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GayLawNet®™ Attorney Directory - Canada - Manitoba last Updated on
04 May 2016 at 0759K (GMT/UTC +10)

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Post/ZipName/Contact detailsPreferred Areas of Practice
R3C 0R9 Ingrid K Nickel GLBTI-Friendly
Restall & Restall
295 Broadway Avenue, 2nd Floor
T: +1 204 925 2512
F: +1 204 9499331
Family Law
R3C 3N9 Matthew T Gould Rainbow Flag
Brodsky & Company
363 Broadway, Suite 1212
T/AH: +1 204 272 7327
F: +1 204 9404430
Criminal defence representation: Impaired driving, drug offences, crimes of violence, domestic violence, property related offences, fraud and white collar crime, youth offences
R3C 3T1 Sarah A Inness GLBTI-Friendly
Cambell Gunn Inness
444 St. Mary Ave, 780
T: +1 204 953 3694
F: +1 204 9533699
Criminal Law
R3J 0H2 Michael J Law GLBTI-Friendly
Chapman Goddard Kagan
1864 Portage Avenue
T: +1 204 831 3106
F: +1 204 8323461
Criminal law, real estate, wills & estates, and family law
R3L 0L3 Rainbow Resource Center
170 Scott Street (at Wardlaw)
Box 1661 STN Main R3C 2Z6 [Mailing]
T: +1 204 474 0212 [Mo-Fr 1930-2200, We-Fr 1300-1630]
Toll-free: 1-888-399-0005 [Rural MB, NW Ontario]
The Resource Center may be able to refer you to a lawyer

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GayLawNet® is endeavouring to obtain additional attorney registrations for this Province.

If you are already residing in the Province, you may care to check:

  1. the local telephone directory for gay telephone advice lines;
  2. the state gay business directories, magazines or newspapers for attorney advertisements offering assistance to the community;
  3. the Gay & Lesbian Community Center; or
  4. the Gay Rights Lobby Group in this Province;

for attorneys able to assist you.

If you do locate a gay or gay friendly attorney, do tell them about GayLawNet® and invite the attorney to register in order to assist others and/or email their details to GayLawNet® so that GayLawNet® can invite them to register

There is no charge for attorney registration.

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