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July 2011

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East Cleveland passes a broad civil rights ordinance MagGlass US (OH) 29 JUL

New guide covers living as an out gay man in a post-DADT world MagGlass US (DC) 29 JUL
• SLDN: Freedom to Serve 2011 Edition PDF 1.48MB, 28 JUL 11

Olivette passes two gay-rights measures MagGlass US (MO) 28 JUL

California gay marriage ban case to be heard Sept. 6 MagGlass US (CA) 28 JUL

County Board approves health benefits for domestic partners MagGlass US (WI) 28 JUL

Italy Rejects Protection for Gay People MagGlass IT 27 JUL

Colombian court says Congress must decide on gay marriage MagGlass CO 27 JUL

India's first married lesbians get 24-hour protection MagGlass IN 27 JUL

New York challenges Defense of Marriage Act MagGlass US (NY) 26 JUL

Taiwan denies gay foreign diplomats immunity for their spouses MagGlass TW 26 JUL

Labor Report Documents Domestic-Partner Benefits MagGlass US (DC) 26 JUL
• Bureau of Labor Statistics: Employee Benefits in the United States – March 2011

No Custody Rights In Michigan For Same-Sex Partners MagGlass US (MI) 26 JUL
Order: Application for Leave to Appeal PDF 46.54kb, 22 JUL 11

International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association finally wins UN accreditation MagGlass CH 26 JUL

Denial of Federal Benefits for Same-sex Couple Ruled Unlawful Discrimination MagGlass US (OR) 25 JUL

World's newest country will criminalise gays MagGlass SS 25 JUL

Same-sex couple fears for life MagGlass IN 24 JUL

Still Defamatory After All These Years MagGlass US (NY) 22 JUL

Nation's Fourth-Largest School District Adds Gender Identity Protections MagGlass US (FL) 22 JUL

Obama Ends 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Policy MagGlass US (DC) 22 JUL

First gay federal judge gets appointed MagGlassUS (DC) 21 JUL

First Adoption by Gay Partner of Child's Parent MagGlass SI 20 JUL

Illinois to Issue New Birth Certificates to Litigants MagGlass US (IL) 19 JUL

Bolivian department (state) considers marriage equality MagGlass BO 19 JUL

Minister orders arrest of all homosexuals MagGlassGH 19 JUL

Envoy to take same-sex partner abroad MagGlass IL 18 JUL

Lithuania reverses course on gay information ban MagGlass LT 18 JUL

Lutheran convention votes to allow gay ministers, blessing of same-sex marriages MagGlass CA (SK) 17 JUL

Court Continues to Block DADT Discharges MagGlass US (CA) 16 JUL

Complications for Transgender Recognition in Ireland MagGlass IE 15 JUL
GRAG Report to Joan Burton, T.D. PDF 354.17kb, 15 JUN 11

California Governor Signs Gay Education Bill MagGlass US (CA) 14 JUL

Ohio Supreme Court Rules Against Lesbian Mom MagGlass US (OH) 13 JUL

Jersey States approves civil partnerships MagGlass JE 12 JUL

'2 dads' case goes to Supreme Court MagGlass US (LA) 11 JUL
Petititon for Write of Certiorari PDF 203.14kb, 11 JUL 11

Court Asks What Obama's Next Move Is on DADT MagGlass US (CA) 11 JUL

Chile Considers Same-Sex Civil Unions MagGlass CL 11 JUL

Gay couples win Hong Kong visa concession MagGlass HK 10 JUL

Ban Against Gay Clergy Officially Lifted in Presbyterian Church MagGlass US (MN) 10 JUL

Court bid to allow gay adoption MagGlass IE 08 JUL

Feds Concede DOMA Fight in Bankruptcy Court MagGlass US (CA) 07 JUL
Notice of Motion and Motion to Dismiss PDF 47.95kb, 07 JUL 11

DOJ's Brief “Reads Like A Gay Rights Manifesto” MagGlass US (CA) 07 JUL
Defendants' Brief in Opposition to Motions to Dismiss PDF 1.09MB, 01 JUL 11

Italian court says sterilisation is not mandatory for gender reassignment MagGlass IT 06 JUL

Council of Europe reports on LGBT discrimination MagGlass EU 06 JUL
Report PDF 530kb, 11 MAY 11

Immigration judges grant Jamaican lesbian UK residency MagGlass UK 06 JUL

Connecticut governor signs transgender protections into law MagGlass US (CT) 06 JUL

No More Court Block to Gay Service in Military MagGlass US (CA) 06 JUL

California Legislature Passes Gay Education Bill MagGlass US (CA) 05 JUL

Church of England bans partnered gay priests from being bishops MagGlass UK 05 JUL

"Interest of Justice" Leads Immigration Judge To Reopen Case, Ask About "Same-Sex Spouses" and Visas MagGlass US (MD) 05 JUL

Bulgaria's Supreme Court Upholds Gay Rights, Rules against Homophobia MagGlass BG 04 JUL

'Third gender' a 'glorious miracle': Samoan PM MagGlass WS 04 JUL

Rhode Island governor signs gay civil union law despite doubts MagGlass US (RI) 02 JUL

California Appeals Court Rejects Argument That Mother's Failure to Protect Gay Teen From Abusive Father Could Subject Mother to Liability for "Physical Harm" to Her Son MagGlass PDF 652.99kb, US (CA) JUL

New Jersey Appellate Division Rejects Fraud & Bad Faith Claims by Surviving Domestic Partner MagGlass PDF 652.99kb, US (NJ) JUL

Ohio Appeals Court Holds That Juvenile Court Lacks Power to Grant Temporary Visitation to Non-Biological Mom MagGlass PDF 652.99kb, US (OH) JUL

Statutory Rape Conviction of Twelve Year Old Boy For Having Sex With Male Peer Overturned by Ohio Supreme Court MagGlass PDF 652.99kb, US (OH) JUL

New York Upstate Appeals Court Finds Public Schools Are Subject to Human Rights Law MagGlass PDF 652.99kb, US (NY) JUL

Bankruptcy judge rejects motion to dismiss joint petition MagGlass PDF 652.99kb, US (CA) JUL

Court Affirms termination of parental rights to child in foster care MagGlass PDF 652.99kb, US (MD) JUL
• Opinion: In Re: Adoption/Guardianship of Cross H. PDF 32.38kb, 31 JUL 11

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