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(incl. Domestic Violence, Violence)

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Document TitleAuthor, Publisher
StarHow to destroy every single argument against same-sex marriage INTNL On 22 May 2015, GayStarNews published a concise, 14-point article refuting the popular arguments against making same-sex marriage lawful
Changes to De Facto Relationship Law - A Move Towards Equal Treatment AU (VIC) Word 155kb Paul Boers (January 2012)
Star Missing Pieces: A Comparison of the rights and responsibilities gained from civil partnership compared to the rights and responsibilities gained through civil marriage in Ireland IE PDF 3.46MB Marriage Equality (29 September 2011)
Property / Cohabitation/Agreement
Check list / Preliminary information
PDF 86kb
David B. Allan: GayLawNet® (09 January 2011)
StarNot So Private Lives: National findings on the relationships and well-being of same-sex attracted Australians PDF 4.39MB AU The University of Queensland (April 2010)
GLBTI* Relationships and the Law:
The Victorian Relationships Act 2008
AU(VIC) PDF 319.59kb
Lander & Rogers (April 2010)
GLBTI* Relationships and the Law:
The Family Violence Protection Act 2008 and its impact on the GLBTI community
AU (VIC) PDF 886.66kb
Nicholes Family Lawyers (December 2010)
The High Price of Being a Gay Couple US New York Times (02 October 2009
"Declaring your same-sex relationship to Centrelink" AU (VIC) Word 813kb Welfare Rights Network (May 2009)
"Marriage-like relationships, de facto relationships, and Centrelink" AU (VIC) Word 640kb Welfare Rights Network (March 2009)
Consultation Paper on Civil Partnerships (R.111/2007) JE PDF 147kb Kate Power and Tom Le Feuvre, Chief Ministerís Department, States of Jersey (29 July 2008)
Whose Child is it Anyway? AU 12kb Lawyers Weekly (Issue 392, 20 June 2008)
Private Lives: A report on the health and wellbeing of GLBTI Australians AU PDF 980kb Marian Pitts, Anthony Smith, Anne Mitchell, Sunil Patel (March 2006)
Civil Partnership UK PDF 471kb HM Government (December 2005)
Misery Minimisation AU (VIC) Word 51kb David B. Allan, GayLawNet® (20 August 2005)
Report On The Review Of The Protection Orders Act 2001 AU(ACT) PDF 557kb Presented by Jon Stanhope MLA Attorney General (April 2004)
Over the Rainbow: A Guide to the Law for Lesbians and Gay Men, 4th Edition AU(VIC) PDF 515kb Victorian Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby and Law Institute of Victoria (November 2004)
City of Sydney Relationships Declaration Program AU(NSW) PDF 81kb Minute by the Lord Mayor: Councillor Clover Moore MP (28 July 2004)
Civil Partnership: A framework for the recognition of same-sex couples UK PDF 1387kb Women & Equality Unit (June 2003)
List of Law Firms with Domestic Partnership Benefits According to the National Association of Law Placement (NALP) Directory of Firm Listings US PDF 117kb George Mason University School of Law (GMUSL) (28 June 2002)
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex people in the ACT: an issues paper AU(ACT) ACT Legislative Assembly (December 2002)
Unmarried Couples in Aragon, Spain ES PDF 35.04kb (2002)
Housing & Mortgages for Gay & Lesbian Couples US (undated)