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February 2011

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Nov 2009 to Date
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Botswana gays go to court BW 28 FEB

Slovenian government proposes legalization of same-sex marriage SI 28 FEB

Trinidad and Tobago debates same-sex unions TT 28 FEB

Court upholds foster ban on couple who oppose homosexuality UK 28 FEB

India [to] ban[s] gay couples from surrogacy IN 25 FEB

Government Drops Two More DOMA Cases US (DC) 25 FEB

New York Court Rules for Gay Spouse in Inheritance Case US (NY) 25 FEB

Maryland Senate approves same-sex marriage US (MD) 24 FEB

Montana Senators OK Sodomy Law Repeal US (MT) 24 FEB

More separating couples to be spared court battles UK 23 FEB

Montana House Approves Bill To End Missoula's Gay Protections US (MT) 23 FEB

Hawaii governor signs gay civil unions into law US (HI) 23 FEB

Asheville council passes anti-discrimination resolution 5–1 US (NC) 23 FEB

Court rejects lawmakers' brief in divorce case US (WY) 23 FEB

Immigration benefits arrive for same-sex couples …
but only if you're a diplomat
US (DC) 23 FEB

Statement of the Attorney General on Litigation Involving
the Defense of Marriage Act
US (DC) 23 FEB

Letter from the Attorney General to Congress on Litigation Involving
the Defense of Marriage Act
US (DC) 23 FEB

Anti-gay marriage amendment filed in North Carolina Senate US (NC) 22 FEB

House doesn't concur on same-sex marriage bill US (WY) 22 FEB

California Surrogacy Decree Protects Both Dads, Texas Finds
US (TX) 22 FEB

Baby, stranded in Ukraine, to join Belgian parents BE 21 FEB

What's more terrifying than (gay) sex? (Gay) Family SG 21 FEB

Israel Appoints First Gay Judge IL 21 FEB

Same-Sex Couples And The Marriage Penalty US 19 FEB

Date set for civil union signing ceremony US (HI) 18 FEB

Montenegro gets first gay rights NGO ME 18 FEB

Panel shelves proposals to ban same-sex marriage US (NM) 18 FEB

IRS recognizes same-sex couples in three states US 18 FEB

Wyoming Senate Advances Anti-Marriage Equality Bill US (WY) 18 FEB

New Push for LGB and T equality will allow civil partnerships in religious buildings UK 17 FEB

Massachusetts Governor Orders Protection for Trans Workers
US (MA) 17 FEB

Lesbian mum stopped from moving daughter interstate away from ex-partner AU (QLD) 17 FEB

Non-parent in same-sex bond gets visitation rights US (AR) 17 FEB

Senate committee backs gay marriage US (MD) 17 FEB

Hawaii Senate Passes Civil Unions US (HI) 16 FEB

Indiana House Passes Marriage Ban US (IN) 15 FEB

ACLU Launches "Don't Filter Me" Initiative To Stop Unconstitutional Web Filtering Of LGBT Content In Schools US 15 FEB

Just in time for Valentine's Day, a bill to legalize same-sex marriage US (WA) 14 FEB

Colorado state senator introduces same-sex civil unions bill US (CO) 14 FEB

Romanian Govt Opposes Bill Introducing Civil Unions RO 14 FEB

Civil unions in Hawaii head toward final vote US (HI) 14 FEB

São Tomé and Príncipe to legalise gay sex ST 14 FEB

Gay Sperm Donor Owes Support US (OH) 11 FEB

Maryland to issue birth certificates naming two married moms as parents US (MD) 11 FEB

Hawaii Passes Civil Unions US (HI) 11 FEB

The IRS Applies "Income-Splitting" to California's Registered Domestic Partners and Same-Sex Spouses (and Now RDPs in Washington and Nevada, too!) PDF 96.77kb 10 FEB, Amended 28 FEB)

Commons approves transgender protection bill CA 10 FEB

One million Minnesotans now covered by domestic partner registries US (MN) 10 FEB

Same-sex couples should have benefits US (MI) 10 FEB

A second big relationship case in 9th Circuit Monday US (CA) 09 FEB

Hawaii House to Decide Civil Unions US (HI) 09 FEB

Disabled man banned from having sex with male partner UK 08 FEB

Gay-marriage ban clears House panel US (IN) 08 FEB

German court blocks trans sterilization requirement DE 07 FEB

Supreme Court defers hearing on gay rights case to April IN 07 FEB

Supreme Court dismisses plea to hear armed forces on homosexuality IN 07 FEB

Supreme Court to hear on decriminalisation of gay sex tomorrow IN 06 FEB

Caleb Orozco and UNIBAM take gay rights to the courts BZ 04 FEB

County grants first same-sex divorce US (NY) 03 FEB

State Senate passes bill to ban gay discrimination by state government US (VA) 02 FEB

Gay couple seeking surrogate … UK 02 FEB

Gay Sperm Donor Owes Support US (OH) 02 FEB

North Dakota Senate rejects harsher 'hate' assault penalties US (ND) 01 FEB

Alma Media loses legal battle against Johanna Korhonen FI 01 FEB

Iowa House Votes For Marriage Ban US (IA) 01 FEB

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