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17 June 2019

New 18JN US Supreme Court passes, for now, on a new same-sex wedding cake dispute News item summary
United States, Oregon

14 June 2019

(Crime, Hate Crime)
Panel Rules Hate Crimes Law Covers Amazon Attack News item summary Opinion: 192.62kb
United States, Virginia

(Military | Gender Identity)
US court lets Trump transgender military ban stand, orders new review News item summary Opinion: 427.74kb
United States, Federal

(Crime | Homosexuality | Gender Identity | Discrimination)
Brazil's top court makes homophobia a crim News item summary

12 June 2019

Puerto Rico passes 'religious freedom' bill in House of Representatives News item summary
Puerto Rico

Ecuador's highest court approves same-sex marriage News item summary Sentencia (in Spanish): 2.12MB

11 June 2019

(Gender Identity)
Vatican rejects 'transgender' term in official guidance on gender identity News item summary Congregation for Catholic Education: 506.43kb
Vatican City State

(Decriminalisation | Homosexuality)
Botswana decriminalises homosexuality in landmark ruling News item summary Judgment: 5.19MB

10 June 2019

(Gender Identity)
Evansville Transgender Student Wins Court Fight News item summary Entry on Pending Motion: 184.50kb
United States, Indiana

08 June 2019

NV lawmakers will let voters decide on same-sex marriage News item summary
United States, Nevada

(Decriminalisation | Homosexuality)
Bhutan's lower house of parliament votes to decriminalise homosexuality News item summary

07 June 2019

(Discrimination | Benefits | Partners | Marriage
Hong Kong court says denying same-sex spousal benefits unlawful News item summary Judgment: HTML
Hong Kong

(Discrimination | Gender Identity)
No clean hands in infamous transgender genital waxing case News item summary Reasons for Decision: 332.81kb
Canada, British Columbia

06 June 2019

Washington Supreme Court upholds ruling against florist who refused same-sex couple News item summary Opinion: 3,39MB
United States, Washington

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