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October 2010

StarMurders of gays soar in Brazil: Rights group BR 18 OCT

November 2010

StarTheresa May says those convicted of consensual gay sex could have records cleared UK 17 NOV

StarThe 377A hide-and-seek SG 11 NOV

StarSingapore: Man fined S$3,000 for oral sex in public toilet SG 10 NOV

StarSaudi gay gets 5-year jail, 500 lashes SA 08 NOV

StarState-Sanctioned Antigay Violence Rampant in Cameroon CM 04 NOV

December 2010

StarMen with historic gay sex convictions to have 'crimes' expunged UK 25 DEC

StarU.N. restores gay reference to violence measure UN 21 DEC

StarMan fined S$3,000 for sex act in public SG 16 DEC

StarSingapore court disallows constitutional challenge against gay sex law SG 08 DEC

July 2010

August 2010

Acehnese gays face a climate of fear and abuse ID 20 AUG

Iranian teenager faces execution for 'false' gay assault charges IR 04 AUG

Homosexuality will not be tolerated, says south Sudan president SD 01 AUG

September 2010

April 2010

California Assembly modifies law seeking to cure gays US (CA) 27 APR

New York City in Contempt for Enforcing Old Laws Against Gays US (NY) 27 APR

Russian court dismisses defense of so-called "homosexual propaganda" RU 07 APR

Oklahoma Antigay Bill Stalls US (OK) 06 APR

May 2010

IGLHRC and CEDEP Commend Presidential Pardon in Malawi MW 29 MAY

Malawi gay couple receive maximum 14-year sentence MW 20 MAY
• Judgment: Republic v. Soko & Kachepa PDF 1.67mb, 20 MAY

Malawi: Judge convicts gay couple 18 MAY

ILGA publishes 2010 report on State sponsored homophobia throughout the world PDF 788.40kb, 17 MAY

Ottawa Police: HIV Transmission Is Criminal Act CA (ON) 12 MAY

June 2010

Rhode Island Governor Vetoes Hate-Crimes Bill US (RI) 30 JUN

January 2010

Five human rights groups launch worldwide '346 No Executions' campaign CA (ON) 28 JAN

Rwanda backs down on gay law reform RW 26 JAN

Gay couple appeal to higher court MW 12 JAN

February 2010

What will hate crime legislation mean for you? UK 26 FEB

Snag in buggery case: military police had no jurisdiction in 1972 CA (ON) 23 FEB

Malawi court dismisses gay couple's appeal case MW 23 FEB

Military police resurrect Canada's long-dead anal sex law CA 19 FEB

Kenyan police release gay men KE 18 FEB

Five men arrested in Kenya over gay wedding plans KE 12 FEB

March 2010

Oklahoma Lawmakers Pass Wrong Hate Crimes Bill US (OK) 29 MAR

Hate-Crimes Expansion Protects LGBT Scots UK 24 MAR

New Criminal Gay Hatred Law Effective from Today in UK UK 23 MAR

Discrimination Continues as Malawian Court Moves Forward to Prosecute Couple MW 22 MAR

Saudi man to be flogged for gay video SA 22 MAR

Oklahoma Senate Opts Out of Hate-Crime Act US (OK) 11 MAR