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August 2010

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Tasmanian LGBT activists welcome recognition of Interstate and overseas same-sex unions AU (TAS) 31 AUG

Chinese Court Will Hear HIV Case CN 31 AUG

Historic Italian Protestant churches agree to bless same-sex couples 31 AUG

Court says gay couples can't divorce in Texas US (TX) 31 AUG

Transsexual allowed to teach AT 30 AUG

Trans Changes for Pennsylvania Driver's Licenses US (PA) 26 AUG

Marine Sentenced to Year in Jail for Abuse US (VA) 25 AUG

New legal standard to be applied to 'don't ask, don't tell' US 25 AUG

California legislature approves removing gay 'cure' language US (CA) 24 AUG

Texas School Denies Child of Gay Moms US (TX) 21 AUG

Judge rejects Keeton lawsuit US (GA) 20 AUG

Acehnese gays face a climate of fear and abuse ID 20 AUG

Government Allowed to Appeal DOMA Case US (MA) 19 AUG

Catholic adoption agency barred from refusing gay couples UK 19 AUG

Gay couples gain equal inheritance tax standing DE 17 AUG

Mexican Supreme Court rules in favor of gay adoption MX 16 AUG

California Gay Marriage on Hold as Case Is Appealed US (CA) 16 AUG

Same-Sex Marriage Debate Has Roots Going Back Centuries US 15 AUG

Attorney General Brown: Allow Marriages to Resume US (CA) 13 AUG

Judge keeps gay marriages in California on hold until Aug. 18 US (CA) 12 AUG

All Mexican states must recognize gay marriages MX 11 AUG

Costa Rica court says no to referendum on civil unions CR 11 AUG

Judge: Lesbian Couple's Marriage License Valid US (NM) 10 AUG

Labor retains Howard policy on overseas marriage AU 10 AUG

Formal Prop. 8 Appeal Filed US (CA) 05 AUG

Mexico Gay Marriage: Court Upholds Capital's Same-Sex Marriage Law MX 05 AUG

Prop 8 unconstitutional: Ballot measure overturned US (CA) 04 AUG

Justice Served for Georgia Trans Woman US (GA) 04 AUG

Iranian teenager faces execution for 'false' gay assault charges IR 04 AUG

Chilean senator proposes gay marriage legislation CL 02 AUG

Homosexuality will not be tolerated, says south Sudan president SD 01 AUG

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