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January 2010

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Nov 2009 to Date
Months Years
Utah Lawmakers Want a Year to Study Gay Discrimination Ban US (UT) 31 JAN

Indiana Senate Approves Marriage Ban US (IN) 29 JAN

Hawaii Nixes Same-Sex Civil Unions Bill US (HI) 29 JAN

Gay Couple Seek Legal Costs 29 JAN

Macedonia Backtracks on Protection from Discrimination for Gays and Transgender People MK 29 JAN

Feds seek to overturn Mexico City gay marriage law MX 28 JAN

Five human rights groups launch worldwide '346 No Executions' campaign CA (ON) 28 JAN

Irish civil partnerships bill progresses through parliament IE 28 JAN

Lesbian mother wins right to appeal against custody ruling UK 28 JAN

Gay ban at Papua New Guinea church PG 27 JAN

National Trans Police Association criticised over state funding UK 27 JAN

Miami Judge Rules for Gay Adoption US (FL) 27 JAN

66,000 LGBs Serving in U.S. Military US 26 JAN

Rwanda backs down on gay law reform RW 26 JAN

"Now I Have Lost Hope" – Gay Iranian Who Faces Deportation from Norway in Hours NO 24 JAN

Hawaii Senate Passes Civil Unions US (HI) 22 JAN

Miami Beach Says No to Trans Discrimination US (FL) 21 JAN

Moscow City Court turns down lesbians' complaint 21 JAN

India awaits final ruling on gay sex 21 JAN

Foreign partners alienated by register AU (VIC) 20 JAN

Transgender prison to be Italian first IT 20 JAN

Nepal to Protect Gays in Constitution NP 19 JAN

Department of Justice Steps in to Defend Gay Student US (NY) 19 JAN

Clarification for co-mums needed AU 19 JAN

Centrelink to go easy on older gay couples AU 14 JAN

Sex change at 16 ES 14 JAN

Iranian transgender people reclassified by military IR 14 JAN

China's state press covers gay wedding CN 13 JAN

Gay couple appeal to higher court MW 12 JAN

Japanese trans man told that son is illegitimate JP 12 JAN

News of couple's mistreatment spreads AU (TAS) 12 JAN

Quakers support gay marriage AU 12 JAN

Big Win for Partners of Foreign Service Officials US (DC) 11 JAN

Religious civil partnerships amendment tabled in Lords UK 11 JAN

Same-sex marriage law backed in Portugal's parliament PT 08 JAN

Jersey Rejects Marriage, Lambda to Sue US (NJ) 07 JAN

New South Wales government upholds gay adoption ban AU (NSW) 07 JAN

Federal Job Site Bans Trans Discrimination US (DC) 06 JAN

Portugal expected to approve gay marriage this week PT 06 JAN

Rhode Island approves funeral rights for gays US (RI) 06 JAN

UN lauds US and S Korea for lifting HIV travel ban KR, US 05 JAN

Court case on California marriage ban to be heard next week US (CA) 05 JAN

Trans woman wins complaint against newspaper for 'tranny' headline UK 04 JAN

Gay son prevented from donating blood to dying mother UK 04 JAN

Woman fails to hand child to lesbian ex-partner US (VT) 04 JAN

South Korea Grants Refugee Status to Gay Man KR 03 JAN

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