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GayLawNet®™ Attorney Directory - United Kingdom - England - Gloucestershire
Updated on 27 May 2016 at 2021K (GMT/UTC +10)

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Pink Triangle Cheltenham

Post/ZipName/Contact detailsPreferred Areas of Practice
GL1 4YE Gay & Lesbian Friend Helpline
PO Box 171
T: +44 01452 306 800 [Mo-Fr 1930-2200]
The Helpline may be able to refer you to a lawyer

Pink Triangle Gloucester

Post/ZipName/Contact detailsPreferred Areas of Practice
GL1 2HJ Davey Franklin Jones Solicitors GLBTI-Friendly
Bearland House, Longsmith Street
T: +44 01452 508 800
Injury compansation, commercial litigation, property conveyancing, divorce solicitors

Pink Triangle Other Resources

If there is no attorney or other organisation listed in your area, you may care to check:

  1. the local telephone directory for gay telephone help/advice lines or gayline;
  2. the local gay business directories, magazines or newspapers for attorney advertisements offering assistance to the community;
  3. the local GLBTI Community Centre
  4. the GLBTI rights organisation in your Country/State/Province/Region

for attorneys able to assist you.

If you do locate a gay or gay friendly attorney, do tell them about GayLawNet® and invite the attorney to register in order to assist others and/or email their details to GayLawNet® so that GayLawNet® may invite them to register.

There is no charge for attorney registration.

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