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Mission Statement

GayLawNet®™ is dedicated to providing visitors with free access to the latest GLBTI LAW NEWS, GENERAL INFORMATION and resources concerning LAWS affecting the global gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual and intersex (GLBTI) community and the simplest access to a gay or lesbian (or gay or lesbian-friendly) ATTORNEY, BARRISTER, LAWYER, SOLICITOR.

Background Stuff

David Allan - JUN 2010I first hit cyberspace on 01 November 1995 (and still have much to learn), and have been truly amazed at the resources on the Net. It is quite a strain on the brain to comprehend just what is available and my searches for legal information led me to thinking that the GLBTI community could use a reference resource that addresses questions affecting the community. So it was that GayLawNet®™ and GayLawNews™ were first uploaded to the Web on 20 February 1996.

Well those pages were a start and the site has developed and attained a truly international flavour, although there is still a great deal of work to do (and I suspect it will never end!).

So, if you know any gay attorneys or barristers or lawyers (or solicitors as we call ourselves in Australia), who you think may want to be listed or contribute to the information presented, why don't you email me their details?

Nowadays, GayLawNet®™ comprises some 650+ pages of information and listings.

GayLawNet®™ is funded from my resources, with some valued support from a few donors, sponsors and supporters.

If you have found GayLawNet®™ helpful, your sponsorship or donation would be appreciated.

The News pages are updated frequently and, primarily from that information, the topics commentaries in the LAWS pages are updated as necessary. Updated 14MA16 Also, you may find interesting proposals to change the law in a particular jurisdiction mentioned in the relevant LAWS pages.

In October 2009, copyright permissions expired and accordingly the pre-November 2009 News Archive is no longer accessible. The links provided in the archive from November 2009 to the current date, are to the original published stories off-site.

As some websites move their material, if a link is broken, you are invited to notify me.

Social Media

GayLawNet®™ was on Facebook and Twitter for a little while however, it consumed an inordinate amount of time to keep up to date and current and was considered of dubious value. Accordingly, GayLawNet®™ does not appear on any social media, including LinkedIn and the like. Should you wish to keep up-to-date with NEWS concerning the law as it affects the LGBTI community worldwide, you are invited to subscribe (free) to Yahoo! GayLawNews™.

Professional Stuff

On 30 June 2010, I retired from private practice as a lawyer, in Melbourne (Victoria, Australia), which is more or less in the bottom right-hand corner of the map, to those who are unfamiliar with the land of Oz "downunder".

I went into solo private practice in 1987 … the practice was never large but it was varied and I worked from home, so the lifestyle was pleasant.

A large number of my clients came from the gay and lesbian community and I generally practiced in any area relating to "property" in a broader sense, i.e. Wills, Probate and Estates, Buying & Selling Small Businesses, Contracts, Agreements, Conveyancing, sub-divisions of land and so on. In short, a typical "suburban" law practice.

In later years, all Family Law and Criminal Law matters were referred to other colleagues as these areas of practice were just too much to keep up with on top of everything else! Likewise matters such as intellectual property and commercial leasing, which became something of a minefield.

On 02 July 2007, I merged my practice with that of colleagues in the nearby suburb of Hawthorn and subsequently I did occasional sessional work with them as a consultant. This gave me a quieter life and enabled me to tackle some other projects and jobs that have long been neglected.

On 30 June 2012, I formally retired by not renewing my practising certificate.


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