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August 2011

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Colombian Congress Approves Landmark Social Inclusion Law MagGlass CO 31 AUG

Executed for Being Gay MagGlass INTNL 31 AUG

Same-sex benefits approved then rescinded MagGlass US (MI) 31 AUG

California Senate Passes Increased Protections for Gender Identity and Expression MagGlass US (CA) 31 AUG

SC defers hearing on decriminalisation of gay sex MagGlass IN 29 AUG

Creative Parenting Agreements Still Needed With Same-Sex Marriage MagGlass US 29 AUG

Nebraska high court clarifies same-sex custody rights MagGlass US (NE) 26 AUG
• Court Opinion: Latham v. Schwerdtfeger 282 Neb. 121 PDF 393.35, 26 AUG 11

Lesbian Lovers Released in Aceh, Separated MagGlass IN 25 AUG

Maltese LGBT community faces legal anomaly after discriminatory rule is revoked MagGlassMT 25 AUG

Inter-American Court of Human Rights hears landmark lesbian custody case MagGlass CL 25 AUG

(Certificates of No Impediment to Marriage) CNIs demystified MagGlass AU 25 AUG

Is disinheritence because of sexual orientation legal? MagGlass CA 24 AUG

Cairns register to accept same-sex couples MagGlass AU (QLD) 23 AUG

Legal Ease: Gay and lesbian divorce MagGlass US (CA) 23 AUG

Houston judge limits rights of gay father MagGlass US (TX) 22 AUG

Court rules HIV disclosure law can only be used to charge heterosexuals MagGlass US (FL) 21 AUG
• Court Opinion: L.A.P. v. State of Florida PDF 24.74, 10 JUN 11

Age of Consent, 16, Framed in Law MagGlass GI 20 AUG

Insurance Companies Provide Fair Ground to Gay Couples MagGlass US 19 AUG

Asylum for Gay, HIV-Positive Man MagGlass US 18 AUG

Criminal conviction for herpes transmission MagGlass UK 18 AUG

When It Ends MagGlass US (NY) 18 AUG

Deportation to focus on high-priority cases, not same-sex marriages MagGlass US (DC) 18 AUG
Napolitano letter PDF 1.41MB, 18 AUG 11

Judge: Illinois Can Drop Catholic Charities Contracts MagGlass US (IL) 18 AUG

Narrow Court View on Anti-Gay Taunting MagGlass US (AR) 17 AUG
• Court Opinion: William Wolfe v. Fayetteville, Arkansas School District No. 10-2570 PDF 39.05kb, 09 AUG 11

Australian sperm donor loses fight with lesbian couple MagGlass AU (NSW) 17 AUG
• District Court: AA v Registrar of Births Deaths and Marriages and BB PDF 122.78kb, 17 AUG 11

Gay Israeli Soldiers Report Regular Abuse MagGlass IL 16 AUG

Cuba gay man and transgender woman marry MagGlass CU 13 AUG

Best LGBT Lawyers Under 40 (Class of 2011) MagGlass US (DC) 11 AUG

Chile Introduces Constitutional Gay Marriage Ban Amendment MagGlass CL 11 AUG

HRC Releases State Toolkit for Hate Crimes Prevention Laws MagGlassUS (DC) 10 AUG
• HRC: A Guide to State Level Advocacy … PDF 3.89MB, JUL 11

The Beginning of the End of Domestic-Partner Benefits? MagGlass US 10 AUG

Chile president offers to legalize gay unions MagGlass CL 10 AUG

New York Divorce Lawyer Lisa Beth Older Summarizes Breaking News Allowing Gay Couples to Dissolve Civil Unions 08 AUG
• Opinion and Order: Dickerson v. Thompson PDF 98.47kb, 04 AUG 11

Bill Strengthening Rights of Non-Biological Parents Signed into Law MagGlass US (CA) 07 AUG

Transgender inmates win appeal over treatments MagGlass US (WI) 05 AUG

Obama bars U.S. entry for violators of LGBT human rights abroad MagGlass US (DC) 05 AUG
• Presidential Proclamation: Suspension of Entry as Immigrants and Nonimmigrants … 04 AUG 11

Potential jurors shouldn't be dismissed for being gay, court told MagGlass US (CA) 05 AUG

ACLU will appeal Montana same-sex partnership case MagGlass US (MT) 04 AUG

ACLU Sues Catholic Charities Over Rejection Of Same-Sex Adoptions MagGlass US (IL) 04 AUG
• ACLU: Memo in Support of Intervenors' Motion to Intervene Case No. 11-MR-254 PDF 130.23kb, 29 JUL 11

NY Court Reasons Through Parenting Issues in Dissolution of Vermont Civil Union MagGlass US (NY) 02 AUG

Indian tribe in Washington approves same-sex marriage MagGlass US (WA) 02 AUG

Same-Sex Marriage Tax Information MagGlass US (NY) 01 AUG
• NY Dept Taxation: The Marriage Equality Act PDF 78.14kb, 29 JUL 11

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