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March 2010

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Police Persuade Indian Gay Couple to Divorce IN 31 MAR

Britain 'could force Gibraltar to adopt equal age of consent' GI 31 MAR

Oklahoma Lawmakers Pass Wrong Hate Crimes Bill US (OK) 29 MAR

Law change helps gay dads of surrogate children UK 29 MAR

Pennsylvania judge refuses to grant same-sex divorce after Massachusetts marriage US (PA) 26 MAR

Boxer introduces COBRA benefits bill for domestic partners US (DC) 26 MAR

DC marriage law survives Senate vote US (DC) 25 MAR

Guernsey equalises gay age of consent GG 25 MAR

US defence secretary makes it harder for military to kick gays out US (DC) 25 MAR

Hate-Crimes Expansion Protects LGBT Scots UK 24 MAR

North Carolina couple denied family rate at YMCA US (NC) 23 MAR

New Criminal Gay Hatred Law Effective from Today in UK UK 23 MAR

Hungarian Constitutional Court Affirms Registered Partnerships for Gay Couples HU 23 MAR

Discrimination Continues as Malawian Court Moves Forward to Prosecute Couple MW 22 MAR

Gay Couple Embarks On Custody Battle US (MI) 23 MAR

Saudi man to be flogged for gay video SA 22 MAR

Portugal same-sex marriage law still on track PT 22 MAR

Government sets ball rolling on repeal of gay sex law IN 21 MAR

Constitutional Court refuses to hear Judge Calamita appeal ES 20 MAR

Court Grants New York Power to Annul Civil Union US (NY) 19 MAR

Teens Join Suit Against Ark. Adoption Law US (AR) 19 MAR

Australian [New South Wales] government withdraws non-specified gender status AU (NSW) 19 MAR

Homosexual couples make 'excellent' parents according to Spanish study ES 19 MAR

Gay protection loophole allowed Catholic adoption appeal UK 18 MAR

Mississippi stops segregating prisoners with HIV 17 MAR

New Jersey gay marriage battle back in court US (NJ) 17 MAR

Sexually harassed gay man gets $15k payout 17 MAR

Discrimination will be banned, draft law says TR 17 MAR

Catholic adoption agency wins right to appeal gay parents case 17 MAR

Pennsylvania Senators Vote Down Antigay Marriage Bill 16 MAR

First distancing order for homophobia in Spain ES 16 MAR

Argentina annuls marriage of gay couple AR 11 MAR

Virginia Governor counters state attorney general's advice on gays US (VA) 11 MAR

Oklahoma Senate Opts Out of Hate-Crime Act US (OK) 11 MAR

State Dept. Releases Massive Human Rights Report US 11 MAR

Australia is first to recognise 'non-specified' gender AU (NSW) 11 MAR

DP Benefits Approved in Kissimmee US (FL) 10 MAR

Registry to appeal VCAT ruling AU (VIC) 10 MAR

Washington state senate passes anti-bullying law US (WA) 09 MAR

Supreme Court Upholds Gay Adoption SI 08 MAR

Zambia's New Constitution Forbids Same Sex Marriage ZM 08 MAR

Gay couple's child denied re-enrollment at Catholic school US (CO) 06 MAR

Gay rights not upheld in Serbia RS 06 MAR

Bing blocks online sex searches in Mideast 06 MAR

Boy, 14, allowed to become a girl AU 06 MAR

(2008) Ruling On Gay Air Force Major Creates Dilemma US 06 MAR

Virginia AG seeks to cut gays from higher ed discrimination policies US (VA) 05 MAR

Guernsey May Lower Age of Gay Consent GG 05 MAR

Courts set to decide on gay consent age GI 05 MAR

Trans woman fighting for pension rights UK 05 MAR

Interstate couple get registered in Victoria AU (VIC) 04 MAR

Fiji's new decree says gay sex is now legal FJ 04 MAR

New York Assembly Passes GENDA US (NY) 03 MAR

European court rules Poland discriminated against gay man EU / PL 03 MAR

Lords back religious civil partnerships for gay couples UK 03 MAR

Intersex people not 'disordered' AU 03 MAR

Court won't halt D.C. same-sex marriages US (DC) 02 MAR

Virginia Rejects Nondiscrimination US (VA) 02 MAR

Nevada Taxi Agency Calls Gays "Diseased" US (NV) 02 MAR

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