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14 August 2018

(Crime | Homsexuality)
New Outcry in Malaysia over two women sentenced to caning for lesbian sex News item summary

09 August 2018

(Crime | Homosexuality)
Two men convicted of gay sex in Zambia after forced anal examinations News item summary

Constitutional Chamber in Costa Rica Pronounced Itself on Same Sex Marriage News item summary
Costa Rica

08 August 2018

16-year-old is first minor prosecuted by Russian 'anti-gay propaganda' laws News item summary

07 August 2018

(Military | Gender Identity)
U.S. judge rules against Trump policy restricting transgender troops News item summary
United States, Federal

06 August 2018

(Gender Identity)
Victory: Court grants preliminary injunction in favour of Evansville High School student News item summary Entry on Motion for Preliminary Injunction: 101.96kb
United States, Indiana

05 August 2018

(Health, Medical | Gender Identity)
New Kerala to pay for sex change surgeries of transgenders News item summary
India, Kerala

03 August 2018

(Gender Identity | Discrimination)
Judge ruling a blow to transgender rights in Hong Kong as inmates told they must do time according to their biology not what they identify as News item summary
Hong Kong

(Health, Medical | Gender Identity)
Ulster County bans gay conversion 'therapy' News item summary
United States, New York

01 August 2018

(Discrimination | Violence: Sexual Harassment)
Employee awarded 8,000 after colleague linked homosexuality to child abuse News item summary Adjudication: HTML
Republic of Ireland

30 July 2018

(Property | Civil Unions)
Victory for LGBTQ Families! 4th Department Determines Civil Union Spouses Have the Right to Equitable Distribution News item summary Memorandum and Order: 29.58kb
United States, New York

29 July 2018

(Gender Identity)
Lawsuit revived over transgender woman at Planet Fitness News item summary On Remand: 121.79kb
United States, Michigan

27 July 2018

(Gender Identity)
Judge rules transgender student can use boys bathroom at St. Johns school News item summary Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law: 317.72kb
United States, Florida

(Gender Identity)
Full Appeals Court Declines to Disturb Decision Backing Transgender Students News item summary Revised Opinion: 275.51kb Sur Petition for Rehearing: 108.57kb
United States, Pennsylvania

26 July 2018

(Violence: Harassment)
Westmoreland County extends sexual harassment protections to gay, transgender workers News item summary
United States, Pennsylvania

(Violence: Domestic Violence)
'A huge win': New Zealand brings in paid domestic violence leave News item summary
New Zealand

(Health, Medical | Gender Identity)
Judge orders Medicaid-funded surgery for two transgender residents, calls policy sex discrimination News item summary Opinion & Order: HTML
United States, Wisconsin

(Gender Identity)
Judge Dismisses Case Challenging Locker Room Use By Transgender Boy News item summary Opinion & Order: 710.78kb
United States, Oregon

(Discrimination | Gender Identity)
Barber who discriminated against transgender man by refusing give him 'short back and sides' ordered to pay him 5K News item summary Adjudication (HTML)
Republic of Ireland

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Commonwealth must not legitimise Zimbabwe's homophobia
02 AUG 18

Why Trump is beholden to Putin!
24 JUL 18

LGBT+ is most universal global movement of all time
19 JUL 18


Pastor: God is burning down California because of gay people
United States, California
PinkNews 04 AUG 18

'Wearing jeans leads to birth of transkids': Kerals prof slammed for offensive remark
TheNewsMinute 03 APR 18

Evangelist says same-sex relationships is God punishing humanity for abortions
United States
Pulse 20 MAR 18

What Christians believe about Leviticus
United States
AbileneReporterNews 31 MAR 18

Margaret Court: If Marriage Equality Passes in Australia 'There Will Be No Christmas'
The Advocate 19 SEP 17

Judge: You can't call someone a c*nt, but a C∀NT is a cunning stunt
The Register 29 AUG 17

Paramedic claims devastating fire was caused by same-sex marriages
South Africa
PinkNews 12 JUN 17

Same-sex marriage will 'destroy the whole human race', Australian parliament told
PinkNews 07 NOV 17

New Zealand pastor blames homosexuality for earthquakes
Out in Perth 16 NOV 16

Ghana: The World in Turmoil Because of Homosexuality - Says Prophet Nakoa
allAfrica 11 NOV 16

Priest blames Italy earthquakes on gay marriage
news24 05 NOV 16

Christian activist believes God sent Hurricane Matthew to stop Orlando Pride
GayStarNews 06 OCT 16

Phil Robertson: Gays are responsible for 160k murders in America
LGBTQ Nation 05 JUL 16

Earthquakes Happen Because Gay People Have Sex, Says Muslim Cleric
IndiaTimes 28 MAY 16

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