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21 May 2017

(Health, Medical)
New Nevada bans therapists from trying to talk kids out of being gay News item summary
United States, Nevada

19 May 2017

(Health, Medical | Gender Identity)
New Portugal will ban surgeries on intersex babies News item summary

(Health, Medical | Gender Identity)
New Breakthrough for Trans Civil Rights Protections News item summary Opinion: 308.08kb
United States, Pennsylvania

18 May 2017

(Gender Identity)
New Oregon Enacts Law to Ease Transgender Changes in Birth Records News item summary
United States, Oregon

New Gay pride T-shirt case appealed to Kentucky Supreme Court News item summary Press Release: 122.79kb
United States, Kentucky

17 May 2017

(Crime | Homosexuality)
New Indonesian Sharia court sentences gay couple to 85 lashes News item summary
Indonesia, Aceh

(Children, Adoption)
New Gay couples cannot adopt children from Kyrgyzstan by law News item summary

15 May 2017

(Crime | Gender Identity)
New Latin Kings member sentenced for killing transgender girlfriend after friend found out her gender identity News item summary Plea Agreement: 2.11MB
United States, Mississippi

(Health, Medical | Spouses)
New Walmart settles for $7.5m after denying spousal benefits to gay couples News item summary Final Order: 348.47kb Memorandum: 97.38kb
United States, Massachusetts

12 May 2017

(Gender Identity)
Landmark transgender bill passes Oregon Legislature News item summary
United States, Oregon

Christian printer doesn’t have to make pro-gay shirts, appeals court rules News item summary Opinion: 179.52kb
United States, Kentucky

(Crime: Hate Crime)
LGBT attacks not hate crimes, West Virginia court rules News item summary Opinion: 118.37kb
United States, West Virginia

11 May 2017

(Violence | Partners)
House OKs including 'dating partners' among those covered by domestic abuse laws News item summary Bill: 408.52kb
United States, Louisiana

(Crime | Homosexuality)
Qld throws out past gay convictions News item summary Bill: 408.52kb
Australia, Queensland

(Gender Identity)
Oregon moves toward allowing third gender option on drivers' licenses News item summary
United States, Oregon

10 May 2017

(Crime | HIV, Aids)
High Court rejects appeal of man who infected lover with HIV News item summary Order: 290.79kb
Australia, New South Wales

Romania government votes to change definition of family in order to ban same-sex marriage News item summary

Missouri Legislature passes tougher discrimination rules News item summary
United States, Missouri

UK Supreme Court to consider gay marriage cake judgment News item summary
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland

(Children | Parenting | Marriage)
Knox County judge grants woman rights of 'husband' in Tennessee's first same-sex divorce News item summary
United States, Tennessee

09 May 2017

Varadkar publishes Social Welfare Bill 2017 News item summary Bill: 456.73kb
Republic of Ireland

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