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October 2009

November 2009

Lesbian Granted Custody Over "Ex-Gay" Ex US (VT) 25 NOV

French lesbian couple win 11–year battle to adopt FR 10 NOV

ADT rules against gay foster parents AU (NSW) 10 NOV

Lesbian mothers in Tasmania get legal recognition AU (TAS) 04NOV

December 2009

New Jersey judge rules surrogate legal mother of twins despite not being genetically related US (NJ) 31 DEC

Birth mother ordered to hand over child to lesbian ex-partner US (VT) 30 DEC

Court upholds parenting orders for lesbian partner AU (NSW) 30 DEC

Sperm donor wins access to lesbian couple's son IE 10 DEC

Israel to Address Gay Surrogacy IL 01 DEC

Non-parent's standing Locked AU DEC
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