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GayLawNet®™ Attorney Directory - Canada - Yukon Territory last Updated on
08 December 2009 at 2230L (GMT+11)

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Pink TriangleWhitehorse

Post/ZipName/Contact detailsPreferred Areas of Practice
Y1A 2H6 Zeb Brown GLBTI-Friendly
Morris & Brown
508 Jarvis Street
T: +1 867 456 2200
F: +1 888 6765686
Litigation matters: Appeals, Breach of contract, Criminal law, Defamation, Employment, Human rights, Judicial review, Municipal law, Negligence
Y1A 6L3 Gay and Lesbian Alliance Yukon
PO Box 31678
T: +1 867 333 5800
GALA may be able to refer you to a lawyer

Pink Triangle Other Resources

GayLawNet® is endeavouring to obtain additional attorney registrations for this Territory.

If you are already residing in the Territory, you may care to check:

  1. the local telephone directory for gay telephone advice lines;
  2. the state gay business directories, magazines or newspapers for attorney advertisements offering assistance to the community;
  3. the Gay & Lesbian Community Center; or
  4. the Gay Rights Lobby Group in this Territory;

for attorneys able to assist you.

If you do locate a gay or gay friendly attorney, do tell them about GayLawNet® and invite the attorney to register in order to assist others and/or email their details to GayLawNet® so that GayLawNet® can invite them to register

There is no charge for attorney registration.

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