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March 2011

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Connecticut Transgender Protections Bill on Hold US (CT) 31 MAR

Punishing homosexual soldiers constitutional KR 31 MAR

Going gay around the world FR 30 MAR

EEOC Obtains $451,000 Jury Verdict Against Boh Brothers Construction Co. For Male-On-male Sexual Harassment US (LA) 29 MAR

Delaware Senate panel clears bill providing legal recognition to same-sex civil unions US (DE) 20 MAR

Washington to Recognize Out-of-State Gay Marriages US (WA) 30 MAR

Austrian Constitutional Court rejects gay case AT 29 MAR

Maltese trans man wins right to be recognised as male MT 29 MAR

Indiana Senate approves Constitutional gay marriage ban US (IN) 29 MAR

Transgender rights bill killed by election CA 28 MAR

Senate Says No to Civil Unions US (IN) 28 MAR

A Practical Guide to Protecting Your Identity and Security Online and When Using Mobile Phones INTNL 26 MAR

Gender Identity Bill Passes Maryland House US (MD) 26 MAR

Montana anti-gay bill pulled from floor US (MT) 25 MAR

Court rules on cohabitation relationships ZA 25 MAR

Over 80 countries sign UN statement condemning rights violations against LGBTIs UN 24 MAR

Colorado Senate passes civil unions bill US (CO) 24 MAR

Indiana Senate Panel Approves Marriage Ban US (IN) 23 MAR

Stay on California Gay Marriages Remains US (CA) 23 MAR

Judge overturns ban on homophobic church ad IE 22 MAR

New York Couple Spared Deportation US (NY) 22 MAR

TLDEF Files Lawsuit Against New York City Over Refusal to Correct Transgender Birth Certificates US (NY) 22 MAR

Delaware lawmakers introduce bill legally recognizing same-sex civil unions US (DE) 22 MAR

Liechtenstein parliament approves same-sex partner recognition LI 21 MAR

Singapore High Court dismisses appeal seeking constitutional challenge against Section 377A SG 21 MAR

West Virginia House Blocking Antidiscrimination Bill US (WV) 21 MAR

Thai Army Changes Terms for Trans Men TH 21 MAR

Attorneys file final brief asking appeals court to lift stay on Prop 8 ruling US (CA) 19 MAR

US House committee approves measure for aid cut to anti-gay countries US (DC) 18 MAR

Paternity test UK 18 MAR

House Republicans stop repeal of death penalty, decide to keep antiquated anti-gay law US (MT) 18 MAR

Committee Confirms Article of Bill Proposal that Precludes Gay Marriage SI 18 MAR

Scottish government advised to legalise gay marriage UK 17 MAR

Donors freeze $400 million aid to Malawi: finance minister MW 16 MAR

Delaware Supreme Court confirms lesbian mom is a parent US (DE) 16 MAR

Euro Court rules against Russia in HIV case FR 16 MAR

Judge grants lesbian marriage name change US (ND) 15 MAR

The incredibly boring case for federally recognized same-sex marriage US (MA) 15 MAR

Civil Partnership Bill Given Royal Assent IM 15 MAR

DOMA Repeal Bill Introduced Wednesday US (DC) 14 MAR

Insurance Bill for LGBTs Introduced US (DC) 11 MAR

Same-Sex Domestic Partners [to be] Added To Federal Employees' Annuitant List US (DC) 11 MAR

UK Government denies appeal rights to refused gay asylum seekers from Jamaica, Nigeria and Ghana UK 11 MAR

Civil unions measure clears second Senate committee US (CO) 10 MAR

Michigan Senate knocks down same-sex benefits US (MI) 10 MAR

Cambridge city councilors demand solution to same-sex marriage benefits taxes US (MA) 09 MAR

Judge keeps gay marriage ban in Minnesota US (MN) 09 MAR

Maryland gay marriage debate leads to rejection of amendments US (MD) 09 MAR

Colorado Advances Civil Unions Bill US (CO) 08 MAR

New York City Adopts New Policy for Trans Marriages US (NY) 08 MAR

Iowa women refile birth certificate lawsuit US (IA) 07 MAR

New guidelines state rights for transgender prisoners UK 07 MAR

Washington bill recognizes out-of-state same-sex marriages US (WA) 05 MAR

Maryland House committee approves same-sex marriage US (MD) 04 MAR

European Court Could Rule Traditional Marriage Benefits Are Discriminatory LU 03 MAR

Wyoming Senate Kills Antigay Bill US (WY) 03 MAR

High school students have right to wear anti-gay t-shirt US (IL) 03 MAR

Gillard faces revolt on gay unions AU (FED) 03 MAR

Church acquits gay minister who married partner US (MN) 02 MAR

Mozambicans seek constitutional amendment to enshrine gay rights MZ 02 MAR

Court needs more time for gay adoption ruling CO 02 MAR

Court: No Expedited Prop. 8 Hearing US (CA) 01 MAR

Wyoming lawmakers reach compromise on anti-gay marriage bill US (WY) 01 MAR

Brazilian government launches homophobia helpline BR 01 MAR

Attorney General Asks Court to Allow Same Sex Marriages to Resume US (CA) 01 MAR

Beat the State from the Grave FR MAR 11

Administrative Supreme Court Ends Transsexuals' Forced Outing AT MAR

New York Appellate Division Rejects Discrimination Claim in Denial of Benefits to Public Employee's Different-Sex Partner PDF 337.90kb, MAR

Correction: Iowa Wed Same Sex Couples Protected Under Illinois Law US (IL) MAR

Illinois Same Sex Couples Wed in Iowa Should File for Civil Union US (IL) MAR

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