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February 2010

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Chamber Hearing Schalk And Kopf v. Austria EU 26 FEB

Homophobic Lithuanian law comes into power next week LT 26 FEB

Politician calls for anti-gay law to be thrown out US (CA) 26 FEB

What will hate crime legislation mean for you? UK 26 FEB

Pennsylvania Court Backs Gay Parent US (PA) 25 FEB

Push to recognise British civil partnerships across Europe UK 25 FEB

Australian Senate rejects gay marriage bill AU 25 FEB

Maryland Can Recognize Out-of-State Gay Marriages US (MD) 24 FEB

Second gay couple in Argentina permitted to marry AR 24 FEB

New South Wales to get relationship register AU (NSW) 24 FEB

Guyana Group Fights Transphobic Laws GY 23 FEB

Turkey objects to gay marriage allusion in council document TR 23 FEB

Gay-marriage ban fails in House US (WV) 23 FEB

Malawi court dismisses gay couple's appeal case MW 23 FEB

Arrest ordered in Vermont same-sex parent custody case US (VT) 23 FEB

Snag in buggery case: military police had no jurisdiction in 1972 CA (ON) 23 FEB

New Hampshire lawmakers defeat marriage bills US (NH) 22 FEB

Turkey: Stop Violence Against Transgender People TR 22 FEB

Isle of Man to consider civil partnerships for gay couples IM 22 FEB

Opposition grows to India gay sex ruling IN 21 FEB

Minnesota to Hold Gay Marriage Hearing US (MN) 19 FEB

Massachusetts Says Federal Marriage Law Unconstitutional US (MA) 19 FEB

Gay Couple Wins Birth Certificate Ruling US (LA) 19 FEB

Move to Repeal D.C. Marriage Rejected US (DC) 19 FEB

Military police resurrect Canada's long-dead anal sex law CA 19 FEB

No Charges in Lesbian Custody Case US (VA) 18 FEB

Kenyan police release gay men KE 18 FEB

Mexican States Challenge Gay Marriage MX 18 FEB

Florida challenges gay adoption in Hollywood case US (FL) 18 FEB

New Hampshire House Rejects Gay Marriage Ban US (NH) 17 FEB

Judge Who Championed Gay Adoption Dies US (NJ) 17 FEB

Gay Pair attempted to register a marriage in Siberia RU 17 FEB

Queensland moves on surrogacy AU (QLD) 17 FEB

'Gays turned back in clinics' SZ 17 FEB

New Mexico domestic partnership bill dies US (NM) 16 FEB

Texas AG Intervenes in Gay Divorce US (TX) 16 FEB

France de-lists transgenderism as a mental illness FR 15 FEB

Same-sex marriage judge is gay, paper claims US (CA) 15 FEB

Five men arrested in Kenya over gay wedding plans KE 12 FEB

Church of England approves pension rights for gay civil partners UK 12 FEB

Queensland surrogacy barrier removed AU (QLD) 12 FEB

Florida Subsidizes Benefits for Gay Man's Adopted Son US (FL) 11 FEB

Virginia House of Delegates Kills Worker Protections US (VA) 10 FEB

Iowa Lawmakers Fail to Push Marriage Ban US (IA) 10 FEB

New controversial surrogacy laws debated in parliament AU (QLD) 10 FEB

Euro Parliament Reaffirms Gay Rights Are Condition to Join the European Union EU 10 FEB

New Hampshire panel recommends against gay marriage repeal US (NH) 09 FEB

Brazil gay man wins U.S. asylum US 08 FEB

Albanian Gay Rights Law, Minus Marriage AL 05 FEB

New Mexico domestic partnership moves forward US (NM) 04 FEB

Gay NY teen's harassment suit gets federal notice US (NY) 04 FEB

UK Labour caves in after papal pressure UK 04 FEB Locked

Equality: a two way street UK 04 FEB

Tax court allows deduction for woman’s sex change US (MA) 03 FEB

Maryland Gay Marriage Ban Dies in Committee US (MD) 03 FEB

MEP Celebrates Victory in Equal Tax Rights for British Gay Couples Living in France FR, UK 03 FEB

Partner of Missouri Trooper Denied Benefits US (MO) 01 FEB

Trans woman told it was 'illegal' for her to use women's toilets UK 01 FEB

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