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The headline suffix indicates Country (Province, State or region)

StarGovt. Seeks to Suspend DADT Lawsuit Appeal US (CA) 30 DEC

StarDADT Lawsuit Not Dead Yet US (WA) 22 DEC

StarSenate votes to REPEAL Don't Ask, Don't Tell US (DC) 18 DEC

StarHouse votes to repeal ban on open gays in military US (DC) 15 DEC

StarNew DADT Repeal Bill (S.4022) Introduced US (DC) 11 DEC

StarCanadian military publishes new transgender policy CA 10 DEC

StarSenate blocks repeal of 'don't ask, don't tell' US (DC) 09 DEC

StarRussian gays not banned from military service – Putin RU 02 DEC

StarPentagon study: Gays could serve with no harm US (DC) 30 NOV

StarJustice Department Appeals Witt Case US (WA) 23 NOV

StarTurkish military denies asking for 'photo proof' of homosexuality TR 19 NOV

StarArmy to pay soldier's sex change costs AU 18 NOV

StarSupreme Court Denies Log Cabin Request US 12 NOV

StarTaiwanese Government Workers Breach HIV Privacy Law TW 08 NOV

StarSupreme Court asked to review gay military ban US (CA) 05 NOV

StarLog Cabin Petitions Supreme Court US (CA) 05 NOV

StarCourt Allows DADT Pending Appeal US (CA) 01 NOV

StarAlabama Justice Compares DADT Judge to Al Qaeda US (AL) 29 OCT

StarControversy reignited over antisodomy clause KR 27 OCT

StarCourt Keeps Military Gay Policy for Now US (CA) 20 OCT

StarDOJ Appeals for Immediate Stay US (CA) 20 OCT

StarJudge: No Stay in DADT Ruling US (CA) 19 OCT

StarUS judge tentatively upholds gays-in-military order US (CA) 18 OCT

Govt. Appeals DADT Case US (CA) 14 OCT

Judge orders 'don't ask don't tell' injunction US 12 OCT

StarJudge orders lesbian reinstated to Air Force US (WA) 24 SEP

DADT Repeal Fails in Senate US (DC) 21 SEP

Let them serve: Defence drops bans on transgender soldiers AU 15 SEP

White House Aims to Complete Repeal This Fall US (DC) 10 SEP

SLDN to active duty military: DO NOT COME OUT US (DC) 10 SEP

Federal judge rules 'don't ask, don't tell' policy is unconstitutional US (CA) 10 SEP

Marine Sentenced to Year in Jail for Abuse US (VA) 25 AUG

New legal standard to be applied to 'don't ask, don't tell' US 25 AUG

Legal group: Gays shouldn't answer Pentagon survey US (DC) 08 JUL

House votes to end ban on gays in military US (DC) 28 MAY

US defence secretary makes it harder for military to kick gays out US (DC) 25 MAR

(2008) Ruling On Gay Air Force Major Creates Dilemma US 06 MAR

Snag in buggery case: military police had no jurisdiction in 1972 CA (ON) 23 FEB

Military police resurrect Canada's long-dead anal sex law CA 19 FEB

66,000 LGBs Serving in U.S. Military US 26 JAN

Iranian transgender people reclassified by military IR 14 JAN