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24 April 2015

(Children: Parenting)
First Baby Registered with Three Parents in Argentina News item summary
Argentina, Buenos Aires

(Marriage: Divorce)
Florida appellate court upholds same-sex divorce News item summary Opinion
United States, Florida

(Discrimination | Freedom of Association)
Kenyan gay and lesbian organisation wins right to register as official NGO News item summary NGLHRC Press Release

23 April 2015

New Oklahoma Lawmakers Approve Bill Allowing Clergy, Others to Refuse Same-Sex Weddings News item summary
United States, Oklahoma

(Civil Unions)
Ecuadorian lawmakers approve civil unions bill News item summary

(Children: Adoption)
Arizona same-sex couples can again adopt, foster together News item summary
United States, Arizona

Russian court upholds firing of teacher for being gay News item summary
Russia, St Petersburg

22 April 2015

Judge won't order recognizing terminally ill gay man’s marriage News item summary Order
United States, Michigan

Little Rock Approves Anti-Discrimination Protections News item summary
United States, Arkansas

Will Italian Court Decision Pave Way for Marriage Equality? News item summary

21 April 2015

(Gender Identity | Parenting)
England: Transsexual fails in attempt to have birth certificate changed to hide original gender News item summary Judgment
United Kingdom, England

19 April 2015

(Gender Identity)
Transgenders entitled to head of household status: HC News item summary

18 April 2015

Court Rules in Favor of Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance News item summary Final Judgment
United States, Texas

17 April 2015

Kentucky Circuit Court Judge Strikes Down State’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban News item summary
United States, Kentucky

Mexican Supreme Court Strikes Major Blow For Marriage Equality In Sinaloa News item summary Press Release (in Spanish)

Malawi Gay Rights: New Marriage Law Further Criminalizes LGBT Relationships And Identities, Group Says News item summary

Gay couple who were denied room from Christian guesthouse owners win case News item summary
South Africa

16 April 2015

(Parenting: Adoption | Assisted Reproduction)
French court OKs adoption by lesbian partners News item summary

Guam Health Dept refuses to issue marriage licences for same-sex couples News item summary

Bermuda laws sink gay wedding News item summary

15 April 2015

Guam Becomes First U.S. Territory to Allow Same-Sex Marriages News item summary

14 April 2015

(Immigration, Migration)
Egypt Court Rules Homosexual Foreigners Can Be Deported, Banned From Entry News item summary

Guam Couple Seek to Overturn Ban on Same-Sex Marriage News item summary Complaint

(Parenting: Adoption)
Arizona governor vetoes bill that could allow adoption discrimination against same-sex couples News item summary
United States, Arizona

(Health, Medical)
New Jersey gay therapy ban is upheld over boy's challenge News item summary Opinion
United States, New Jersey

13 April 2015

(Civil Unions)
Chile's Bachelet Signs Same-Sex Civil Union Law News item summary

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09 April 2015

(Military | Gender Identity | Discrimination)
EEOC Issues Landmark Ruling: Army Discriminated Against Trans Employee News item summary Decision
United States, Federal

Springfield, Missouri repeals protections for gay residents despite religious exemptions News item summary
United States, Missouri

(Marriage | Parenting)
Nicaragua rejects same-sex marriage, adoption News item summary

08 April 2015

(Gender Identity)
Legislature approves new birth certificates for transgender people News item summary
United States, Maryland

Guam rejects territory's first-ever same-sex marriage license application News item summary

06 April 2015

A List of Tribal Laws Prohibiting Gay Marriage News item summary
United States

(Civil Unions)
Chilean court upholds constitutionality of civil unions bill News item summary Opinion (in Spanish)

(Marriage: Divorce)
Judge says Brooklyn woman can use Facebook to serve divorce papers News item summary Opinion
United States, New York

04 April 2015

State: Colorado bakery did not discriminate by refusing to write 'God hates gays' on cake News item summary
United States, Colorado

02 April 2015

(Gender Identity | Health, Medical)
Judge orders California to pay for inmate's sex change News item summary Order Granting Motion
United States, California

Chilean Courts Defend Same-Sex Parenting Preschool Book News item summary

Indiana, Arkansas Pass Revised Religious Objection Proposals News item summary Arkansas Act Indiana Act
United States, Arkansas, Indiana

(Children, Parenting)
Irish senators approve same-sex adoption bill News item summary
Republic of Ireland

(Gender Identity | Health, Medical)
Malta now has one of the best trans and intersex laws in the world News item summary Bill 70

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