States
The Advocate 17 AUG 18

Pastor: God is burning down California because of gay people
United States, California
PinkNews 04 AUG 18

'Wearing jeans leads to birth of transkids': Kerals prof slammed for offensive remark
TheNewsMinute 03 APR 18

Evangelist says same-sex relationships is God punishing humanity for abortions
United States
Pulse 20 MAR 18

What Christians believe about Leviticus
United States
AbileneReporterNews 31 MAR 18

Margaret Court: If Marriage Equality Passes in Australia 'There Will Be No Christmas'
The Advocate 19 SEP 17

Judge: You can't call someone a c*nt, but a C∀NT is a cunning stunt
The Register 29 AUG 17

Paramedic claims devastating fire was caused by same-sex marriages
South Africa
PinkNews 12 JUN 17

Same-sex marriage will 'destroy the whole human race', Australian parliament told
PinkNews 07 NOV 17

New Zealand pastor blames homosexuality for earthquakes
Out in Perth 16 NOV 16

Ghana: The World in Turmoil Because of Homosexuality - Says Prophet Nakoa
allAfrica 11 NOV 16

Priest blames Italy earthquakes on gay marriage
news24 05 NOV 16

Christian activist believes God sent Hurricane Matthew to stop Orlando Pride
GayStarNews 06 OCT 16

Phil Robertson: Gays are responsible for 160k murders in America
LGBTQ Nation 05 JUL 16

Earthquakes Happen Because Gay People Have Sex, Says Muslim Cleric
IndiaTimes 28 MAY 16

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