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October 2010

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Christian foster couple in gay row UK 30 OCT

Alabama Justice Compares DADT Judge to Al Qaeda US (AL) 29 OCT

Freedom of Expression Restricted: Sexual Orientation in Advertising Now Prohibited LT 29 OCT

Florida Court Upholds Lesbian Adoption Ruling US (FL) 28 OCT

Controversy reignited over antisodomy clause KR 27 OCT

Court Rejects Catholic Suit Against San Francisco US (CA) 25 OCT

Guide to parenting for gay dads UK 25 OCT

Surrogacy laws on the table AU (NSW) 25 OCT

CEDAW Adopts General Recommendations Including Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity UN 22 OCT

Third Court Upholds Gay Pride Appeal RU 22 OCT

Florida Attorney General Releases Statement on Decision to Not Appeal the Gill Case US (FL) 22 OCT

Case Dismissed Against Transgender Activists in Turkey TR 21 OCT

Utrecht to introduce 'gay-alert' hotline NL 21 OCT

Repeated unjustified Ban on Gay-Rights Marches in Moscow RU 21 OCT

Court Keeps Military Gay Policy for Now US (CA) 20 OCT

DOJ Appeals for Immediate Stay US (CA) 20 OCT

Judge: No Stay in DADT Ruling US (CA) 19 OCT

Court Rebuked in Israeli Surrogacy Case IL 19 OCT

Omaha Antidiscrimination Ordinance Faces Hurdle US (NE) 19 OCT

Transgender Activists on Trial in Turkey TR 18 OCT

Court Upholds Firefighters' Gay Pride Verdict US (CA) 18 OCT

Murders of gays soar in Brazil: Rights group BR 18 OCT

US judge tentatively upholds gays-in-military order US (CA) 18 OCT

Govt. Appeals DADT Case US (CA) 14 OCT

Last Stand Against D.C. Gay Marriage US (DC) 13 OCT

Judge orders 'don't ask don't tell' injunction US 12 OCT

Death Blow to Florida Adoption Ban? US (FL) 12 OCT

Court: St. Petersburg Must Allow Pride RU 12 OCT

DOJ Files Appeal in DOMA Case US (MA) 12 OCT

French trans woman continues fight to be recognised as female FR 12 OCT

Australian LGBT support group wins legal pay-out AU (VIC) 08 OCT

Washington DC Methodist Church approves same-sex marriages US (DC) 08 OCT

Catholic adoption agency fights to retain right to discriminate against same-sex couples UK 07 OCT

'Revolution' in Russia? Court Rules Ban on St Petersburg Gay Pride Was Illegal RU 07 OCT

Gay fathers demand rights AU 06 OCT

Hong Kong transgender woman loses marriage case HK 05 OCT

Ninth HRC Equality Index Out US (DC) 04 OCT

Human Rights Campaign: Corporate Equality Index 2010 01 OCT

Schwarzenegger expands unemployment benefits for gay couples US (CA) 01 OCT

Schwarzenegger Signs Bill Aiding Gay Youths US (CA) 01 OCT

Equality Act comes into force UK 01 OCT

Couples Seek To Help Defend Lawsuit Challenging Wisconsinís Domestic Partner Law US (WI) 01 OCT

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