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July 2010

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Nov 2009 to Date
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Damages awarded in lesbian prom case US (MS) 30 JUL

The truth about same-sex and common-law partnerships CA (BC) 30 JUL

Judge Rules Against Antigay Student US (MI) 28 JUL

Malaysian trans woman wins asylum in UK UK 28 JUL

Peru Latest Latin American Country To Consider Gay Unions PE 27 JUL

New Jersey court refuses to hear gay marriage case US (NJ) 27 JUL

Judge blocks Arizona law on domestic partner benefits US (AZ) 26 JUL

Gay Lutheran pastors to join church roster US (CA) 26 JUL

British man wins French civil partnership tax victory FR 26 JUL

Lesbian couple told by Swedish bank to 'live apart' SE 26 JUL

Gay Man Prevented From Seeing Dying Partner Wins Settlement US (CA) 24 JUL

Judge bars fallen firefighter's transgender widow from collecting, spending death benefits US (TX) 23 JUL

US Gay Couples Banned From Russian Adoption RU 21 JUL

Marriage Bill Signed in Buenos Aires AR 21 JUL

Punitive laws thwart fight against HIV in homosexual men in Asia-Pacific – UN AT 21 JUL

Argentine Neighbors Uruguay, Paraguay To Debate Gay Marriage PY / UY 20 JUL

Court OKs Moscow Mayor calling gays faggots RU 20 JUL

US gay rights group gets UN accreditation UN 19 JUL

Irish President Signs Gay Partners Bill 19 JUL

Court strikes challenge to DC gay marriage law US (DC) 15 JUL

Argentina legalizes gay marriage in historic vote AR 15 JUL

Finland working to legalise same-sex marriage and adoption FI 13 JUL

Presbyterians: Gay Clergy Yes, Gay Marriage No US (MN) 10 JUL

Ireland parliament passes civil partnerships bill IE 08 JUL

Fed judge rules against DOMA – twice US (MA) 08 JUL

Legal group: Gays shouldn't answer Pentagon survey US (DC) 08 JUL

Sark will equalise age of consent for gay men GG 08 JUL

China court blocks man's blood donation lawsuit CN 08 JUL

Transgender woman wins federal discrimination lawsuit US (GA) 07 JUL

Supreme Court rule gay asylum seekers can't be deported to persecution UK 07 JUL

Hawaii governor vetoed civil union bill US (HI) 06 JUL

Super change for same-sex state services AU (VIC) 06 JUL

Tasmania gets charter AU (TAS) 05 JUL

UK considers religious gay union ceremonies UK 03 JUL

Civil Partnerships Bill Passes in Ireland IE 02 JUL

Tennessee Court Rules for Lesbian Mom US (TN) 01 JUL

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