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September 2010

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Tasmania Recognizes Overseas Gay Marriage AU (TAS) 30 SEP

Montana Town Backs Gay Couples' Suit US (MT) 30 SEP

Schwarzenegger Repeals Antigay Law US (CA) 29 SEP

Lesbian mum wins child maintenance battle UK 29 SEP

Court Orders Asylum Review for Serbian US 28 SEP

Gay Marriage Opposition Brief Filed US (CA) 25 SEP

Judge orders lesbian reinstated to Air Force US (WA) 24 SEP

Lawyer challenges gay sex law SG 24 SEP

Court affirms overturning Florida gay adoption ban US (FL) 22 SEP

DOJ to Judge: Keep Enforcing DADT US (DC) 22 SEP

DADT Repeal Fails in Senate US (DC) 21 SEP

New York Law OKs Adoption by Unmarried Partners US (NY) 21 SEP

Montana Politician: Revoke Antigay Law US (MT) 20 SEP

Valencia gay male couple told they cannot register as parents of twins ES 17 SEP

U.N. Chief Calls for Gay Rights UN 17 SEP

ECHR to hear French gay adoption case FR 15 SEP

Let them serve: Defence drops bans on transgender soldiers AU 15 SEP

Gay Fed Workers Allowed Unpaid Leave US (DC) 14 SEP

Court allows gay man to adopt child AU (VIC) 12 SEP

NV Lawmaker to Revive 'Gender Identity' Bill US (NV) 12 SEP

White House Aims to Complete Repeal This Fall US (DC) 10 SEP

SLDN to active duty military: DO NOT COME OUT US (DC) 10 SEP

Federal judge rules 'don't ask, don't tell' policy is unconstitutional US (CA) 10 SEP

Canadian judge rules in favour of blood service which bans gay men CA (ON) 09 SEP

Four-way struggle to care for baby E AU (VIC) 09 SEP

NSW Adoption Bill passes AU (NSW) 09 SEP

WA gender change battle set for High Court AU (WA) 07 SEP

Russian court backs gay community protest RU 07 SEP

Retirement Planning for Gay and Lesbian Couples US 03 SEP

NY Governor to Sign Anti-bullying Bill US (NY) 03 SEP

Georgia Appeals Court Rejects Denial of Adoption on 'Immorality Grounds US (GA) 02 SEP

NSW Parliament passes law permitting same-sex couples to adopt AU (NSW) 02 SEP

Closing the hospital loopholes for gay families US 01 SEP

Tasmania moves to recognise same-sex unions AU (TAS) 01 SEP

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