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May 2011

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Texas judge voids transgender widow's marriage MagGlass US (TX) 31 MAY

Rabbis for gay marriage MagGlass AU 31 MAY

Survey: Gays Gaining Global Acceptance MagGlass INT 30 MAY

Local members of United Methodist Church vote to allow same-sex unions MagGlass US (DC), (VA) 28 MAY

History of same-sex marriage rulings in Texas MagGlass US (TX) 28 MAY

Chile President Sebastian Piñera To Send Congress Gay Unions Bill MagGlass CL 28 MAY

Anglican Church approves same-sex blessings MagGlass CA (NS), (PE) 28 MAY

Supreme Court rules in advance-consent-to-sex case MagGlass CA 27 MAY
Judgment: R. v. J.A. PDF 172.20kb, 27 MAY 11

Illinois Catholic groups stop foster care services over gay parents MagGlass US (IL) 27 MAY

Judge Decides Transgender Widow's Marriage Was Illegal MagGlass US (TX) 26 MAY

Easton Approves Benefits for Same Sex Partners MagGlass US (PA) 25 MAY

Nevada Governor Signs Pro-Trans Law MagGlass US (NV) 24 MAY

Justice Chancellor Calls for Same-Sex Partnership Law MagGlass EE 25 MAY

Court Rejects Same-Sex Marriage In Costa Rica MagGlass CR 25 MAY

Governor Dayton symbolically vetoes same-sex marriage ballot question MagGlass US (MN) 25 MAY

Reaction From Those Losing City Benefits Through Ordinance MagGlass US (TX) 24 MAY

Transsexual’s marriage case to be taken to ECHR MagGlass MT 24 MAY

Insurance coverage for same-sex couples MagGlass US (RI) 24 MAY

Court: Gay survivor's partner entitled to benefits MagGlass IL 24 MAY

Haslam reverses Metro's anti-discrimination law MagGlass US (TN) 24 MAY

Church of Scotland ends moratorium on gay ministers MagGlass UK 23 MAY

House sends same-sex marriage ban to 2012 ballot MagGlass US (MN) 22 MAY

Tennessee Dismantles Discrimination Ordinances MagGlass US (TN) 20 MAY

Gay Los Angeles officer awarded more than $1M MagGlass US (CA) 20 MAY

Widow's death benefit battle back in court MagGlass US (TX) 20 MAY

House Passes Controversial Civil Unions Bill MagGlassUS (RI) 19 MAY

California's transgender protection bill makes progress MagGlass PK 19 MAY
US (CA) 19 MAY

Gay couple: 'Civil union not evidence of marriage' MagGlass PK 19 MAY

Civil Unions Bill Clears R.I. House Panel MagGlass US (RI) 18 MAY

Nevada Trans Protections Head to Governor MagGlass US (NV) 17 MAY

Tribunal upholds gender certificate decision MagGlass AU (NSW) 17 MAY

Expert warns of equal rights rollback MagGlass AU (VIC) 17 MAY

Poland’s left introduces bill on same-sex partnerships MagGlass PL 17 MAY

Gay Couple In Virginia Wins Hyphenated Last Name Case MagGlass US (VA) 16 MAY

Lesbian army captain loses employment tribunal case MagGlass UK 16 MAY

Wisconsin Governor Walker tells judge he wants to stop defending domestic partner registry law in court MagGlass US (WI) 16 MAY

Tennessee state Senate approves bill to repeal Metro's new anti-discrimination law MagGlass US (TN) 13 MAY

Civil unions bill now signed into law MagGlass US (DE) 12 MAY

Homophobia and discrimination in the Salvation Army MagGlass INT 11 MAY

Governor signs law adding same-sex couples to state's definition of parents MagGlass US (WA) 11 MAY

Minnesota Senate approves gay marriage ban referendum MagGlass US (MN) 11 MAY

Same-sex weddings on Navy bases under review MagGlass US (DC) 11 MAY

Presbyterians Approve Gay Clergy Mag Glass US (MN) 10 MAY

University City to Recognize Same-Sex Relationships Mag Glass US (MO) 10 MAY

European Court of Justice Rules for Equal Rights of Same-Sex Partners in Germany Mag Glass EU/DE 10 MAY

Gay marriage bill introduced in NY State Assembly MagGlass US (NY) 10 MAY

California Senate passes bill to boost equal benefits law for LGBT workers MagGlass 09 MAY

California Sends ‘Three-Parent' Dependency Case Back to Superior Court MagGlass US (CA) 09 MAY

Delaware Governor Jack Markell to sign Civil Unions law … MagGlass US (DE) 08 MAY

Judge gives immigrant in same-sex marriage a reprieve MagGlass US (NJ) 07 MAY

Suit aims to halt same-sex benefits MagGlass US (MI) 07 MAY

Hawaii Governor signs transgender workplace protections bill into law MagGlass US (HI) 06 MAY

Court again snubs lawmakers in same-sex divorce MagGlass US (WY) 06 MAY

Brazil Approves Civil Unions MagGlass BR 05 MAY

Holder issues surprise order to stop deportation MagGlass US (DC) 05 MAY

York, Lancaster both offer domestic partner benefits MagGlass US (PA) 05 MAY

Navy Jumps Ship on DOMA MagGlass US (DC) 04 MAY

Rhode Island Civil Unions Bill Introduced MagGlass US (RI) 04 MAY

Liechtenstein to hold voter referendum on partnership law MagGlass LI 02 MAY

Supreme Court Denies Review In Case Involving San Francisco's Resolution Criticizing Cardinal Levada US (CA) PDF 433.08kb, MAY

Oregon Court Finds Same-Sex Lesbian Partner to be a Parent MagGlass PDF 433.08kb, US (OR) MAY

Minnesota Appeals Court Upholds Travel Expense Award for Third-Party Visitation MagGlass PDF 433.08kb, US (MN) MAY

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