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October 2009

Access to pre-November 2009 news items is restricted, copyright permissions having expired

November 2009

Argentine Judge Halts Gay Marriage AR 30 NOV

Episcopalians to Officiate Gay Weddings US (MA) 30 NOV

Federal Appeals Court Rules for Married Gay Federal Lawyer US (CA) 30 NOV-13 DEC

Senate report vetoes marriage bill AU 26 NOV

Australian government backs down on civil union ceremonies AU 26 NOV

Australian Newspaper Calls for Marriage AU (NSW) 25 NOV

Gay Couples Face Higher Estate Taxes US 24 NOV

State Labor defies Rudd and calls for gay marriage AU (VIC) 23 NOV

Partner Ceremonies Start Thursday for Some Aussies AU (ACT 19 NOV

Is Anyone in Texas Actually Married? US (TX) 18 NOV

House Committee Passes Partner Benefits Bill US (DC) 18 NOV

Judge Orders Feds to Pay Gay Couple US (CA) 18 NOV

New York Court Upholds Marriage Recognition US (NY) 18 NOV

Austria allows civil partnerships but gay adoption ban stays AT 18 NOV

Argentine Judge Rules for Gay Marriage AR 13 NOV

Australian Capital Approves Same-Sex Unions AU (ACT) 11 NOV

Gay Funeral Planning Rights Vetoed in Rhode Island US (RI) 10 NOV

Michigan Lawmaker: Reverse Marriage Ban US (MI) 05 NOV

Wisconsin Supreme Court rejects challenge to gay domestic partnerships US (WI) 04 NOV

Gay Marriage Battle Lost in Maine US (ME) 03 NOV

DP Rights Look Good in Washington US (WA) 03 NOV

Austin Adds COBRA to DP Benefits US (TX) 03 NOV

December 2009

Senator succeeds in validating gay marriages before Proposition 8 US (CA)

Mexico City mayor refuses to veto gay marriage legislation MX 31 DEC

One Step Closer to Marriage in Mexico MX 29 DEC

Gay couple become first in Latin America to marry AR 29 DEC

Gay Malawi couple charged with indecency over ceremony MW 29 DEC

Mexico City becomes first Latin American capital to legalise gay marriage MX 22 DEC

Federal Agency Denies Spousal Benefits Claim US (DC) 18 DEC

Gay Marriage Prospects Strong in Portugal PT 18 DEC

Senate Committee Passes DP Benefits US (DC) 16 DEC

Lesbians Win Gibraltar Housing Case GI 15 DEC

Washington DC Council Votes Yes on Marriage Equality US (DC) 15 DEC

Christian registrar Lillian Ladele loses civil partnerships appeal UK 15 DEC

Adultery still crime in NH after 200 years US (NH) 14 DEC

Van theft couple can't have civil union in prison NZ 14 DEC

Austria's parliament legalises civil unions AT 10 DEC

New Jersey Stalls Marriage Bill – Again US (NJ) 09 DEC

Philippines to Criminalize Gay Marriage PH 09 DEC

New Jersey Marriage Bill Passes First Hurdle US (NJ) 07 DEC

Gay couple request Macri be fined for disobeying court ruling AR 04 DEC

Marriage Equality Moves in New Jersey Senate US (NJ) 03 DEC

Happy Partnership Day, Washington US (WA) 03 DEC

Irish civil partnerships bill presented to parliament today 03 DEC

N.Y. Marriage Lost … For Now US (NY) 02 DEC

Portugal Closer to Gay Marriage? PT 01 DEC

D.C. Council: Yes to Same-Sex Marriage US (DC) 01 DEC

ACT ceremonies anger both sides AU (ACT) 01 DEC
Access to pre-November 2009 news items is restricted,
copyright permissions having expired