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January 2011

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Nov 2009 to Date
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Legislation introduced to restrict gay marriage in New Mexico US (NM) 31 JAN

Russia appeals Euro Court's Pride ban ruling FR 31 JAN

Lenihan pledges tax entitlements for gay couples will be backdated IE 31 JAN

Governor Quinn Signs Historic Law to Legalize Civil Unions in Illinois US (IL) 31 JAN

'Biased' winds of change in Nepal NP 31 JAN

Govt wary of gay couples and surrogacy IN 30 JAN

Civil unions bill dies in committee US (WY) 29 JAN

Court won't hold 'Don't ask, don't tell' lawsuit US (CA) 29 JAN

US Court OKs Retaliation Suit US (OR) 28 JAN

Civil Union Bill Passes Full Senate by Vote of 19–6 US (HI) 28 JAN

French Watchdog Upholds Marriage Ban FR 28 JAN

Iowa Dems Block Marriage Repeal US (IA) 28 JAN

Allentown now offers domestic partner benefits US (PA) 27 JAN

Court date set for appeal over Arkansas adoption law US (AR) 27 JAN

Verdict reached in country's first gay hate crime case HR 27 JAN

Ugandan gay activist beaten to death after threats UG 27 JAN

Wyoming Senate OKs proposed gay marriage ban US (WY) 27 JAN

State employees' same-sex partners to get health benefits 26 JAN

Judge denies divorce to same-sex Nebraska City couple US (NE) 26 JAN

Virginia Episcopalians OK same-sex unions US (VA) 26 JAN

Civil Union bill passes through Hawaii Senate Committee US (HI) 26 JAN

Same-sex issue heard in Helena court US (MT) 25 JAN

Wyoming Forwards Another Antigay Bill US (WY) 25 JAN

Christian hoteliers appeal against ban on gay couple UK 25 JAN

Ministry Confirms Changes to Gay Adoption Proposal SI 24 JAN

House passes anti-gay marriage bill US (WY) 24 JAN

Andorra changes legislation on gay men giving blood AD 24 JAN

Illinois Governor to Sign Civil Unions Bill US (IL) 22 JAN

Twins victory for gay Melbourne couple AU (VIC) 22 JAN

Anti-Bias Regs Added to Fed Housing Programs US 20 JAN

Gay Couples Can Sue for Benefits US (CA) 20 JAN

Allentown OKs Domestic-Partner Benefits US (PA) 20 JAN

Surrogacy Law: Connecticut Gives Non-Genetic Parents Legal Rights US (CT) 20 JAN

(Russian) Gay Marriage Suit Filed FR 19 JAN

Hotel owners fined for refusing gay couple a room UK 18 JAN

Court rejects appeal over DC gay marriage law 18 JAN

Appeals Court Hears Gay Adoption Case US (LA) 18 JAN

New Hospital Visitation Rules in Effect US (FED) 18 JAN

Iranian men to be stoned to death over gay sex IR 18 JAN

Same-sex divorce stirs debate US (WY) 14 JAN

DOJ Files DOMA Defense in First Circuit Cases US (MA) 13 JAN

Immigration rules for gay couples haven't been toughened: CIC CA 13 JAN

Macedonia Activists Oppose Anti-Gay Constitution Change MK 13 JAN

Maryland edges towards gay marriage US (MD) 13 JAN

Gay man wins constructive dismissal case against 'London's oldest gay pub' UK 13 JAN

Judge Reverses on Lesbian Name Change US (VA) 13 JAN

Malta Gay Rights pushing for the Gender Identity Bill MT 11 JAN

Cambridge City Council opposes federal tax on same-sex benefits US (MA) 11 JAN

Gay NGO pushes for same-sex marriage RS 11 JAN

Teenage Iranian faces execution over withdrawn sodomy 'confession' IR 11 JAN

Married Mexican gay couples granted spousal health coverage MX 10 JAN

Malaysian transsexual to appeal court decision MY 10 JAN

Refusing same-sex marriage violates constitution CA (SK) 10 JAN

Conflict Ensnarls Gender Neutral Forms US 09 JAN

Constitutional Court: Lesbian relations are legal from age 14 and gays from 18 CL 08 JAN

Travis County gay divorce stands under appellate ruling US (TX) 07 JAN

Rhode Island eyeing gay marriage legislation US (RI) 06 JAN

Is Gay Divorce Coming Soon to New Mexico? US (NM) 06 JAN

Canada toughens gay marriage immigration checks CA 06 JAN

Turkish LGBT group shut down by court TR 06 JAN

Gov. Christie Signs Antibullying Bill US (NJ) 06 JAN

Gay Teen: Stop Bullying or Iíll Sue US (AZ) 06 JAN

Brazil OKs in vitro fertilization for gay couples BR 06 JAN

Passport Forms Go Gender Neutral US 05 JAN

French government accused of transgender hypocrisy FR 05 JAN

Trans hospital protections go into effect US (NC) 04 JAN

9th Circuit Wants Help With Prop. 8 US (CA) 04 JAN

Chilean court to rule on same-sex marriage CL 04 JAN

Mistake in El Paso Antigay Law US (TX) 03 JAN

Uganda Court Bans Outings by Media UG 03 JAN

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