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Your Legal Rights and Obligations:

Your legal rights and obligations in any given situation may depend entirely on the particular facts and circumstances arising or occurring over a considerable period of time and leading up to that particular situation.

Consulting a Lawyer:

It is usually not possible to obtain useful (or accurate) legal advice without first conferring with and providing extensive information and details to an attorney who has some experience in the relevant area of the law.

Most attorneys will provide a complimentary initial 30-minute interview if they are asked nicely.

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Choosing A Lawyer:

In order to maximise the benefit of any complimentary, initial 30-minute interview, it is important that you review the information on the "CHOOSING A LAWYER" page, and to prepare yourself and your notes and documents accordingly.

Locating a GLBTI Lawyer:

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The above print media may carry lawyer's advertisements. The other organisations may be able to refer you to GLBTI lawyers in your area if you contact them.

Most GLBTI lawyers will provide a free initial 30-minute interview if asked nicely.

If you do locate a GLBTI lawyer in your area who is not listed on GayLawNet®, please tell them about GayLawNet® and invite them to register (free) so that others may be assisted. Alternatively, send their contact details (prefer email) and GayLawNet® will contact them directly.

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