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Discrimination, Anti-Retaliation

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October 2011

StarTranssexuals Demand a Place in Postponed Anti-Discrimination Law CL 20 OCT

StarNon-Discrimination in International Law: A Handbook for Practitioners from INTERIGHTS INT 11 OCT

November 2011

StarRussia to re-word 'gay propaganda' law RU 23 NOV

StarSt Petersburg passes “gay propaganda” law RU 21 NOV

StarOklahoma City Council passes controversial sexual orientation measure US (OK) 15 NOV

StarA homophobic bill has been introduced into St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly RU 13 NOV

StarSummit County wins lawsuit against same-sex couple US (CO) 11 NOV

StarChile takes another step forward for equality CL 10 NOV

StarGay couple sues Summit County for discrimination US (CO) 08 NOV

December 2011

StarCourt says no to using religion to discriminate US (GA) 24 DEC

StarCity OKs anti-discrimination ordinance US (ID) 23 DEC

StarHomosexuality Banned at Tennessee School US (TN) 23 DEC

StarMaine High Court Upholds Antigay Discrimination Claim Against ExpressJet US (ME) 22 DEC

StarColombian President Signs Anti-Discrimination Law CO 20 DEC

StarSeoul Student Rights Ordinance passes with sexual orientation, gender identity protections KR 20 DEC

StarUN Report Calls On Countries to End Anti-LGBT Discrimination UN 15 DEC

StarGay rights initiative likely headed to ballot US (AK) 09 DEC

StarPennsylvania Township Adopts Rights Law; TV Station Gets Prurient US (PA) 09 DEC

StarHungarian gay rights groups go to European Parliament, Council of Europe over "family defense" bill HU 06 DEC

StarLesbian Settles With Employer After Years of Discrimination US (OH) 06 DEC

StarCity ordinance takes aim at prejudice, bigotry US (IN) 03 DEC

StarEuro Parliament Calls on Croatia to Adopt National Action Plan for Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Rights BE 01 DEC

July 2011

StarEast Cleveland passes a broad civil rights ordinance US (OH) 29 JUL

StarOlivette passes two gay-rights measures US (MO) 28 JUL

StarItaly Rejects Protection for Gay People IT 27 JUL

StarDenial of Federal Benefits for Same-sex Couple Ruled Unlawful Discrimination US (OR) 25 JUL

StarLithuania reverses course on gay information ban LT 18 JUL

StarCalifornia Governor Signs Gay Education Bill US (CA) 14 JUL

StarCouncil of Europe reports on LGBT discrimination EU 06 JUL

StarConnecticut governor signs transgender protections into law US (CT) 06 JUL

StarCalifornia Legislature Passes Gay Education Bill US (CA) 05 JUL

StarBulgaria's Supreme Court Upholds Gay Rights, Rules against Homophobia BG 04 JUL

August 2011

StarColombian Congress Approves Landmark Social Inclusion Law CO 31 AUG

StarPotential jurors shouldn't be dismissed for being gay, court told US (CA) 05 AUG

September 2011

StarEquality bill is back in Statehouse next week US (OH) 23 SEP

StarSenator Kerry and Representative Nadler Introduce Housing Non-Discrimination Legislation US (DC) 22 SEP

StarWhite House Backs Social Security Admin.'s Pro-Trans Policy US (DC) 16 SEP

StarIllinois Trans Woman Wins Discrimination Suit US (IL) 14 SEP

StarCanadian Lesbian Couple Forced to Fill Out Separate Customs Forms CA (BC) 01 SEP

April 2011

StarHungarian president signs new constitution despite human rights concerns 25 APR

StarHawaii Legislature Passes Transgender Employment Protections US (HI) 19 APR

StarIrish trans woman wins £30,000 for discrimination IE 18 APR

StarHungary Passes New Constitution Amid Concerns HU 18 APR

StarGender Anti-Discrimination Bill Advances In Maryland Senate US (MD) 09 APR

StarUS approves delayed $350 mln grant for Malawi 08 APR

StarNashville Approves Fair Business Bill US (TN) 06 APR

StarLesbian PC wins discrimination case UK 04 APR

StarFair Practices Ordinance: Protections Against Unlawful Discrimination signed into law PDF 446.78kb, US (PA) 04 APR 11

May 2011

StarHaslam reverses Metro's anti-discrimination law US (TN) 24 MAY

StarTennessee Dismantles Discrimination Ordinances US (TN) 20 MAY

StarGay Los Angeles officer awarded more than $1M US (CA) 20 MAY

StarExpert warns of equal rights rollback AU (VIC) 17 MAY

StarTennessee state Senate approves bill to repeal Metro's new anti-discrimination law US (TN) 13 MAY

StarHomophobia and discrimination in the Salvation Army INT 11 MAY

June 2011

StarBethlehem passes anti-discrimination law US (PA) 21 JUN

StarUN rights forum proclaims equal gay rights CH 17 JUN

StarSouth Carolina county passes non-discrimination ordinance US (SC) 08 JUN

StarLegislature Approves a Pair of Controversial Bills US (CT) 04 JUN

StarBaillieu Govt strips rights protections AU (VIC) 02 JUN

StarCalifornia bill requires insurers to comply with state nondiscrimination law US (CA) 01 JUN

January 2011

StarRussia appeals Euro Court's Pride ban ruling FR 31 JAN

Star'Biased' winds of change in Nepal NP 31 JAN

StarUS Court OKs Retaliation Suit US (OR) 28 JAN

StarChristian hoteliers appeal against ban on gay couple UK 25 JAN

StarAndorra changes legislation on gay men giving blood AD 24 JAN

StarAnti-Bias Regs Added to Fed Housing Programs US 20 JAN

StarHotel owners fined for refusing gay couple a room UK 18 JAN

StarGay man wins constructive dismissal case against 'London's oldest gay pub' UK 13 JAN

StarCourt: Refusing same-sex marriage violates constitution CA (SK) 10 JAN

StarTurkish LGBT group shut down by court TR 06 JAN

StarTrans hospital protections go into effect US (NC) 04 JAN

February 2011

StarMontana House Approves Bill To End Missoula's Gay Protections US (MT) 23 FEB

StarAsheville council passes anti-discrimination resolution 5–1 US (NC) 23 FEB

StarMassachusetts Governor Orders Protection for Trans Workers US (MA) 17 FEB

StarDisabled man banned from having sex with male partner UK 08 FEB

StarState Senate passes bill to ban gay discrimination by state government US (VA) 02 FEB

StarAlma Media loses legal battle against Johanna Korhonen FI 01 FEB

March 2011

StarAustrian Constitutional Court rejects gay case AT 29 MAR

StarTransgender rights bill killed by election CA 28 MAR

StarMontana anti-gay bill pulled from floor US (MT) 25 MAR

StarWest Virginia House Blocking Antidiscrimination Bill US (WV) 21 MAR

StarDonors freeze $400 million aid to Malawi: finance minister MW 16 MAR

StarEuro Court rules against Russia in HIV case FR 16 MAR

StarEuropean Court Could Rule Traditional Marriage Benefits Are Discriminatory LU 03 MAR

StarHigh school students have right to wear anti-gay t-shirt US (IL) 03 MAR

StarMozambicans seek constitutional amendment to enshrine gay rights MZ 02 MAR

StarBrazilian government launches homophobia helpline BR 01 MAR

StarNew York Appellate Division Rejects Discrimination Claim in Denial of Benefits to Public Employee's Different-Sex Partner PDF 337.90kb, MAR