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December 2009

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New Jersey judge rules surrogate legal mother of twins despite not being genetically related US (NJ) 31 DEC

Senator succeeds in validating gay marriages before Proposition 8 US (CA) 31 DEC

Hong Kong strengthens same-sex domestic violence laws HK 31 DEC

Mexico City mayor refuses to veto gay marriage legislation MX 31 DEC

Birth mother ordered to hand over child to lesbian ex-partner US (VT) 30 DEC

Court upholds parenting orders for lesbian partner AU (NSW) 30 DEC

One Step Closer to Marriage in Mexico MX 29 DEC

Gay couples have equal rights on BES islands NL 29 DEC

Gay couple become first in Latin America to marry AR 29 DEC

Gay Malawi couple charged with indecency over ceremony MW 29 DEC

Antigay Lithuanian Law Amended LT 23 DEC

Pakistan's transvestites to get distinct gender PK 23 DEC

Gay Tax Unchanged by Sen. Health Care Bill US (DC) 22 DEC

Mexico City becomes first Latin American capital to legalise gay marriage MX 22 DEC

Gays blocked from fielding candidate in Philippine election PH 22 DEC

Federal Agency Denies Spousal Benefits Claim US (DC) 18 DEC

Gay Marriage Prospects Strong in Portugal PT 18 DEC

California Hospital to Change Antigay Visitation Rules US (CA) 17 DEC

Senate Committee Passes DP Benefits US (DC) 16 DEC

N.Y. Extends Transgender Protections US (NY) 16 DEC

Gay Protections Pass in Utah County US (UT) 16 DEC

Seven arrested for sexuality crimes in Maldives MV 16 DEC

Lesbians Win Gibraltar Housing Case GI 15 DEC

DC Council Votes Yes on Marriage Equality US (DC) 15 DEC

Christian registrar Lillian Ladele loses civil partnerships appeal UK 15 DEC

Rwandan Parliament to Vote on Criminalizing Homosexuality this Week RW 15 DEC

Adultery still crime in NH after 200 years US (NH) 14 DEC

Chamblee, Georgia Protects Gays US (GA) 14 DEC

LGBT Protections Expected in Utah County US (UT) 14 DEC

Cross-Dressing Banned at Thai Graduations TH 14 DEC

Death Penalty Still in Antigay Uganda Bill UG 14 DEC

Van theft couple can't have civil union in prison NZ 14 DEC

Council tenant evicted for homophobic bullying UK 14 DEC

Constitutional Court ordered the National Police receive student who was separated for homosexuality PE 10 DEC

Austria's parliament legalises civil unions AT 10 DEC

Sperm donor wins access to lesbian couple's son IE 10 DEC

Schools to record all homophobic, sexist and racist bullying UK 10 DEC

Lesbian wins ‘substantial’ payout for partner’s death UK 09 DEC

New Jersey Stalls Marriage Bill – Again US (NJ) 09 DEC

Rights Group Objects to Antigay Lithuanian Law LT 09 DEC

Philippines to Criminalize Gay Marriage PH 09 DEC

Death Penalty Dropped From Uganda Antigay Bill UG 09 DEC

Gambian President Wants to Fire Gay Soldiers GM 08 DEC

Court to crackdown on homophobic crime AU (VIC) 08 DEC

EU treaty is first to ban discrimination against gays EU 08 DEC

New Jersey Marriage Bill Passes First Hurdle US (NJ) 07 DEC

Utah University Protects LGBT Students US (UT) 07 DEC

Lesbian wins 'substantial' payout for partner's death UK 07 DEC

Gay couple request Macri be fined for disobeying court ruling AR 04 DEC

Marriage Equality Moves in New Jersey Senate US (NJ) 03 DEC

Happy Partnership Day, Washington US (WA) 03 DEC

Irish civil partnerships bill presented to parliament today 03 DEC

N.Y. Marriage Lost … For Now US (NY) 02 DEC

Israel to Address Gay Surrogacy IL 01 DEC

Portugal Closer to Gay Marriage? PT 01 DEC

Sweden to lift lifetime blood donation ban for gay men SE 01 DEC

Sweden Partially Lifts Gay Blood Bans SE 01 DEC

D.C. Council: Yes to Same-Sex Marriage US (DC) 01 DEC

Cleveland Approves Trans Protections US (OH) 01 DEC

UNAIDS Condemns Criminalizing Being Gay CH 01 DEC

ACT ceremonies anger both sides AU (ACT) 01 DEC

Non-parent's standing Locked AU DEC

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