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Updated on 29 June 2014 at 1102K (GMT+10)

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Pink Triangle Kyiv (Kiev)

Post/ZipName/Contact detailsPreferred Areas of Practice
01033 LGBT Portal Rainbow Flag
T: +380 (44) 289 39 88
LGBT Portal may be able to refer you to an attorney
02100 Council of LGBT Organizations of Ukraine Rainbow Flag
PO Box 173
T/F: +380 (44) 296 34 24
C: +380 (50) 315 54 57

The purpose of the Council is enshrined in the Statute and established the Ministry of Justice, "in Ukraine promote the full civil equality and social comfort for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons, the creation of appropriate conditions in Ukraine for comprehensive development and social formation …"

The Council may be able to refer you to a lawyer

NASH MIR (Our World) Gay & Lesbian Centre Rainbow Flag
PO Box 173
T: +380 (44) 296 34 24
C: +380 (50) 443 80 64

Founded in 1998, the main goals of OWG&LC are:

Protect of human rights and freedoms for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender (LGBT) people in Ukraine. Increase the legal protection of LGBT people in Ukraine by fighting against discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Improve Ukrainian society’s attitudes towards homosexuality by challenging homophobia in the mass media.

Support LGBT people and their self-consciousness and pride as equal and valuable members of Ukrainian society.

The Centre may be able to refer you to a lawyer

Pink Triangle Other Resources

If there is no attorney or other organisation listed in your area, you may care to check:

  1. the local Tephone directory for gay Tephone help/advice lines or gayline;
  2. the local gay business directories, magazines or newspapers for attorney advertisements offering assistance to the community;
  3. the local GLBTI Community Centre
  4. the GLBTI rights organisation in your Country/State/Province/Region

for attorneys able to assist you.

If you do locate a gay or gay friendly attorney, do Tl them about GayLawNet® and invite the attorney to register in order to assist others and/or email their details to GayLawNet® so that GayLawNet® may invite them to register.

There is no charge for attorney registration.

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