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Updated 02 March 2016 at 2043L (GMT/UTC +11)

Thank you for offering contribution of content for the GayLawNet®™ website.

  1. GayLawNet®™ is always happy to consider "third party" content material that is directly relevant to LBGTIQ law and (subject to the following), to upload and make such content available gratis. Authorship of such content would be duly acknowledged and/or carry a link to the author's legal firm.

  2. If the content were to contain or require other links to external websites that (in the absolute discretion of GayLawNet®™) is considered "commercial", it would generally be classified as "sponsored content" (meaning it would attract a sponsorship fee of US$50 per page per 12 month period, payable in advance) and would only be accepted with such links as you or your client wanted on the proviso that those links would be reviewed during the acceptance phase to ensure that the links are not detrimental to the GayLawNet "brand" in any way.

  3. Further, acceptance and publication of such "sponsored content" would be subject to a clear disclosure to GayLawNet®™ visitors who may read the content that it is sponsored content (i.e. the word SPONSORED would appear - probably under the headline or more likely, at the head or beginning of the content).

  4. A link or links to sponsored content accepted by GayLawNet®™ would be placed on a relevant GayLawNet®™ page or pages as may be appropriate (perhaps also in the INDEX).

  5. You would have the opportunity of reviewing the content as proposed to be uploaded to theGayLawNet®™ website prior to it going live.

  6. Should you wish to proceed, simply email the proposed content to GayLawNet®™ for acceptance review.

If you have any question in regard to the above, please do not hesitate to contact GayLawNet®™ at:

GayLawNet®™ "Exclusive" Sponsorship of this page IS available

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