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April 2011

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Minnesota advances bill to amend state constitution to ban gay marriage US (MN) 29 APR

Online resource for domestic violence AU (NSW) 29 APR

Rhode Island set to intro civil unions bill on Tuesday US (RI) 29 APR

House committee votes down domestic partner benefits US (MN) 28 APR

Trans Protections Approved in Dallas US (TX) 27 APR

Poland to end gay marriage abroad discrimination PL 27 APR

Court rules on Australia's youngest sex change AU 27 APR
Cases: Re: Jamie (Special Medical Procedure) [2011] FamCA 248 PDF 131.08kb, 14 APR 11

English Catholic agency loses appeal on same-sex adoptions UK 26 APR

Hungarian president signs new constitution despite human rights concerns 25 APR

Conjugal visits allowed for inmates and partners in same-sex marriages, civil unions US (NY) 23 APR

Virginia rejects gay adoptions US (VA) 21 APR

In a break up – do you say goodbye to Super? AU (SA) 21 APR

Montana judge rules against same-sex couples US (MT) 21 APR

Sodomy Still Outlawed in 14 States US 20 APR

Hawaii Legislature Passes Transgender Employment Protections US (HI) 19 APR

Adoption bill is signed into law US (AZ) 19 APR

Orange leaders approve same-sex benefits US (FL) 19 APR

Indian Supreme Court Defers Landmark Gay Case IN 19 APR

Assembly passes transgender discrimination bill US (NV) 18 APR

Irish trans woman wins £30,000 for discrimination IE 18 APR

Gay stable-boy sexually harassed female manager UK 18 APR

Hungary Passes New Constitution Amid Concerns HU 18 APR

Western Australian trans men head to High Court AU (WA) 16 APR

New laws raise hopes for more adoptions in Isle of Man IM 15 APR

Michigan House bid to reject worker benefits fails US (MI) 14 APR

Delaware same-sex unions law heads to gov's desk US (DE) 14 APR

Colombian homosexuals win right to inherit partner's assets CO 13 APR

Civil union legislation headed to House floor US (DE) 13 APR

Gray OKs same-sex benefits policy for city employees US (PA) 12 APR

Gay dads lose Louisiana birth certificate case US (LA) 12 APR

Hawaii passes transgender employment protections US (HI) 12 APR

Euro Parliament updates asylum system for gay refugees EU 12 APR

Arizona Legislature OKs bill on adoption preference US (AZ) 12 APR

Gender Anti-Discrimination Bill Advances In Maryland Senate US (MD) 09 APR

Gay Marriage Law Proposed In Uruguay UY 09 APR

US approves delayed $350 mln grant for Malawi US 08 APR

Another Step Towards Equality Says Gibraltar Gay Rights Following Court Ruling GI 08 APR

New Transgender Policy at Chicago Jail US (IL) 07 APR

Senate passes bill creating same-sex civil unions US (DE) 07 APR

Uganda Kill The Gays Bill Returns With 2 Million Signature Petition UG 07 APR

Arkansas Supreme Court Strikes Down Ban On Gay Adoptions US (AR) 07 APR

Same-sex custody case aired US (NE) 07 APR

Nashville Approves Fair Business Bill US (TN) 06 APR

Anti-gay amendment filed in N.C. House US (NC) 06 APR

States May Now Extend Medicaid's Spousal Protections to Same-Sex Partners US (FED) 06 APR

Civil Partnership legislation officially introduced today IM 06 APR

Landlord Can't Boot HIV+ Man's Dog US (MA) 05 APR

Court rules OK for employee to be fired for anti-gay comments US (IL) 05 APR

Hawaii expected to pass transgender labor anti-discrimination bill US (HI) 05 APR

What your wedding planner may not have told you about taxes CA 05 APR

Transgender non-discrimination bill passes Judiciary – without any amendments US (CT) 05 APR

Washington domestic partnership law gets adjusted US (WA) 05 APR

Ugandan Anti-Homosexuality Bill reportedly dropped UG 04 APR

Lesbian PC wins discrimination case UK 04 APR

'Gay wedding' charge upheld US 04 APR

Unregistered Domestic Partner Can Seek Compensation for Negligent Killing of Partner by Police PDF 446.78kb, US (CA) 04 APR
4th Circuit Finds Employer May Be Liable for Customer's Homophobic Sexual Harassment of Employee PDF 446.78kb, US (SC) 04 APR 11

Fair Practices Ordinance: Protections Against Unlawful Discrimination signed into law PDF 446.78kb, US (PA) 04 APR 11

Churches, states and same-sex marriage US 02 APR

Guernsey civil partnership bid is backed GG 01 APR

Same-sex marriage recognition begins in Tasmania AU (TAS) 01 APR

Same-sex civil unions defeated in Colorado legislature US (CO) 01 APR

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