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October 2011

StarGillibrand Introduces Legislation to End Adoption Discrimination US (DC) 28 OCT

StarMarried, Same-Sex Parents Now Get the Same Custody Rights as Biological Parents in New York US (NY) 27 OCT

StarGroundbreaking ruling in gay custody case CA (AB) 19 OCT

StarIllinois legislation would let Belleville Diocese continue foster care US (IL) 13 OCT

StarChurch Appeals Same-Sex Adoption Ruling US (IL) 13 OCT

StarMalawi: Homosexuals barred from adopting children MW 12 OCT

StarSupreme Court won't hear same-sex adoptive parents case US (DC) 11 OCT

November 2011

StarIllinois Catholic Charities Drops Gay Adoption Lawsuit US (IL) 16 NOV

StarAfter 33 years, same-sex adoption ban is lifted, allowing gay couple to adopt in Martin County US (FL) 14 NOV

StarCzech homosexuals want civil code to allow their child adoption CZ 14 NOV

StarBaltimore court is a magnet for same-sex parents US (MD) 12 NOV

StarJudge will rule later on gay rights case US (IA) 07 NOV

December 2011

StarFlorida Appeals Court Rules Child Has Two Mothers: Bio Mom and Birth Mom US (FL) 23 DEC

StarJudge Rules in Favor of Gay Couple in Custody Dispute US (NJ) 20 DEC

StarSocial Services board approves revised adoption regulations US (VA) 14 DEC

StarNaming laws begin today AU (SA) 15 DEC

StarJudge authorizes the adoption of two Colombian children by US gay man CO 13 DEC

July 2011

StarNo Custody Rights In Michigan For Same-Sex Partners US (MI) 26 JUL

StarFirst Adoption by Gay Partner of Child's Parent SI 20 JUL

StarOhio Supreme Court Rules Against Lesbian Mom US (OH) 13 JUL

Star'2 dads' case goes to Supreme Court US (LA) 11 JUL

StarCourt bid to allow gay adoption IE 08 JUL

StarOhio Appeals Court Holds That Juvenile Court Lacks Power to Grant Temporary Visitation to Non-Biological Mom PDF 652.99kb, at 144, US (OH) JUL

StarCourt Affirms termination of parental rights to child in foster care PDF 652.99kb, at 153, US (MD) JUL

August 2011

StarCreative Parenting Agreements Still Needed With Same-Sex Marriage US 29 AUG

StarNebraska high court clarifies same-sex custody rights US (NE) 26 AUG

StarInter-American Court of Human Rights hears landmark lesbian custody case CL 25 AUG

StarHouston judge limits rights of gay father US (TX) 22 AUG

StarWhen It Ends US (NY) 18 AUG

StarJudge: Illinois Can Drop Catholic Charities Contracts US (IL) 18 AUG

StarAustralian sperm donor loses fight with lesbian couple AU (NSW) 17 AUG

StarBill Strengthening Rights of Non-Biological Parents Signed into Law US (CA) 07 AUG

StarACLU Sues Catholic Charities Over Rejection
Of Same-Sex Adoptions
US (IL) 04 AUG

StarNY Court Reasons Through Parenting Issues in Dissolution of Vermont Civil Union US (NY) 02 AUG

September 2011

StarParliament turns down gay adoption CH 30 SEP

StarUnequal Equality for Lesbian Mom US (AR) 28 SEP

StarGay couple wins right to amend child's birth record CA (SK) 10 SEP

StarLGBT Legal Advocates Re-Release Guide for Fair Practices in Parenting and Custody Agreements US (MA) 08 SEP

StarPaid paternity leave announced for Dads AU 04 SEP

April 2011

StarEnglish Catholic agency loses appeal on same-sex adoptions UK 26 APR

StarVirginia rejects gay adoptions US (VA) 21 APR

StarAdoption bill is signed into law US (AZ) 19 APR

StarNew laws raise hopes for more adoptions in Isle of Man IM 15 APR

StarGay dads lose Louisiana birth certificate case US (LA) 12 APR

StarArizona Legislature OKs bill on adoption preference US (AZ) 12 APR

StarArkansas Supreme Court Strikes Down Ban On Gay Adoptions US (AR) 07 APR

StarSame-sex custody case aired US (NE) 07 APR

May 2011

StarIllinois Catholic groups stop foster care services over gay parents US (IL) 27 MAY

StarGovernor signs law adding same-sex couples to state’s definition of parents US (WA) 11 MAY

StarCalifornia Sends ‘Three-Parent' Dependency Case Back to Superior Court US (CA) 09 MAY

StarSupreme Court Denies Review In Case Involving San Francisco's Resolution Criticizing Cardinal Levada US (OR) PDF 433.08kb, MAY

StarOregon Court Finds Same-Sex Lesbian Partner to be a Parent US (OR) PDF 433.08kb, MAY

StarMinnesota Appeals Court Upholds Travel Expense Award for Third-Party Visitation PDF 433.08kb, US (MN) MAY

June 2011

StarFirst Czech same-sex couple to foster parent a child CZ 13 JUN

StarSouth Australian parenting win AU (SA) 09 JUN

StarIllinois Dioceses Suspend Adoption Licensing US (IL) 04 JUN

StarWashington Appeals Court Affirms De Facto Parental Status for Foster Mom PDF 463.65kb, US (WA) JUN

January 2011

StarGovt wary of gay couples and surrogacy IN 30 JAN

StarCourt date set for appeal over Arkansas adoption law US (AR) 27 JAN

StarJudge denies divorce to same-sex Nebraska City couple US (NE) 26 JAN

StarMinistry Confirms Changes to Gay Adoption Proposal SI 24 JAN

StarTwins victory for gay Melbourne couple AU (VIC) 22 JAN

StarAppeals Court Hears Gay Adoption Case US (LA) 18 JAN

StarConflict Ensnarls Gender Neutral Forms US 09 JAN

StarPassport Forms Go Gender Neutral US 05 JAN

February 2011

StarCourt upholds foster ban on couple who oppose homosexuality UK 28 FEB

StarCalifornia Surrogacy Decree Protects Both Dads, Texas Finds
US (TX) 22 FEB

StarBaby, stranded in Ukraine, to join Belgian parents BE 21 FEB

StarLesbian mum stopped from moving daughter interstate away from ex-partner AU (QLD) 17 FEB

StarNon-parent in same-sex bond gets visitation rights 17 FEB

StarMaryland to issue birth certificates naming two married moms as parents US (MD) 11 FEB

StarGay Sperm Donor Owes Support US (OH) 02 FEB

March 2011

StarPaternity test UK 18 MAR

StarDelaware Supreme Court confirms lesbian mom is a parent US (DE) 16 MAR

StarSupreme Court Upholds Gay Adoption SI 08 MAR

StarIowa women refile birth certificate lawsuit US (IA) 07 MAR

StarCourt needs more time for gay adoption ruling CO 02 MAR