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StarSenate Passes $662 Billion Defense Authorization Bill US (DC) 15 DEC

StarCongress Drops Antigay Provisions in Defense Bill US (DC) 12 DEC

StarDefence Force sets up lgbt support network NZ 06 DEC

StarSenate lets chaplains opt out of gay weddings US (DC) 30 NOV

StarSLDN Files Motion for Summary Judgment In DOMA Legal Challenge US (DC) 21 NOV

StarU.S. court ends legal challenge to 'don't ask' law US (CA) 10 NOV

StarDepartment Reminds Troops of Member-designated Benefits US (DC) 28 OCT

StarSLDN Files Landmark Litigation on Behalf of Married Gay and Lesbian Service Members, Veterans US (DC) 27 OCT

StarUS military chaplains can officiate at gay weddings US (DC) 30 SEP

StarJudges Nullify Earlier DADT Ruling US (CA) 29 SEP

StarThai transgender conscripts no longer "insane" TH 02 SEP

StarGay Israeli Soldiers Report Regular Abuse IL 16 AUG

StarNew guide covers living as an out gay man in a post-DADT world US (DC) 29 JUL

StarObama Ends 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Policy US (DC) 22 JUL

StarCourt Continues to Block DADT Discharges 16 JUL

StarCourt Asks What Obama's Next Move Is on DADT US (CA) 11 JUL

StarNo More Court Block to Gay Service in Military US (CA) 06 JUL

StarLesbian army captain loses employment tribunal case UK 16 MAY

StarSame-sex weddings on Navy bases under review US (DC) 11 MAY

StarNavy Jumps Ship on DOMA US (DC) 04 MAY

StarPunishing homosexual soldiers constitutional KR 31 MAR

StarThai Army Changes Terms for Trans Men TH 21 MAR

StarSupreme Court dismisses plea to hear armed forces on homosexuality IN 07 FEB

StarCourt won't hold 'Don't ask, don't tell' lawsuit US (CA) 29 JAN

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