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June 2011

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Nov 2009 to Date
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DOJ appeals bankruptcy ruling striking down federal same-sex marriage ban MagGlass US (CA) 30 JUN

US Drops Deportation Proceedings Against Immigrant in Same-Sex Marriage MagGlass US (DC) 29 JUN

Rhode Island Senate Passes Contentious Civil Unions Bill MagGlass US (RI) 29 JUN

Judge grants Brazil's first gay marriage MagGlass BR 29 JUN

Supreme Court rules in favour of pension benefits for same-sex couples MagGlass AR 28 JUN

Israel refuses citizenship for gay man married to Jewish immigrant MagGlass IL 28 JUN

US organisation Lambda Legal sues Oregon state over trans operation MagGlass US (OR) 27 JUN

Prop. 8 Supporters Appeal Ruling on Walker MagGlass US (CA) 27 JUN
Notice of Appeal PDF 384.66kb, 23 JUN 11

New York moves to become 6th state to legalize gay marriage MagGlass US (NY) 25 JUN

Judge rules that same-sex spouse can invoke spousal privilege MagGlass US (MD) 23 JUN

Lesbian couple become first to wed in Nepal MagGlass NP 23 JUN

Bethlehem passes anti-discrimination law MagGlass US (PA) 21 JUN

Criminalizing Homosexuality Risks World Health, Report Finds MagGlass CH 21 JUN
WHO Guidelines PDF 744.67kb, 15 JUN 11

Judge Upholds Wisconsin Domestic Partnership Law MagGlass US (WI) 20 JUN

Appeals court says gay panic is not self defense MagGlass US (MI) 20 JUN

Liechtenstein voters overwhelmingly back gay partnership law challenged by religious groups MagGlass LI 20 JUN

Governor Perry signs anti-bullying bill MagGlass US (TX) 18 JUN

UN rights forum proclaims equal gay rights MagGlass CH 17 JUN
UN Resolution A/HRC/17/L.9/Rev.1 PDF 32.86kb, 15 JUN 11
UN HRC Press Release Word 15 JUN 11

Same-Sex Divorce Considered In Maryland Courts MagGlass US (MD) 17 JUN

National Assembly Adopts New Family Law Bill MagGlass SI 17 JUN

Italian Court divorces same-sex couple MagGlass IT 17 JUN

New York Assembly Passes Marriage Equality Bill MagGlass US (NY) 15 JUN

Samoa may decriminalise same-sex relations between men MagGlass WS 14 JUN

French parliament rejects gay marriage bill MagGlass FR 14 JUN

El Paso restores gay and unwed couples' benefits MagGlass US (TX) 14 JUN

A California Bankruptcy Court Rejects U.S. Law Barring Same-Sex Marriage MagGlass US (CA) 14 JUN

Gay judge's same-sex marriage ruling upheld MagGlass US (CA) 14 JUN
Order Denying Defendant Intervenors' Motion to Vacate Judgment

First Czech same-sex couple to foster parent a child MagGlass CZ 13 JUN

Obama extends protections to gay couples under Medicaid MagGlass US(DC) 10 JUN

New law threatens Nepal as gay rights haven MagGlass NP 10 JUN

South Australian parenting win MagGlass AU (SA) 09 JUN

Portland passes trans-inclusive health care benefits bill MagGlass US (OR) 09 JUN

Lesbian Divorce Granted on Long Island MagGlass US (NY) 08 JUN

Hormone Treatment Ordered for Trans Detainee MagGlass US (MA) 08 JUN

What a Repeal of the Gay Marriage Ban Means MagGlass US 08 JUN

South Carolina county passes non-discrimination ordinance MagGlass US (SC) 08 JUN

Cambridge to offset federal gay marriage tax for city employees MagGlass US (MA) 08 JUN

Episcopal bishop approves same-sex blessings MagGlass US (CA) 08 JUN

France's First Gay Marriage MagGlass FR 06 JUN

Jersey housing regulation change for civil partners MagGlass JE 06 JUN

Wyoming Supreme Court: State can grant same-sex couple a divorce MagGlassUS (WY) 06 JUN

Bill Would End Taxing Benefits for Domestic Partners MagGlass US (DC) 04 JUN

Illinois Dioceses Suspend Adoption Licensing MagGlass US (IL) 04 JUN

Legislature Approves a Pair of Controversial Bills MagGlass US (CT) 04 JUN

Rhode Island group sees flaw in civil union bill MagGlass US (RI) 03 JUN

Troy City Council passes same sex marriage resolution MagGlass US (NY) 03 JUN

Jersey may get civil partnerships law MagGlassJE 03 JUN

Baillieu Govt strips rights protections MagGlass AU (VIC) 02 JUN

California bill requires insurers to comply with … nondiscrimination law MagGlass US (CA) 01 JUN

Statute revision could affect LGBT name changes MagGlass US (NC) 01 JUN

Washington Appeals Court Affirms De Facto Parental Status for Foster Mom MagGlass PDF 463.65kb, US (WA) JUN

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