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December 2011

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Lesbian couple become second-ever pair to 'marry' in Angola News item summary AO 30 DEC

Same-Sex Marriage and International Law in the Ninth Circuit News item summary US (CA) 29 DEC

San Francisco Family Law Firm Outlines How the Domestic Partnership Equality Act Adds to Domestic Partnership Rights News item summary US (CA) 28 DEC

Same-sex spouses lose big on taxes News item summary US 27 DEC

Homosexuality is not a psychiatric disorder: Hong Kong College of Psychiatrists News item summary HK 27 DEC

Lambda Legal and Equality Delaware Issue Civil Union FAQ for Delaware Same-Sex Couples News item summary US (DE) 27 DEC
• FAQ: Delaware Civil Union Law PDF 368.10kb, 23 DEC 11

Complaint about the word gay deemed "frivolous" News item summary NZ 26 DEC
• Decision: Leitch and Television New Zealand Limited – 2011-118 20 DEC 11

Court says no to using religion to discriminate News item summary US (GA) 24 DEC
• Opinion: Jennifer Keeton v. Mary Jane Anderson-Wiley & Ors PDF 60.21kb, 16 DEC 11

City OKs anti-discrimination ordinance News item summary US (ID) 23 DEC

Florida Appeals Court Rules Child Has Two Mothers: Bio Mom and Birth Mom News item summary US (FL) 23 DEC
• Opinion: T.M.H. v. D.M.T. PDF 194.00kb, 23 DEC 11

Homosexuality Banned at Tennessee School News item summary US (TN) 23 DEC

Sex identity ruling against 'common sense' News item summary AU (NSW) 23 DEC
• Administrative Decisions Tribunal NSW: Norrie v Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages 29 NOV 11

D.C. weighs same-sex divorce bill News item summary US (DC) 23 DEC

Maine High Court Upholds Antigay Discrimination Claim Against ExpressJet News item summary US (ME) 22 DEC
• State of Maine Judicial Branch: Edward Russell v. ExpressJet Airlines Inc PDF 132.21kb, 06 DEC 11

No health care for domestic partners under Michigan law signed today by Snyder News item summary US (MI) 22 DEC

Understanding same-sex domestic violence News item summary AU (NSW) 22 DEC

Colombian President Signs Anti-Discrimination Law News item summary CO 20 DEC

Seoul Student Rights Ordinance passes with sexual orientation, gender identity protections News item summary KR 20 DEC

Judge Rules in Favor of Gay Couple in Custody Dispute News item summary US (NJ) 20 DEC

Same-sex partner denied hospital visit News item summary US (TN) 20 DEC
• Human Rights Campaign: Protecting Your Visitation & Decision-Making Rights

Same-sex New York marriages to be recognised in Ireland News item summary IE 19 DEC
• Department of Justice and Equality: Press Release 19 DEC 11

Last year for sex discrimination over insurance as EU order will send women's premiums rocketing News item summary UK 17 DEC

Jamaican Wins ‘Visionary’ LGBT Activist Award News item summary JM 15 DEC

UN Report Calls On Countries to End Anti-LGBT Discrimination News item summary UN 15 DEC
• Human Rights Council: Discriminatory laws and practices and acts of violence against individuals based on their sexual orientation and gender identity PDF 706.19kb, 17 NOV 11

Ohio bill would help protect teens from school bullies News item summary US (OH) 15 DEC
• Ohio Legislature: HB No. 208 PDF 8.22kb

Has the time come for "queer bioethics"? News item summary US 16 DEC

Senate Passes $662 Billion Defense Authorization Bill News item summary US (DC) 15 DEC

French court refuses to recognise transsexual's gay marriage News item summary FR 15 DEC

Same sex couples get healthcare benefits News item summary US (MD) 15 DEC

Naming laws begin today News item summary AU (SA) 15 DEC
• News Release: Advancing transgender equality: a plan for action PDF 79.88kb, 15 DEC 11

Social Services board approves revised adoption regulations News item summary US (VA) 14 DEC

Northern Cyprus to decriminalise gays News item summary CY 14 DEC

West Virginia Moves to Protect LGBT Students News item summary US (WV) 14 DEC
• West Virginia Department of Education: Policy 4373 – Expected Behavior in Safe and Supportive Schools PDF 779.31kb, 09 SEP 11

Judge authorizes the adoption of two Colombian children by US gay man News item summary CO 13 DEC
(in Spanish)

Existing laws 'let third sex get citizenship' News item summary NP 13 DEC

I.R.S. Denied Lesbians Legitimate Adoption Credit News item summary US (DC) 13 DEC

Congress Drops Antigay Provisions in Defense Bill News item summary US (DC) 12 DEC

Nutter Signs Equal Benefits Bill News item summary US (PA) 12 DEC

Vote shows Orlando is growing more gay-friendly News item summary US (FL) 11 DEC

Gay rights initiative likely headed to ballot News item summary US (AK) 09 DEC

Pennsylvania Township Adopts Rights Law; TV Station Gets Prurient News item summary US (PA) 09 DEC

UK Announces Plan to Advance Trans Rights News item summary UK 08 DEC
• Home Office: Advancing transgender equality: a plan for action PDF 260.32kb, 08 DEC 11

Same Difference? News item summary UK 07 DEC

Council approves creation of domestic partner registry News item summary US (AZ) 07 DEC

Michigan Senate bans domestic partner benefits News item summary US (MI) 07 DEC

Trans woman wins in firing case News item summary US (GA) 08 DEC
• US Court of Appeals 11th Circuit: Vandiver E Glenn v. Sewell R Brumby PDF 107.98kb, 06 DEC 11

Hungarian gay rights groups go to European Parliament, Council of Europe over "family defense" bill News item summary HU 06 DEC

Anti-bullying bill becomes law News item summary US (MI) 06 DEC

Victory for Monica & Cristina! Government Closes Deportation Case Against Married Lesbian Couple in New York News item summary US (NY) 06 DEC

Lesbian Settles With Employer After Years of Discrimination News item summary US (OH) 06 DEC

Defence Force sets up lgbt support network News item summary NZ 06 DEC

As church-based civil unions kick in, Church of England says no News item summary UK 06 DEC

Transgender Virginia inmate wants sex change operation News item summary US (VA) 05 DEC

What's a Hate Crime? In Puerto Rico, They Aren't Sure News item summary PR 05 DEC

Labor to lift Certifcates of Non-Impediment ban News item summary AU (NSW) 04 DEC

Mexican State's Loosely Worded Law Allows 2 Gay Couples to Wed News item summary MX 04 DEC

City ordinance takes aim at prejudice, bigotry News item summary US (IN) 03 DEC

Philadelphia council approves bill requiring contracts to offer same-sex benefits for workers News item summary US (PA) 03 DEC

Australian Labor Party backs marriage equality News item summary AU 03 DEC

Judge Rules Texas Transgender Man's Marriage Valid News item summary US (TX) 02 DEC

Expelling bullies a last resort, McGuinty says News item summary CA (ON) 01 DEC

Euro Parliament Calls on Croatia to Adopt National Action Plan for Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Rights News item summary BE 01 DEC

Same sex civil unions passed in Queensland News item summary AU (QLD) 01 DEC

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