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June 2010

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Nov 2009 to Date
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Wisconsin Supreme Court upholds ban on gay marriage US (WI) 30 JUN

Rhode Island Governor Vetoes Hate-Crimes Bill US (RI) 30 JUN

Funeral Leave Bill Passes New York Senate US (NY) 30 JUN

Illinois Governor Signs Antibullying Legislation US (IL) 28 JUN

New gay marriage law in Iceland comes into force IS 28 JUN

Adoption ruling 'a beacon of hope' NZ 26 JUN

Euro Court: Gay Marriage Not Mandatory EU 24 JUN

Boy Scouts win case over "no gays" stance US (PA) 24 JUN

Trans woman wins right to backdated pension UK 22 JUN

Irish trans woman wins battle to be recognised as female IE 21 JUN

Gay Uzbekistan native granted asylum, escapes persecution US (DC) 18 JUN

Tulsa Approves Nondiscrimination Policy US (OK) 18 JUN

Judge rules lesbian parent cannot be forced to pay child maintenance UK 18 JUN

IRS Recognizes Calif. Domestic Partnerships US (CA) 16 JUN

Chilean Bill Would Create Civil Unions For Gay Couples CL 16 JUN

Judge rules lesbian parent cannot be forced to pay child maintenance UK 16 JUN

European Parliament Says the EU Should Do More for Transgender People's Rights EU 16 JUN

End to Deportation of Gay Asylum Seekers as British Government Unveils Its Gay and Transgender Rights Agenda UK 16 JUN

German court: Gay marriage is only 'partnership' DE 15 JUN

Iceland legalizes same-sex marriage IS 11 JUN

US domestic violence law covers gay victims, justice dept confirms US (DC) 11 JUN

Passport Rules Eased for Transgender People US (DC) 10 JUN

Trans Rights Bill Lost in N.Y. Senate Committee US (NY) 08 JUN

University of Arizona Reinstates Domestic-Partner Benefits US (AZ) 07 JUN

Immigration Officials Allow Gay Couple to Reunite US 04 JUN

Altruistic surrogacy now legal in QLD AU (QLD) 04 JUN

Fed workers' same-sex partners given more benefits US (DC) 03 JUN

California OK's Unemployment Benefits for Gay Partners US (CA) 03 JUN

Lesbian Judge Wins Statewide Race in New Mexico US (NM) 02 JUN

Partners of Federal Workers May Apply for Benefits in July US (DC) 02 JUN

Iceland shakes up IVF fertility treatment law IS 02 JUN

Pakistani trans couple locked up for 'gay' wedding PK 02 JUN

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