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May 2010

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Nov 2009 to Date
Months Years
IGLHRC and CEDEP Commend Presidential Pardon in Malawi MW 29 MAY

House votes to end ban on gays in military US (DC) 28 MAY

Civil Partnership Bill passes Committee stage IE 28 MAY

Police in NW Pakistan stop transgender wedding PK 25 MAY

Trans woman refused NHS breast operation UK 25 MAY

Gay rights dismissed in new constitution ZW 23 MAY

Senators Introduce Anti-bullying Bill for LGBT Students US (DC) 20 MAY

Malawi gay couple receive maximum 14-year sentence MW 20 MAY
• Judgment: Republic v. Soko & Kachepa PDF 1.67mb, 20 MAY

Antidiscrimination Laws for Logan, Utah US (UT) 19 MAY

Saskatchewan mulls letting marriage celebrants reject gays CA (SK) 19 MAY

Malawi: Judge convicts gay couple 18 MAY

Portugal gets gay marriage 18 MAY

Foster care debunks 'myth' AU (VIC) 18 MAY

Minnesota governor vetoes gay funeral rights bill US (MN) 17 MAY

Israeli PM Says Gay Dad Can Come Home IL 17 MAY

"Marriage-Like" Ceremonies for NYC Domestic Partners US (NY) 17 MAY

ILGA publishes 2010 report on State sponsored homophobia throughout the world PDF 788.40kb, 17 MAY

Massachusetts School Says No to Lesbians' Son US (MA) 13 MAY

Pawlenty to Veto End-of-Life Bill US (MN) 13 MAY

ID cards: gone UK 13 MAY

Massive support for register AU (NSW) 13 MAY

End-of-Life Bill Headed to Minnesota Governor US (MN) 12 MAY

Florida County Approves Nondiscrimination Law US (FL) 12 MAY

Ottawa Police: HIV Transmission Is Criminal Act CA (ON) 12 MAY

Gay NSW catches up to Victoria AU (NSW) 12 MAY

Minnesota Couples Challenge Marriage Ban US (MN) 11 MAY

Gay Adoptive Father Barred From Israel Reentry IL 10 MAY

New Jersey Court Brief on Civil Unions and Children 10 MAY

Iceland expected to legalise same-sex marriage imminently IS 10 MAY

UK policy on gay and lesbian asylum seekers challenged in supreme court UK 09 MAY

130-year-old cross-dressing ban repealed US (CA) 07 MAY

Massachusetts Governor Signs Antibullying Bill US (MA) 06 MAY

Assembly Passes Bill Eliminating Barriers to Dissolve Marriages, Domestic Partnerships US (CA) 06 MAY

German politicians undecided on sexual identity clause DE 06 MAY

Trans Woman Weds Girlfriend in Texas US (TX) 05 MAY

Argentina's Lower House OKs Marriage Bill AR 05 MAY

Gay couples in Denmark now allowed to adopt DK 05 MAY

Libs granted conscience vote on relationship register AU (NSW) 05 MAY

Lutheran church reinstates gay pastors US (GA) 05 MAY

New York Court Affirms Gay Parental Rights US (NY) 04 MAY

Closeted Man Can Receive Late Partner's Pension IL 03 MAY

Supreme Court Lets Scout Ruling Stand US (DC) 03 MAY

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