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Transgender, Transsexual

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October 2010

StarCase Dismissed Against Transgender Activists in Turkey TR 21 OCT

StarTransgender Activists on Trial in Turkey TR 18 OCT

StarFrench trans woman continues fight to be recognised as female FR 12 OCT

StarHong Kong transgender woman loses marriage case HK 05 OCT

November 2010

StarSex change woman wins her legal battle to get married MT 30 NOV

StarHouston's Transgender Judge US (TX) 19 NOV

StarArmy to pay soldier's sex change costs AU 18 NOV

StarCalifornia elects first trans judge US (CA) 18 NOV

December 2010

StarAutistic teenage boy to swap gender AU 29 DEC

StarTransgender man marries, has marriage revoked in the same day US (MI) 29 DEC

StarAttorney General appeals in transsexual marriage case MT 21 DEC

StarCanadian military publishes new transgender policy CA 10 DEC

July 2010

Malaysian trans woman wins asylum in UK UK 28 JUL

Judge bars fallen firefighter's transgender widow from collecting, spending death benefits US (TX) 23 JUL

Transgender woman wins federal discrimination lawsuit US (GA) 07 JUL

August 2010

Transsexual allowed to teach AT 30 AUG

Trans Changes for Pennsylvania Driver's Licenses US (PA) 26 AUG

Justice Served for Georgia Trans Woman US (GA) 04 AUG

September 2010

Let them serve: Defence drops bans on transgender soldiers AU 15 SEP

NV Lawmaker to Revive 'Gender Identity' Bill US (NV) 12 SEP

WA gender change battle set for High Court AU (WA) 07 SEP

April 2010

Gender Reassignment Surgeries Approved at Penn US (PA) 15 APR

Transgender inmates have right to therapy US (WI) 02 APR

May 2010

Police in NW Pakistan stop transgender wedding PK 25 MAY

Trans woman refused NHS breast operation UK 25 MAY

130-year-old cross-dressing ban repealed US (CA) 07 MAY

June 2010

Trans woman wins right to backdated pension UK 22 JUN

Irish trans woman wins battle to be recognised as female IE 21 JUN

European Parliament Says the EU Should Do More for Transgender People's Rights EU 16 JUN

Passport Rules Eased for Transgender People US (DC) 10 JUN

Trans Rights Bill Lost in N.Y. Senate Committee US (NY) 08 JUN

Pakistani trans couple locked up for 'gay' wedding PK 02 JUN

January 2010

National Trans Police Association criticised over state funding UK 27 JAN

Transgender prison to be Italian first IT 20 JAN

Sex change at 16 ES 14 JAN

Federal Job Site Bans Trans Discrimination US (DC) 06 JAN

Trans woman wins complaint against newspaper for 'tranny' headline UK 04 JAN

February 2010

Guyana Group Fights Transphobic Laws GY 23 FEB

Turkey: Stop Violence Against Transgender People TR 22 FEB

France de-lists transgenderism as a mental illness FR 15 FEB

Tax court allows deduction for woman’s sex change US (MA) 03 FEB

Trans woman told it was 'illegal' for her to use women's toilets UK 01 FEB

March 2010

Australian [New South Wales] government withdraws non-specified gender status AU (NSW) 19 MAR

Australia is first to recognise 'non-specified' gender AU (NSW) 11 MAR

Boy, 14, allowed to become a girl AU 06 MAR

Trans woman fighting for pension rights UK 05 MAR

New York Assembly Passes GENDA US (NY) 03 MAR

Intersex people not 'disordered' AU 03 MAR