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October 2010

StarCEDAW Adopts General Recommendations Including Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity UN 22 OCT

StarThird Court Upholds Gay Pride Appeal RU 22 OCT

StarRepeated unjustified Ban on Gay-Rights Marches in Moscow RU 21 OCT

StarOmaha Antidiscrimination Ordinance Faces Hurdle US (NE) 19 OCT

StarCourt Upholds Firefighters' Gay Pride Verdict US (CA) 18 OCT

Court: St. Petersburg Must Allow Pride RU 12 OCT

Australian LGBT support group wins legal pay-out AU (VIC) 08 OCT

'Revolution' in Russia? Court Rules Ban on St Petersburg Gay Pride Was Illegal RU 07 OCT

Ninth HRC Equality Index Out US (DC) 04 OCT

Equality Act comes into force UK 01 OCT

November 2010

StarOrange County commissioners pass LGBT protections on 6-1 vote US (FL) 23 NOV

StarBowling Green Voters Uphold Gay Protections Laws US (OH) 23 NOV

StarNew Toolkit to advance Equality on Grounds of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity CH 19 NOV

StarChanges Demanded to Macedonia's Anti-Gay Textbooks MK 15 NOV

StarLithuanian parliament mulls anti-gay law LT 12 NOV

StarUtah Cities Pass Antidiscrimination Laws US (UT) 10 NOV

StarUgandan paper ordered to stop printing list of gay people UG 01 NOV

StarOmaha won't protect gays from discrimination US (NE) 01 NE

December 2010

StarStudent study shows gay patients face discrimination in Croatia HR 27 DEC

StarLGBT Protections for Utah County US (UT) 23 DEC

StarFair Housing Bill Introduced US (DC) 08 DEC

StarLithuania to vote on fining people who 'promote' homosexuality 08 DEC

StarBrethren appeal VCAT decision AU (VIC) 01 DEC

July 2010

Damages awarded in lesbian prom case US (MS) 30 JUL

Judge Rules Against Antigay Student US (MI) 28 JUL

Lesbian couple told by Swedish bank to 'live apart' SE 26 JUL

Gay Man Prevented From Seeing Dying Partner Wins Settlement US (CA) 24 JUL

Court OKs Moscow Mayor calling gays faggots RU 20 JUL

China court blocks man's blood donation lawsuit CN 08 JUL

Transgender woman wins federal discrimination lawsuit US (GA) 07 JUL

August 2010

Chinese Court Will Hear HIV Case CN 31 AUG

California legislature approves removing gay 'cure' language US (CA) 24 AUG

Texas School Denies Child of Gay Moms US (TX) 21 AUG

Judge rejects Keeton lawsuit US (GA) 20 AUG

Acehnese gays face a climate of fear and abuse ID 20 AUG

Justice Served for Georgia Trans Woman US (GA) 04 AUG

September 2010

Schwarzenegger Repeals Antigay Law US (CA) 29 SEP

Lesbian mum wins child maintenance battle UK 29 SEP

U.N. Chief Calls for Gay Rights UN 17 SEP

Canadian judge rules in favour of blood service which bans gay men CA (ON) 09 SEP

Russian court backs gay community protest RU 07 SEP

April 2010

Turkish court refuses to ban Gay rights groups TR 30 APR

Counsellor loses gay discrimination appeal UK 29 APR

Gay dogs not welcome, diner told AU (SA) 24 APR

Discrimination laws get tougher in Victoria AU (VIC) 21 APR

Euro Parliament LGBT group denounces Cotonou Agreement EU 14 APR

Missoula Passes Nondiscrimination Law US (MT) 13 APR

Council of Europe passes 'historic' protection recommendations EU 13 APR

Skopje MPs Adopt Anti-Discrimination Law MK 09 APR

Philippine Supreme Court allows gay party in polls PH 08 APR

Gay Protections Take Effect in Salt Lake City US (UT) 05 APR

Parker Signs Discrimination Order US (TX) 02 APR

Indian Professor Reinstated After Gay Entrapment IN 02 APR

May 2010

Gay rights dismissed in new constitution ZW 23 MAY

Antidiscrimination Laws for Logan, Utah US (UT) 19 MAY

Saskatchewan mulls letting marriage celebrants reject gays CA (SK) 19 MAY

Massachusetts School Says No to Lesbians' Son US (MA) 13 MAY

Florida County Approves Nondiscrimination Law US (FL) 12 MAY

German politicians undecided on sexual identity clause DE 06 MAY

Supreme Court Lets Scout Ruling Stand US (DC) 03 MAY

June 2010

Boy Scouts win case over "no gays" stance US (PA) 24 JUN

Tulsa Approves Nondiscrimination Policy US (OK) 18 JUN

January 2010

Utah Lawmakers Want a Year to Study Gay Discrimination Ban US (UT) 31 JAN

Macedonia Backtracks on Protection from Discrimination for Gays and Transgender People MK 29 JAN

Miami Beach Says No to Trans Discrimination US (FL) 21 JAN

Nepal to Protect Gays in Constitution NP 19 JAN

Department of Justice Steps in to Defend Gay Student US (NY) 19 JAN

Federal Job Site Bans Trans Discrimination US (DC) 06 JAN

February 2010

Homophobic Lithuanian law comes into power next week LT 26 FEB

Politician calls for anti-gay law to be thrown out US (CA) 26 FEB

'Gays turned back in clinics' SZ 17 FEB

Virginia House of Delegates Kills Worker Protections US (VA) 10 FEB

Euro Parliament Reaffirms Gay Rights Are Condition to Join the European Union EU 10 FEB

Albanian Gay Rights Law, Minus Marriage AL 05 FEB

UK Labour caves in after papal pressure UK 04 FEB Locked

March 2010

North Carolina couple denied family rate at YMCA US (NC) 23 MAR

Discrimination will be banned, draft law says TR 17 MAR

Virginia Governor counters state attorney general's advice on gays US (VA) 11 MAR

Gay couple's child denied re-enrollment at Catholic school US (CO) 06 MAR

Gay rights not upheld in Serbia RS 06 MAR

Virginia AG seeks to cut gays from higher ed discrimination policies US (VA) 05 MAR

European court rules Poland discriminated against gay man EU / PL 03 MAR

Virginia Rejects Nondiscrimination US (VA) 02 MAR

Nevada Taxi Agency Calls Gays "Diseased" US (NV) 02 MAR