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Document TitleAuthor, Publisher
Homosexuality and the Decline in American Values RU Pravda | Gary Price (30 November 2018)
Securing A Home Loan: What Transgender People Need To Know US MortgageCalculator (2017-2018 - Accessed 16 April 2018)
Gender Reassignment Surgery Cost, Insurance and Financing Options US Zwivel | Sydney Whalen (18 July 2017)
Guideline: Trans and gender diverse inclusion in sport AU (VIC) PDF 858.85kb Victorian Equal Opportunity & Equal Rights Commission (May 2017)
StarDistrict of Columbia Releases Guide To Prevent Discrimination Against Transgender Employees US (DC)
Guide: Valuing Transgender Applicants & Employees PDF 999.28kb 03 JUN 16
dcist (06 June 2016)
StarProviding services for transgender customers: a guide UK PDF 680.34kb Government Equalities Office (26 November 2015)
StarRecruiting and retaining transgender staff: a guide for employers UK PDF 718.75kb Government Equalities Office (26 November 2015)
StarIt's official: 'Homophobia' now a mental disorder! IT, US WND, Paul Bremmer (22 November 2015)
StarFact Sheet: Intersex PDF153.06kb 02 SEP 15 Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (02 September 2015)
StarDiversity in Human Sexuality: Implications for Policy in Africa ZA PDF 3.63MB 08 JUN 15 Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf) (10 June 2015)
Homosexuality: The Science And The Myth NG Femi Olugbile (25 September 2014)
Rose - by any other name … US (LA) PDF 81.31kb Changing name and gender identity on birth certificate and other documents
August V. Martens (14 December 2013)
Transgendered and Marriage, The US (LA) PDF 89.55kb August V. Martens (14 December 2013)
StarSpecial Eurobarometer - Discrimination in the EU 2012 PDF 6.14MB Gender identity included in the EU wide major survey for the first time.
European Commission (22 November 2012)
StarEnding sexual apartheid CWLTH Michael Kirby AC CMG (25 October 2011)
StarSexual Orientation, Gender Identity & Justice: A Comparitive Casebook PDF 2.22MB, INTNL International Commission of Jurists (05 September 2011)
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Gay, Straight, and the Reason Why: The Science of Sexual Orientation Simon LeVay (Oxford University Press, 2011)
A Sexual Difference in the Specificity of Sexual Arousal PDF 160kb Meredith L. Chivers, Gerulf Rieger, Elizabeth Latty and J. Michael Bailey (12 July 2005)
Right of Transsexual People to Marry in Australia Confirmed Law Institute Journal (July 2003)
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex people in the ACT: an issues paper PDF 302kb Department of Justice & Community Safety (2002)
Gender and Sexuality: The Perspective of Male Homosexuals PDF 415.88kb Tonette B. Lopez (13 September 2002)
For the Thoughtful Heterosexual Various

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