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October 2010

StarLast Stand Against D.C. Gay Marriage US (DC) 13 OCT

StarDOJ Files Appeal in DOMA Case US (MA) 12 OCT

StarWashington DC Methodist Church approves same-sex marriages US (DC) 08 OCT

StarSchwarzenegger expands unemployment benefits for gay couples US (CA) 01 OCT

StarCouples Seek To Help Defend Lawsuit Challenging Wisconsin's Domestic Partner Law US (WI) 01 OCT

November 2010

StarIllinois Civil Unions Measure Advances US (IL) 30 NOV

StarSex change woman wins her legal battle to get married MT 30 NOV

StarEuropean states will not be forced to allow gay marriage EU 30 NOV

StarColumbus DP Benefits Pass Easily US (OH) 23 NOV

StarEU-Wide Recognition of Member States' Gay Marriage, Civil Partnership a Step Closer EU 23 NOV

StarEureka Springs to Offer Partner Benefits US (AR) 18 NOV

StarNew Hospital Visitation Rule Issued US 17 NOV

StarGerman Church Allows Gay Pastors To Live With Partners DE 17 NOV

StarFrance reviews gay marriage ban FR 16 NOV

StarCourt Sets Schedule for Prop. 8 Oral Arguments US (CA) 16 NOV

StarColombian high court refuses to rule on same-sex marriage CO 16 NOV

StarCivil unions legislation could pass in Illinois House next week US (IL) 12 NOV

StarProtests After Colombian Court Ruling CO 12 NOV

StarMexico House votes for same-sex couple benefits MX 10 NOV

StarTwo New Lawsuits Challenge DOMA US 09 NOV

December 2010

StarAllentown considers extending medical benefits to same-sex couples US (PA) 27 DEC

StarEast Lansing set to offer same-sex benefits US (MI) 27 DEC

StarState lawmakers plan return of "defense of marriage" act US (WY) 25 DEC

StarArizona's unmarried partners set to lose health-care benefits US (AZ) 24 DEC

StarD.C. urges Supreme Court to pass on Marriage Case US (DC) 23 DEC

StarCivil Partnership Registration in Ireland – Details IE 23 DEC

StarCivil Partnership Act Commences IE 23 DEC

StarMontgomery to implement same-sex benefits law US (MD) 22 DEC

StarAttorney General appeals in transsexual marriage case MT 21 DEC

StarCivil Unions Bill to be Introduced in Colorado US (CO) 16 DEC

StarBrazil gay couples entitled to pension benefits BR 10 DEC

StarJudge hears state, county challenge to gay marriage ban US (MN) 10 DEC

StarSkype gay marriage deemed invalid by courts US (TX), (DC) 05 DEC

StarClerk: Law's implementation will be civil US (IL) 03 DEC

StarIllinois moves toward gay civil unions US (IL) 01 DEC

July 2010

The truth about same-sex and common-law partnerships CA (BC) 30 JUL

Peru Latest Latin American Country To Consider Gay Unions PE 27 JUL

New Jersey court refuses to hear gay marriage case US (NJ) 27 JUL

Judge blocks Arizona law on domestic partner benefits US (AZ) 26 JUL

British man wins French civil partnership tax victory FR 26 JUL

Gay Man Prevented From Seeing Dying Partner Wins Settlement US (CA) 24 JUL

Judge bars fallen firefighter's transgender widow from collecting, spending death benefits US (TX) 23 JUL

Marriage Bill Signed in Buenos Aires AR 21 JUL

Argentine Neighbors Uruguay, Paraguay To Debate Gay Marriage PY / UY 20 JUL

Irish President Signs Gay Partners Bill 19 JUL

Court strikes challenge to DC gay marriage law US (DC) 15 JUL

Argentina legalizes gay marriage in historic vote AR 15 JUL

Finland working to legalise same-sex marriage and adoption FI 13 JUL

Ireland parliament passes civil partnerships bill IE 08 JUL

Fed judge rules against DOMA – twice US (MA) 08 JUL

Hawaii governor vetoed civil union bill US (HI) 06 JUL

UK considers religious gay union ceremonies UK 03 JUL

Civil Partnerships Bill Passes in Ireland IE 02 JUL

August 2010

Tasmanian LGBT activists welcome recognition of Interstate and overseas same-sex unions AU (TAS) 31 AUG

Court says gay couples can't divorce in Texas US (TX) 31 AUG

Government Allowed to Appeal DOMA Case US (MA) 19 AUG

Gay couples gain equal inheritance tax standing DE 17 AUG

California Gay Marriage on Hold as Case Is Appealed US (CA) 16 AUG

Attorney General Brown: Allow Marriages to Resume US (CA) 13 AUG

Judge keeps gay marriages in California on hold until Aug. 18 US (CA) 12 AUG

All Mexican states must recognize gay marriages MX 11 AUG

Costa Rica court says no to referendum on civil unions CR 11 AUG

Judge: Lesbian Couple's Marriage License Valid US (NM) 10 AUG

Labor retains Howard policy on overseas marriage AU 10 AUG

Formal Prop. 8 Appeal Filed US (CA) 05 AUG

Mexico Gay Marriage: Court Upholds Capital's Same-Sex Marriage Law MX 05 AUG

Prop 8 unconstitutional: Ballot measure overturned US (CA) 04 AUG

Chilean senator proposes gay marriage legislation CL 02 AUG

September 2010

Tasmania Recognizes Overseas Gay Marriage AU (TAS) 30 SEP

StarMontana Town Backs Gay Couples' Suit US (MT) 30 SEP

Gay Marriage Opposition Brief Filed US (CA) 25 SEP

Gay Fed Workers Allowed Unpaid Leave US (DC) 14 SEP

Retirement Planning for Gay and Lesbian Couples US 03 SEP

Closing the hospital loopholes for gay families US 01 SEP

Tasmania moves to recognise same-sex unions AU (TAS) 01 SEP

April 2010

Hawaii lawmakers OK civil unions, send bill to governor US (HI) 30 APR

Argentina experiences marriage chaos in anullment row AR 26 APR

Initiative Seeks to Tax Gay Couples Equally US (WA) 25 APR

Finnish parliamentary support for gay marriage and adoption rights IS 23 APR

Texas court hears state's appeal in gay divorce US (TX) 22 APR

Texas attorney general to appeal second gay divorce US (TX) 20 APR

Another Same-Sex Marriage Nullified in Argentina AR 17 APR

Obama extends visitation rights to LGBT partners US (DC) 16 APR

Italy's Highest Court Rejects Marriages for Same-Sex Couples IT 14 APR

First Lesbian Couple Marries in Argentina AR 12 APR

Lambda Legal Applauds Jackson Memorial Policy Changes and Urges Hospital to Apologize to Deceased Lesbian's Family US (FL) 12 APR

Top Portuguese Court OKs Gay Marriage PT 09 APR

Iceland Likely to Permit Gay Marriage by June IS 08 APR

GLAD's DOMA Challenge Heads to Court May 6 US (MA) 08 APR

Scottish government trash further marriage equality plans UK 08 APR

Registry to drop couple appeal AU (VIC) 06 APR

Kentucky School OK's DP Benefits US (KY) 05 APR

"Gay" Divorce in Texas Upheld US (TX) 01 APR

StarBlack Wound Back PDF 601.18kb, AU (FED) APR

May 2010

Civil Partnership Bill passes Committee stage IE 28 MAY

Police in NW Pakistan stop transgender wedding PK 25 MAY

Saskatchewan mulls letting marriage celebrants reject gays CA (SK) 19 MAY

Portugal gets gay marriage 18 MAY

Minnesota governor vetoes gay funeral rights bill US (MN) 17 MAY

"Marriage-Like" Ceremonies for NYC Domestic Partners US (NY) 17 MAY

Pawlenty to Veto End-of-Life Bill US (MN) 13 MAY

Massive support for register AU (NSW) 13 MAY

End-of-Life Bill Headed to Minnesota Governor US (MN) 12 MAY

Gay NSW catches up to Victoria AU (NSW) 12 MAY

Minnesota Couples Challenge Marriage Ban US (MN) 11 MAY

New Jersey Court Brief on Civil Unions and Children 10 MAY

Iceland expected to legalise same-sex marriage imminently IS 10 MAY

Assembly Passes Bill Eliminating Barriers to Dissolve Marriages, Domestic Partnerships US (CA) 06 MAY

Trans Woman Weds Girlfriend in Texas US (TX) 05 MAY

Argentina's Lower House OKs Marriage Bill AR 05 MAY

Libs granted conscience vote on relationship register AU (NSW) 05 MAY

Closeted Man Can Receive Late Partner's Pension IL 03 MAY

June 2010

Wisconsin Supreme Court upholds ban on gay marriage US (WI) 30 JUN

Funeral Leave Bill Passes New York Senate US (NY) 30 JUN

StarNew gay marriage law in Iceland comes into force IS 28 JUN

Euro Court: Gay Marriage Not Mandatory EU 24 JUN

IRS Recognizes Calif. Domestic Partnerships US (CA) 16 JUN

Chilean Bill Would Create Civil Unions For Gay Couples CL 16 JUN

German court: Gay marriage is only 'partnership' DE 15 JUN

Iceland legalizes same-sex marriage IS 11 JUN

University of Arizona Reinstates Domestic-Partner Benefits US (AZ) 07 JUN

Fed workers' same-sex partners given more benefits US (DC) 03 JUN

California OK's Unemployment Benefits for Gay Partners US (CA) 03 JUN

Partners of Federal Workers May Apply for Benefits in July US (DC) 02 JUN

January 2010

Indiana Senate Approves Marriage Ban US (IN) 29 JAN

Hawaii Nixes Same-Sex Civil Unions Bill US (HI) 29 JAN

Feds seek to overturn Mexico City gay marriage law MX 28 JAN

Irish civil partnerships bill progresses through parliament IE 28 JAN

Hawaii Senate Passes Civil Unions US (HI) 22 JAN

Moscow City Court turns down lesbians' complaint 21 JAN

Foreign partners alienated by register AU (VIC) 20 JAN

Centrelink to go easy on older gay couples AU 14 JAN

China's state press covers gay wedding CN 13 JAN

Quakers support gay marriage AU 12 JAN

Big Win for Partners of Foreign Service Officials US (DC) 11 JAN

Religious civil partnerships amendment tabled in Lords UK 11 JAN

Same-sex marriage law backed in Portugal's parliament PT 08 JAN

Jersey Rejects Marriage, Lambda to Sue US (NJ) 07 JAN

Portugal expected to approve gay marriage this week PT 06 JAN

Rhode Island approves funeral rights for gays US (RI) 06 JAN

Court case on California marriage ban to be heard next week US (CA) 05 JAN

February 2010

Chamber Hearing Schalk And Kopf v. Austria EU 26 FEB

Push to recognise British civil partnerships across Europe UK 25 FEB

Australian Senate rejects gay marriage bill AU 25 FEB

Maryland Can Recognize Out-of-State Gay Marriages US (MD) 24 FEB

Second gay couple in Argentina permitted to marry AR 24 FEB

New South Wales to get relationship register AU (NSW) 24 FEB

Gay-marriage ban fails in House US (WV) 23 FEB

Turkey objects to gay marriage allusion in council document TR 23 FEB

New Hampshire lawmakers defeat marriage bills US (NH) 22 FEB

Isle of Man to consider civil partnerships for gay couples IM 22 FEB

Minnesota to Hold Gay Marriage Hearing US (MN) 19 FEB

Move to Repeal D.C. Marriage Rejected US (DC) 19 FEB

Massachusetts Says Federal Marriage Law Unconstitutional US (MA) 19 FEB

Mexican States Challenge Gay Marriage MX 18 FEB

New Hampshire House Rejects Gay Marriage Ban US (NH) 17 FEB

Gay Pair attempted to register a marriage in Siberia RU 17 FEB

New Mexico domestic partnership bill dies US (NM) 16 FEB

Texas AG Intervenes in Gay Divorce US (TX) 16 FEB

Five men arrested in Kenya over gay wedding plans KE 12 FEB

Church of England approves pension rights for gay civil partners UK 12 FEB

Iowa Lawmakers Fail to Push Marriage Ban US (IA) 10 FEB

New Hampshire panel recommends against gay marriage repeal US (NH) 09 FEB

New Mexico domestic partnership moves forward US (NM) 04 FEB

Maryland Gay Marriage Ban Dies in Committee US (MD) 03 FEB

MEP Celebrates Victory in Equal Tax Rights for British Gay Couples Living in France FR, UK 03 FEB

Partner of Missouri Trooper Denied Benefits US (MO) 01 FEB

March 2010

Police Persuade Indian Gay Couple to Divorce IN 31 MAR

Pennsylvania judge refuses to grant same-sex divorce after Massachusetts marriage US (PA) 26 MAR

Boxer introduces COBRA benefits bill for domestic partners US (DC) 26 MAR

DC marriage law survives Senate vote US (DC) 25 MAR

Hungarian Constitutional Court Affirms Registered Partnerships for Gay Couples HU 23 MAR

Portugal same-sex marriage law still on track PT 22 MAR

Court Grants New York Power to Annul Civil Union US (NY) 19 MAR

New Jersey gay marriage battle back in court US (NJ) 17 MAR

Pennsylvania Senators Vote Down Antigay Marriage Bill 16 MAR

Argentina annuls marriage of gay couple AR 11 MAR

DP Benefits Approved in Kissimmee US (FL) 10 MAR

Registry to appeal VCAT ruling AU (VIC) 10 MAR

Zambia's New Constitution Forbids Same Sex Marriage ZM 08 MAR

Interstate couple get registered in Victoria AU (VIC) 04 MAR

Lords back religious civil partnerships for gay couples UK 03 MAR

Court won't halt D.C. same-sex marriages US (DC) 02 MAR