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18 April 2019

New Settlement Reached in Lawsuit Brought by Lesbian Teacher against Hesperia USD News item summary
United States, California

17 April 2019

New Military academies begin to follow military transgender ban News item summary
United States, Federal

15 April 2019

Navy allows transgender sailors to dress according to gender identity while off duty News item summary Signal: HTML
United States, Federal

11 April 2019

Swiss Supreme Court orders historic revote on family tax breaks News item summary

Censorship, Free Speech | HIV, Aids)
Ducey signs law repealing teaching restriction considered anti-LGBTQ News item summary
United States, Arizona

10 April 2019

Ashwin Raj: Same-Sex Marriage Not A 'Right' News item summary

Gender Identity | Children)
Tasmania makes gender optional on birth certificates after Liberal crosses floor News item summary
Australia, Tasmania

Discrimination | Gender Identity)
'Very Important Precedent:' Russian Court Rules Transgender Woman Was Fired Illegally News item summary
Russia, Vladimir Oblast

Same-sex marriage - Cayman Islands Appeal Court grants stay News item summary
Cayman Islands

(Violence, Harassment)
Transgender activist wins High Court battle to force Mumsnet to reveal identity of user who 'made defamatory comments about her' - after a mother was arrested for calling her a man on Twitter News item summary Order: 111kb
United Kingdom, England & Wales

08 April 2019

Health, Medial | Gender Identity)
Massachusetts becomes 16th state to ban 'ex-gay' therapy for youth News item summary
United States, Massachusetts

Discrimination | Gender Identity)
New Transgender man sued Colorado tire company that wouldn’t hire him, gets $60K and an apology News item summary
United States, Colorado

05 April 2019

Peru Court Recognizes Legal Marriage of Lesbian Couple News item summary Sentencia (in Spanish): 315.62kb

04 April 2019

Gender Identity | Health, Medical)
Court orders stay in case of transgender Idaho inmate’s surgery News item summary Order: 289.38kb
United States, Idaho

(Parenting, Adoption)
Mormon church drops anti-LGBT policy from 2015, saying children of same-sex couples now can be baptized News item summary
United States, Utah

03 April 2019

(Discrimination | Gender Identity | Health, Medical)
Montana Human Rights Bureau sides with transgender Montanan in discrimination complaint News item summary Recommendation: 5.29MB
United States, Montana

Cayman Islands Government Appealing Same-Sex Marriage Ruling News item summary
Cayman Islands

30 March 2019

(Military | Homosexuality)
Top military prosecutor rules homosexuality not a crime in landmark decision News item summary

29 March 2019

Chief Justice rules same-sex marriage is legal News item summary Summary of Judgment: 621.49kb
Cayman Islands

28 March 2019

(Estates, Inheritance)
Estate and inheritance tax guide: The best and worst states to die in News item summary
United States

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