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November 2010

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Pentagon study: Gays could serve with no harm US (DC) 30 NOV

Illinois Civil Unions Measure Advances US (IL) 30 NOV

Sex change woman wins her legal battle to get married MT 30 NOV

South Australia embraces gay parents AU (SA) 30 NOV

European states will not be forced to allow gay marriage EU 30 NOV

NJ Passes Tough Antibullying Bill US (NJ) 23 NOV

Justice Department Appeals Witt Case US (WA) 23 NOV

Columbus DP Benefits Pass Easily US (OH) 23 NOV

Orange County commissioners pass LGBT protections on 6-1 vote US (FL) 23 NOV

Bowling Green Voters Uphold Gay Protections Laws US (OH) 23 NOV

Judge extends ban on Ugandan tabloid outing gays UG 23 NOV

EU-Wide Recognition of Member States' Gay Marriage, Civil Partnership a Step Closer EU 23 NOV

Lithuanian no-promo-homo bill fails in first vote LT 22 NOV

Houston's Transgender Judge US (TX) 19 NOV

New Toolkit to advance Equality … CH 19 NOV

Turkish military denies asking for 'photo proof' of homosexuality TR 19 NOV

Eureka Springs to Offer Partner Benefits US (AR) 18 NOV

Army to pay soldier's sex change costs AU 18 NOV

California elects first trans judge US (CA) 18 NOV

New Hospital Visitation Rule Issued US 17 NOV

UN Resolution Drops Gay Protections UN 17 NOV

HIV+? Know Your Rights US 17 NOV

German Church Allows Gay Pastors To Live With Partners DE 17 NOV

Those convicted of consensual gay sex could have records cleared UK 17 NOV

NJ lawmakers advance tougher anti-bullying law US (NJ) 16 NOV

Court Sets Schedule for Prop. 8 Oral Arguments US (CA) 16 NOV

France reviews gay marriage ban FR 16 NOV

Colombian high court refuses to rule on same-sex marriage CO 16 NOV

Changes Demanded to Macedonia's Anti-Gay Textbooks MK 15 NOV

Civil unions legislation could pass in Illinois House next week US (IL) 12 NOV

Supreme Court Denies Log Cabin Request US 12 NOV

Finnish Church OK's Prayers for Gay Couples FI 12 NOV

Protests After Colombian Court Ruling CO 12 NOV

Lithuanian parliament mulls anti-gay law LT 12 NOV

Gibraltar Supreme Court considers gay age of consent GI 12 NOV

The 377A hide-and-seek SG 11 NOV

Irish civil partners to be included in immigration laws IE 11 NOV

Surrogacy bill amendment creates a 'victimless crime' AU (NSW) 11 NOV

Mexico House votes for same-sex couple benefits MX 10 NOV

Utah Cities Pass Antidiscrimination Laws US (UT) 10 NOV

Singapore: Man fined S$3,000 for oral sex in public toilet SG 10 NOV

Lutheran Group Denies Gay Adoption US (IL) 09 NOV

Two New Lawsuits Challenge DOMA US 09 NOV

Gay Brazilian married in US may face deportation US (MA) 08 NOV

Saudi gay gets 5-year jail, 500 lashes SA 08 NOV

Taiwanese Government Workers Breach HIV Privacy Law TW 08 NOV

'Gay' Lebanese man refused Australian visa AU 08 NOV

Gay man and woman in court battle over children UK 08 NOV

Supreme Court asked to review gay military ban US (CA) 05 NOV

Log Cabin Petitions Supreme Court US (CA) 05 NOV

State-Sanctioned Antigay Violence Rampant in Cameroon CM 04 NOV

New guide to help families AU (VIC) 04 NOV

Court Allows DADT Pending Appeal US (CA) 01 NOV

Vermont Supreme Court Again Affirms Custody for Janet Jenkins US (VT) 01 NOV

Ugandan paper ordered to stop printing list of gay people UG 01 NOV

Omaha won't protect gays from discrimination US (NE) 01 NE

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