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October 2011

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Chile's constitutional court rejects gay marriage in 9–1 vote MagGlass CL 30 OCT

Department Reminds Troops of Member-designated Benefits MagGlass US (DC) 28 OCT

Traditional Same-Sex Marriage Approved by Kenyan Court MagGlass KE 28 OCT
• Judgment: Monica Jesang Katam v Jackson Chepkwony & another [2011] eKLR PDF152.17kb, 17 JUN 11

Gillibrand Introduces Legislation to End Adoption Discrimination MagGlass US (DC) 28 OCT

SLDN Files Landmark Litigation on Behalf of Married Gay and Lesbian Service Members, Veterans MagGlass US (DC) 27 OCT
• Complaint: Major Shannon L McLaughlin & Others v. Leon E Panetta & Others PDF 209.79kb, 27 OCT 11

Microsoft and Yahoo Equalize Health Benefits for Gay Employees MagGlass US 27 OCT

Married, Same-Sex Parents Now Get the Same Custody Rights as Biological Parents in New York MagGlass US (NY) 27 OCT

Historic vote extends EU asylum standards to transgender people MagGlass EU 27 OCT

Man jailed over HIV sex MagGlassAU (TAS) 26 OCT

New Reports of Anti-Gay Crackdown in Kurdistan MagGlass IQ 26 OCT

New Tunisian Government Promises 'Dignity' For Gays MagGlass TN 26 OCT

Uganda Parliament Votes to Continue Anti-Homosexual Bill MagGlass UG 26 OCT

Brazil high court allows gay marriage MagGlass BR 26 OCT

Sexuality and Gender Law Clinic Secures Asylum for Gay Mauritanian Refugee MagGlass US (NY) 25 OCT

Queensland Civil [Partnerships Bill] passes first reading MagGlass AU (QLD) 25 OCT
• Bill: Civil Partnerships Bill 2011 PDF440.9kb, 25 OCT 11

Death Shows up Queensland Government Inaction MagGlass AU (QLD) 24 OCT

Denmark to allow gay marriage next year, minister says MagGlass DK 23 OCT

Yarmouth man's homelessness fear due to lack of Will MagGlass UK 21 OCT

Transsexuals Demand a Place in Postponed Anti-Discrimination Law MagGlass CL 20 OCT

Reject Homophobic Law MagGlass UA 16 OCT

Same-sex relationships: Pre and post-marital/RDP agreements MagGlass US (CA) 20 OCT

Groundbreaking ruling in gay custody case MagGlass CA (AB) 19 OCT
Judgment: D.W.H. v. D.J.R. PDF240.11kb,12 OCT 11

Pakistan Court To Rule on Trans Inheritance Rights MagGlass PK 13 OCT

Illinois legislation would let Belleville Diocese continue foster care MagGlass US (IL) 13 OCT
• Bill: SB2495: An Act concerning civil law.

Conjugal Visits For Gay Couples Legalized In Costa Rica MagGlass CR 13 OCT

Church Appeals Same-Sex Adoption Ruling MagGlass US (IL) 13 OCT

Another Challenge to Married Man's Will Nixed MagGlass US (NY) 12 OCT
• Decision: In the Matter of the Application of Ronald J Ranftle PDF285.82kb, 14 SEP 11

Malawi: Homosexuals barred from adopting children MagGlass MW 12 OCT

Challenged definition of family has sent tremors throughout the conservative landscape MagGlass LT 12 OCT

Gay Divorce: SB651 Opens California Divorce Courts To Non-Residents MagGlass US (CA) 12 OCT
• Legislation: SB 651: An act to amend … the Family Code, relating to family law

National gathering of Argentinean attorneys rejects homosexual 'marriage' as unconstitutional MagGlass AR 12 OCT

Non-Discrimination in International Law: A Handbook for Practitioners from INTERIGHTS MagGlass INT 11 OCT
• Interights: Download Handbook 4.38MB

California Transgender Bills Signed Into Law By Governor Jerry Brown MagGlass US (CA) 11 OCT

Tax exemption found unavailable for gay couples MagGlass US (RI) 11 OCT

Supreme Court won't hear same-sex adoptive parents case MagGlass US (DC) 11 OCT

Jerry Brown Signs Anti-Gay Bullying Bill Named After Seth Walsh MagGlass US (CA) 10 OCT

Nigerian prison bill approved MagGlass NG 10 OCT
• Bill SB.05: Same Gender Marriage (Prohibition) Bill, 2011 PDF 47.48kb, (Accessed 11 OCT 11)

Park Ridge discards 83-year-old drag ban MagGlass US (IL) 06 OCT

Report Highlights Civil Partnership Inequality MagGlass IE 06 OCT
• Report: Missing Pieces PDF 3.46MB, 29 SEP 11

High Court rules in trans favour MagGlass AU (WA) 06 OCT
• Order: AB v. State of Western Australia PDF184.53kb, 06 OCT 11

Seychelles to Decriminalize Homosexuality, Other Countries Say No MagGlass SC 05 OCT

Open Letter to the Attorney General of Canada regarding the recognition of UK civil partnerships in Canada MagGlass CA (ON) 03 OCT

Government moves to wipe gay sex convictions MagGlass UK 03 OCT

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