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November 2011

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Senate lets chaplains opt out of gay weddings News item summaryUS (DC) 30 NOV

Ex-Soviet state to recognise gay couples News item summary EE 30 NOV

Nigeria's Senate passes controversial anti-gay bill News item summary NG 29 NOV

Gays and lesbians in Illinois civil unions will be able to file joint tax returns News item summary US (IL) 28 NOV

Death of marriage the path to equality News item summary AU 28 NOV

Transsexual seeks Hong Kong court ruling for right to marry News item summary HK 26 NOV

Cameroon jails men over gay sex News item summary CM 24 NOV

Homosexual couples fight for right to surrogate pregnancy News item summary IL 24 NOV

Russia to re-word 'gay propaganda' law News item summary RU 23 NOV
• OnLine Petition:

Immigration to allow partners with HIV into New Zealand News item summary NZ 22 NOV

Zanu PF rocked by gay rights storm News item summary ZW 22 NOV

SLDN Files Motion for Summary Judgment In DOMA Legal Challenge News item summary US (DC) 21 NOV
• SLDN: Plaintiffs' Motion for Summary Judgment PDF 39.69MB, 21 NOV 11

Civil unions get thumbs up News item summary AU (QLD) 22 NOV
• Parliamentary Committees: Civil Partnerships Bill 2011 PDF 486.68kb, 21 NOV 11

St Petersburg passes “gay propaganda” law News item summary RU 21 NOV

Colombia Considers Four Bills On Gay Marriage, Civil Unions News item summary CO 20 NOV

Speak Now: Australian Perspectives of Same-sex Marriage News item summary AU 20 NOV

Same-sex unions on PN agenda News item summary MT 19 NOV

Senate bill would extend federal benefits to domestic partners News item summary US (DC) 18 NOV

Propostion 8 supporters have standing to defend the initiative US (CA) 18 NOV
• Opinion: Kristin M Perry et al v. Edmund G Brown et al PDF 342.30kb, 17 NOV 11

Illinois Catholic Charities Drops Gay Adoption Lawsuit News item summary US (IL) 16 NOV

Victory in Massachusetts: Trans Rights Bill on Way to Governor News item summary US (MA) 16 NOV

Pakistan eunuchs in India poll steps News item summary PK 15 NOV

Oklahoma City Council passes controversial sexual orientation measure News item summary US (OK) 15 NOV

Texas Transgender Widow Appeals Benefits Decision News item summary US (TX) 15 NOV

Michigan Bullying Bill to Drop Religious Exemption News item summary US (MI) 15 NOV

After 33 years, same-sex adoption ban is lifted, allowing gay couple to adopt in Martin County News item summary US (FL) 14 NOV

ACLU Asks Montana Supreme Court to Grant Legal Protection to Same Sex Couples News item summary US (MT) 14 NOV
• Appellants' Opening Brief: Jan Donaldson and Mary Anne Guggenheim v. State of Montana PDF2.18MB, 14 NOV 11

Brazil grants a foreigner permanent residency based on same-sex-marriage News item summary BR 15 NOV

Borough same-sex registry growing News item summary US (PA) 14 NOV

Gillard Backs Conscience Vote for Gay Marriage News item summary AU (FED) 14 NOV

Czech homosexuals want civil code to allow their child adoption News item summary CZ 14 NOV

A homophobic bill has been introduced into St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly News item summary RU 13 NOV

Baltimore court is a magnet for same-sex parents News item summary US (MD) 12 NOV

Breakthrough on Transgender Rights in … Kyrgyzstan News item summary KG 11 NOV

Summit County wins lawsuit against same-sex couple News item summary US (CO) 11 NOV

Chile takes another step forward for equality News item summary CL 10 NOV

State House passes anti-bullying bill without controversial language News item summary US (MI) 10 NOV

DOMA Repeal Takes a Step Forward in the Senate News item summary US (DC) 10 NOV

US court ends legal challenge to 'don't ask' law News item summary US (CA) 10 NOV

Florida county passes equal benefits ordinance inclusive of same-sex partners News item summary US (FL) 09 NOV

SC defers hearing on decriminalisation of gay sex News item summary IN 08 NOV

LGBT equality groups urge Ninth Circuit to reject attack on Proposition 8 trial judge News item summary US (CA) 08 NOV
• Amici Curiae brief: Kristin M Perry et al v. Edmund G Brown et al PDF95.27kb, 08 NOV 11

Gay couple sues Summit County for discrimination News item summary US (CO) 08 NOV

Judge will rule later on gay rights case News item summary US (IA) 07 NOV

Federal taxation of healthcare benefits for same-sex couples: current status and ongoing developments News item summary US 04 NOV

Michigan's 'Matt's Safe School Law' Allows Bullying With Religious, Moral Reason News item summary US (MI) 04 NOV

IRS Formally Agrees with Historic Court Ruling for Transgender Taxpayers News item summary US (DC) 03 NOV
• IRS: Action on Decision PDF15.42kb, 21 NOV 11

The new de facto laws in practice News item summary AU (SA) 05 NOV

IACHR Creates Unit on the Rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Intersex Persons News item summary US (DC) 03 NOV

Chile court rejects gay marriage appeal News item summary CL 04 NOV
• Opinion: Padilla Echeverry Peralta Wetzel, César Antonio, and others with Stewart Smith, Jane PDF497.63kb, 03 NOV 11

New Jersey judge says lawsuit to recognize gay marriage can go on News item summary US (NJ) 04 NOV
• Complaint: Garden State Equality & Ors v. Paula Dow & Ors PDF2.24MB, 29 JUL 11

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