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23 September 2016

(Health, Medical | Employee Benefits)
New If Pain, Yes Gain­Part XXII: Morristown No. 13 in New Jersey to Pass Paid Sick Leave Law News item summary Ordinance O-35-2016, 112.21kb
United States, New Jersey

21 September 2016

New Running A Community Group Could Cost Organisers Their House News item summary
Australian, Queensland

New Judge dismisses challenge to state's gay-marriage law News item summary Order, 340.63kb
United States, North Carolina

Guernsey officially approves same-sex marriage News item summary

(Gender Identity)
Judge grants transgender Kenosha student access to bathroom News item summary Decision and Order, 131.49kb
United States, Wisconsin

20 September 2016

North Carolina court rejects magistrates' gay marriage lawsuit News item summary Opinion, 101.94kb
United States, North Carolina

Christian Calligraphers Lose First Court Battle Over Same-Sex Invitations News item summary Opinion
United States, Arizona

Romania Postpones Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage of US Citizen News item summary

Arizona court passes ruling equating changing a nappy with paedophilia News item summary Opinion
United States, Arizona

19 September 2016

(Military | Gender Identity)
Pentagon to cover sex-reassignment surgery for transgender active-duty troops News item summary
United States, Federal

16 September 2016

Hundreds Of Millions Of People May Soon Be Blocked From Using Grindr News item summary

Wilkes-Barre council OKs anti-discrimination ordinance News item summary
United States, Pennsylvania

(Age of Consent)
Queensland Government lowers age of consent for anal sex to 16 News item summary
Australia, Queensland

15 September 2016

(Parenting: Birth Certificates)
Same-sex couple in Wisconsin will get both names on child’s birth certificate after legal battle News item summary Opinion, 141.63kb
United States, Wisconsin

EU Court of Justice rules open Wi-Fi hotspots may need a password, ending anonymity PDF News item summary Judgment
European Union

14 September 2016

(Gender Identity)
Michigan schools set new inclusive policy for transgender students News item summary Department of Eduction Memorandum
United States, Michigan

10 September 2016

(Decriminalization | Homosexuality)
Government to appeal sections of High Court ruling on sodomy law News item summary

(Civil Unions)
Aruba Parliament approves civil unions for same-sex couples News item summary

08 September 2016

(Violence: Bullying)
British Columbia finally passes province-wide LGBT school policy News item summary
Canada, British Columbia

(Gender Identity)
Sex reassignment surgery is now legal in the United Arab Emirates News item summary
United Arab Emirates

06 September 2016

(Censorship | Discrimination)
Regina court upholds right to reject offensive, anti-gay advertising News item summary
Canada, Saskatewan

05 September 2016

(Canon Law)
Finland: Church won't allow pastors to officiate gay weddings News item summary

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