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April 2010

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Nov 2009 to Date
Months Years
Hawaii lawmakers OK civil unions, send bill to governor US (HI) 30 APR

Antibullying Bill Passed in Massachusetts US (MA) 30 APR

Turkish court refuses to ban Gay rights groups TR 30 APR

$750,000 payout for HIV infection AU (NSW) 30 APR

Counsellor loses gay discrimination appeal UK 29 APR

Gay Adoption Proposal Dies in Louisiana Senate US (LA) 28 APR

China Lifts HIV Travel Ban CN 28 APR

STJ admits adoption of children by homosexual couples BR 27 APR

NY Senate passes PWA rent-control bill US (NY) 27 APR

California Assembly modifies law seeking to cure gays US (CA) 27 APR

Indian IVF Law May Stop Gay Surrogacy IN 27 APR

New York City in Contempt for Enforcing Old Laws Against Gays US (NY) 27 APR

Argentina experiences marriage chaos in anullment row AR 26 APR

Initiative Seeks to Tax Gay Couples Equally US (WA) 25 APR

Gay dogs not welcome, diner told AU (SA) 24 APR

Illinois Passes Antibullying Bill US (IL) 23 APR

Finnish parliamentary support for gay marriage and adoption rights IS 23 APR

Texas court hears state's appeal in gay divorce US (TX) 22 APR

Lutheran Church Abolishes Antigay Policies US 21 APR

Discrimination laws get tougher in Victoria AU (VIC) 21 APR

Texas attorney general to appeal second gay divorce US (TX) 20 APR

Lesbian couple are first to jointly sign birth certificate UK 19 APR

Another Same-Sex Marriage Nullified in Argentina AR 17 APR

Judge overturns Arkansas adoption ban US (AR) 16 APR

Obama extends visitation rights to LGBT partners US (DC) 16 APR

Gender Reassignment Surgeries Approved at Penn US (PA) 15 APR

Italy’s Highest Court Rejects Marriages for Same-Sex Couples IT 14 APR

Euro Parliament LGBT group denounces Cotonou Agreement EU 14 APR

Landmark HIV lawsuit AU (NSW) 14 APR

Missoula Passes Nondiscrimination Law US (MT) 13 APR

Council of Europe passes 'historic' protection recommendations EU 13 APR

First Lesbian Couple Marries in Argentina AR 12 APR

Lambda Legal Applauds Jackson Memorial Policy Changes and Urges Hospital to Apologize to Deceased Lesbian's Family US (FL) 12 APR

Compensation for man harassed by boss NZ 10 APR

Top Portuguese Court OKs Gay Marriage PT 09 APR

Skopje MPs Adopt Anti-Discrimination Law MK 09 APR

Philippine Supreme Court allows gay party in polls PH 08 APR

Iceland Likely to Permit Gay Marriage by June IS 08 APR

GLAD's DOMA Challenge Heads to Court May 6 US (MA) 08 APR

Scottish government trash further marriage equality plans UK 08 APR

Chile court custody ruling 'violated' lesbian's rights CL 07 APR

Russian court dismisses defense of so-called "homosexual propaganda" RU 07 APR

Oklahoma Antigay Bill Stalls US (OK) 06 APR

Registry to drop couple appeal AU (VIC) 06 APR

Gay Protections Take Effect in Salt Lake City US (UT) 05 APR

Kentucky School OK's DP Benefits US (KY) 05 APR

"Gay" Not Grounds for Defamation US (NJ) 05 APR

Transgender inmates have right to therapy US (WI) 02 APR

Parker Signs Discrimination Order US (TX) 02 APR

Indian Professor Reinstated After Gay Entrapment IN 02 APR

"Gay" Divorce in Texas Upheld US (TX) 01 APR

Black Wound Back AU (FED) APR Locked

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