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October 2011

StarChile's constitutional court rejects gay marriage in 9–1 vote CL 30 OCT

StarTraditional Same-Sex Marriage Approved by Kenyan Court KE 28 OCT

StarMicrosoft and Yahoo Equalize Health Benefits for Gay Employees US 27 OCT

StarBrazil high court allows gay marriage BR 26 OCT

StarQueensland Civil [Partnerships Bill] passes first reading AU (QLD) 25 OCT

StarDenmark to allow gay marriage next year, minister says DK 23 OCT

StarSame-sex relationships: Pre and post-marital/RDP agreements US (CA) 20 OCT

StarConjugal Visits For Gay Couples Legalized In Costa Rica CR 13 OCT

StarChallenged definition of family has sent tremors throughout the conservative landscape LT 12 OCT

StarGay Divorce: SB651 Opens California Divorce Courts To Non-Residents US (CA) 12 OCT

StarNational gathering of Argentinean attorneys rejects homosexual ‘marriage’ as unconstitutional AR 12 OCT

StarNigerian prison bill approved NG 10 OCT

StarReport Highlights Civil Partnership Inequality IE 06 OCT

StarOpen Letter to the Attorney General of Canada regarding the recognition of UK civil partnerships in Canada CA (ON) 03 OCT

November 2011

StarSenate lets chaplains opt out of gay weddings US (DC) 30 NOV

StarEx-Soviet state to recognise gay couples EE 30 NOV

StarGays and lesbians in Illinois civil unions will be able to file joint tax returns US (IL) 28 NOV

StarNigeria's Senate passes controversial anti-gay bill NG 29 NOV

StarDeath of marriage the path to equality AU 28 NOV

StarTranssexual seeks Hong Kong court ruling for right to marry HK 26 NOV

StarCivil unions get thumbs up AU (QLD) 22 NOV

StarColombia Considers Four Bills On Gay Marriage, Civil Unions CO 20 NOV

Speak Now: Australian Perspectives of Same-sex Marriage AU 20 NOV

StarSame-sex unions on PN agenda MT 19 NOV

StarSenate bill would extend federal benefits to domestic partners US (DC) 18 NOV

Propostion 8 supporters have standing to defend the initiative US (CA) 18 NOV

StarTexas Transgender Widow Appeals Benefits Decision US (TX) 15 NOV

StarACLU Asks Montana Supreme Court to Grant Legal Protection to Same Sex Couples US (MT) 14 NOV

StarBorough same-sex registry growing US (PA) 14 NOV

StarGillard Backs Conscience Vote for Gay Marriage AU (FED) 14 NOV

StarDOMA Repeal Takes a Step Forward in the Senate US (DC) 10 NOV

StarFlorida county passes equal benefits ordinance inclusive of same-sex partners US (FL) 09 NOV

StarLGBT equality groups urge Ninth Circuit to reject attack on Proposition 8 trial judge US (CA) 08 NOV

StarThe new de facto laws in practice AU (SA) 05 NOV

StarChile court rejects gay marriage appeal CL 04 NOV

StarNew Jersey judge says lawsuit to recognize gay marriage can go on US (NJ) 04 NOV

December 2011

StarLesbian couple become second-ever pair to 'marry' in Angola AO 30 DEC

StarSame-Sex Marriage and International Law in the Ninth Circuit US (CA) 29 DEC

StarSan Francisco Family Law Firm Outlines How the Domestic Partnership Equality Act Adds to Domestic Partnership Rights US (CA) 28 DEC

StarLambda Legal and Equality Delaware Issue Civil Union FAQ for Delaware Same-Sex Couples US (DE) 27 DEC

StarD.C. weighs same-sex divorce bill US (DC) 23 DEC

StarSame-sex partner denied hospital visit US (TN) 20 DEC

StarSame-sex New York marriages to be recognised in Ireland IE 19 DEC

StarFrench court refuses to recognise transsexual's gay marriage FR 15 DEC

StarSame sex couples get healthcare benefits US (MD) 15 DEC

StarNutter Signs Equal Benefits Bill US (PA) 12 DEC

StarVote shows Orlando is growing more gay-friendly US (FL) 11 DEC

StarSame Difference? UK 07 DEC

StarCouncil approves creation of domestic partner registry US (AZ) 07 DEC

StarMichigan Senate bans domestic partner benefits US (MI) 06 DEC

StarAs church-based civil unions kick in, Church of England says no UK 06 DEC

StarLabor to lift Certifcates of Non-Impediment ban AU (NSW) 04 DEC

StarMexican State’s Loosely Worded Law Allows 2 Gay Couples to Wed MX 04 DEC

StarPhiladelphia council approves bill requiring contracts to offer same-sex benefits for workers US (PA) 03 DEC

StarAustralian Labor Party backs marriage equality AU 03 DEC

StarJudge Rules Texas Transgender Man's Marriage Valid US (TX) 02 DEC

StarSame sex civil unions passed in Queensland AU (QLD) 01 DEC

July 2011

StarOlivette passes two gay-rights measures US (MO) 28 JUL

StarCalifornia gay marriage ban case to be heard Sept. 6 US (CA) 28 JUL

StarCounty Board approves health benefits for domestic partners US (WI) 28 JUL

StarColombian court says Congress must decide on gay marriage CO 27 JUL

StarIndia's first married lesbians get 24-hour protection IN 27 JUL

StarNew York challenges Defense of Marriage Act US (NY) 26 JUL

StarTaiwan denies gay foreign diplomats immunity for their spouses TW 26 JUL

StarLabor Report Documents Domestic-Partner Benefits 26 JUL

StarDenial of Federal Benefits for Same-sex Couple Ruled Unlawful Discrimination US (OR) 25 JUL

StarSame-sex couple fears for life IN 24 JUL

StarBolivian department (state) considers marriage equality BO 19 JUL

StarEnvoy to take same-sex partner abroad IL 18 JUL

StarJersey States approves civil partnerships JE 12 JUL

StarChile Considers Same-Sex Civil Unions CL 11 JUL

StarFeds Concede DOMA Fight in Bankruptcy Court US (CA) 07 JUL

StarDOJ's Brief “Reads Like A Gay Rights Manifesto” US (CA) 07 JUL

StarRhode Island governor signs gay civil union law despite doubts US (RI) 02 JUL

StarBankruptcy judge rejects motion to dismiss joint petition US (CA) JUL

August 2011

StarSame-sex benefits approved then rescinded US (MI) 31 AUG

StarLesbian Lovers Released in Aceh, Separated IN 25 AUG

Star(Certificates of No Impediment to Marriage) CNIs demystified AU 25 AUG

StarCairns register to accept same-sex couples 23 AUG

StarLegal Ease: Gay and lesbian divorce US (CA) 23 AUG

StarCuba gay man and transgender woman marry CU 13 AUG

StarChile Introduces Constitutional Gay Marriage Ban Amendment CL 11 AUG

StarThe Beginning of the End of Domestic-Partner Benefits? US 10 AUG

StarChile president offers to legalize gay unions CL 10 AUG

StarNew York Divorce Lawyer Lisa Beth Older Summarizes Breaking News Allowing Gay Couples to Dissolve Civil Unions 08 AUG

StarACLU will appeal Montana same-sex partnership case US (MT) 04 AUG

StarNY Court Reasons Through Parenting Issues in Dissolution of Vermont Civil Union US (NY) 02 AUG

StarIndian tribe in Washington approves same-sex marriage US (WA) 02 AUG

September 2011

StarSame-sex couples can now register in Shoreview US (MN) 22 SEP

StarGay marriage vote passed AU (TAS) 21 SEP

StarTop Estate Planning Tips For Same-Sex Couples US 20 SEP

StarSan Antonio Votes to Provide DP Benefits to City Employees US (TX) 19 SEP

StarFlorida victories hailed as progress for same sex couples US (FL) 19 SEP

StarHope for new law to allow gay marriage UK 17 SEP

StarMichigan House Says No to Partner Benefits US (MI) 16 SEP

StarDespite Marriage Ban, Florida Lawmakers Try for Domestic Partnerships US (FL) 15 SEP

StarHigh Court to decide on same-sex marriage IN 15 SEP

StarNorth Carolina Puts Same-Sex Marriage Ban on Ballot US (NC) 13 SEP

StarAppleton approves benefits for same-sex domestic partners US (WI) 08 SEP

StarMedicare steps up enforcement of equal visitation and representation rights in hospitals US (DC) 07 SEP

StarCalifornia governor signs equal benefits law US (CA) 07 SEP

StarArizona same-sex partners entitled to benefits US (AZ) 06 SEP

StarState justices seem to favor allowing proponents to defend Prop. 8 US (CA) 06 SEP

StarGay Marriage Bill Introduced In Uruguay UY 05 SEP

StarMayor Fined in Tahiti for Refusing to Officiate Wedding PF 02 SEP

StarCanadian Lesbian Couple Forced to Fill Out Separate Customs Forms CA (BC) 01 SEP

April 2011

StarMinnesota advances bill to amend state constitution to ban gay marriage US (MN) 29 APR

StarRhode Island set to intro civil unions bill on Tuesday US (RI) 29 APR

StarHouse committee votes down domestic partner benefits US (MN) 28 APR

StarPoland to end gay marriage abroad discrimination PL 27 APR

StarHungarian president signs new constitution despite human rights concerns 25 APR

StarConjugal visits allowed for inmates and partners in same-sex marriages, civil unions US (NY) 23 APR

StarMontana judge rules against same-sex couples US (MT) 21 APR

StarOrange leaders approve same-sex benefits US (FL) 19 APR

StarHungary Passes New Constitution Amid Concerns HU 18 APR

StarMichigan House bid to reject worker benefits fails US (MI) 14 APR

StarDelaware same-sex unions law heads to gov's desk US (DE) 14 APR

StarColombian homosexuals win right to inherit partner's assets CO 13 APR

StarCivil union legislation headed to House floor US (DE) 13 APR

StarGray OKs same-sex benefits policy for city employees US (PA) 12 APR

StarGay Marriage Law Proposed In Uruguay UY 09 APR

StarUS approves delayed $350 mln grant for Malawi 08 APR

StarSenate passes bill creating same-sex civil unions US (DE) 07 APR

StarAnti-gay amendment filed in N.C. House US (NC) 06 APR

StarCivil Partnership legislation officially introduced today IM 06 APR

StarWashington domestic partnership law gets adjusted US (WA) 05 APR

StarChurches, states and same-sex marriage US 02 APR

StarGuernsey civil partnership bid is backed GG 01 APR

StarSame-sex marriage recognition begins in Tasmania AU (TAS) 01 APR

StarSame-sex civil unions defeated in Colorado legislature US (CO) 01 APR

May 2011

StarTexas judge voids transgender widow's marriage US (TX) 31 MAY

StarRabbis for gay marriage AU 31 MAY

StarHistory of same-sex marriage rulings in Texas US (TX) 28 MAY

StarChile President Sebastian Piñera To Send Congress Gay Unions Bill CL 28 MAY

StarJudge Decides Transgender Widow’s Marriage Was Illegal US (TX) 26 MAY

StarEaston Approves Benefits for Same Sex Partners US (PA) 25 MAY

StarJustice Chancellor Calls for Same-Sex Partnership Law EE 25 MAY

StarCourt Rejects Same-Sex Marriage In Costa Rica CR 25 MAY

StarGovernor Dayton symbolically vetoes same-sex marriage ballot question US (MN) 25 MAY

StarReaction From Those Losing City Benefits Through Ordinance US (TX) 24 MAY

StarHouse sends same-sex marriage ban to 2012 ballot US (MN) 22 MAY

StarHouse Passes Controversial Civil Unions Bill US (RI) 19 MAY

StarGay couple: 'Civil union not evidence of marriage' PK 19 MAY

StarCivil Unions Bill Clears R.I. House Panel US (RI) 18 MAY

StarPoland’s left introduces bill on same-sex partnerships PL 17 MAY

StarGay Couple In Virginia Wins Hyphenated Last Name Case US (VA) 16 MAY

StarWisconsin Governor Walker tells judge he wants to stop defending domestic partner registry law in court US (WI) 16 MAY

StarCivil unions bill now signed into law US (DE) 12 MAY

StarMinnesota Senate approves gay marriage ban referendum US (MN) 11 MAY

StarUniversity City to Recognize Same-Sex Relationships US (MO) 10 MAY

StarEuropean Court of Justice Rules for Equal Rights of Same-Sex Partners in Germany 10 MAY

StarGay marriage bill introduced in NY State Assembly US (NY) 10 MAY

StarCalifornia Senate passes bill to boost equal benefits law for LGBT workers 09 MAY

StarDelaware Governor Jack Markell to sign Civil Unions law … US (DE) 08 MAY

StarSuit aims to halt same-sex benefits US (MI) 07 MAY

StarCourt again snubs lawmakers in same-sex divorce US (WY) 06 MAY

StarBrazil Approves Civil Unions BR 05 MAY

StarYork, Lancaster both offer domestic partner benefits US (PA) 05 MAY

StarRhode Island Civil Unions Bill Introduced US (RI) 04 MAY

StarLiechtenstein to hold voter referendum on partnership law LI 02 MAY

June 2011

StarDOJ appeals bankruptcy ruling striking down federal same-sex marriage ban US (CA) 30 JUN

StarRhode Island Senate Passes Contentious Civil Unions Bill US (RI) 29 JUN

StarJudge grants Brazil's first gay marriage BR 29 JUN

StarSupreme Court rules in favour of pension benefits for same-sex couples AR 28 JUN

StarProp. 8 Supporters Appeal Ruling on Walker US (CA) 27 JUN

StarNew York moves to become 6th state to legalize gay marriage US (NY) 25 JUN

StarJudge rules that same-sex spouse can invoke spousal privilege US (MD) 23 JUN

StarLesbian couple become first to wed in Nepal NP 23 JUN

StarJudge Upholds Wisconsin Domestic Partnership Law US (WI) 20 JUN

StarLiechtenstein voters overwhelmingly back gay partnership law challenged by religious groups 20 JUN

StarSame-Sex Divorce Considered In Maryland Courts US (MD) 17 JUN

StarNational Assembly Adopts New Family Law Bill SI 17 JUN

StarItalian Court divorces same-sex couple IT 17 JUN

StarNew York Assembly Passes Marriage Equality Bill US (NY) 15 JUN

StarFrench parliament rejects gay marriage bill FR 14 JUN

StarEl Paso restores gay and unwed couples' benefits US (TX) 14 JUN

StarA California Bankruptcy Court Rejects U.S. Law Barring Same-Sex Marriage US (CA) 14 JUN

StarGay judge's same-sex marriage ruling upheld US (CA) 14 JUN

StarNew law threatens Nepal as gay rights haven NP 10 JUN

StarWhat a Repeal of the Gay Marriage Ban Means US 09 JUN

StarLesbian Divorce Granted on Long Island US (NY) 08 JUN

StarFrance's First Gay Marriage 06 JUN

StarJersey housing regulation change for civil partners JE 06 JUN

StarWyoming Supreme Court: State can grant same-sex couple a divorce US (WY) 06 JUN

StarRhode Island group sees flaw in civil union bill US (RI) 03 JUN

StarTroy City Council passes same sex marriage resolution US (NY) 03 JUN

StarJersey may get civil partnerships law JE 03 JUN

StarStatute revision could affect LGBT name changes US (NC) 01 JUN

January 2011

StarLegislation introduced to restrict gay marriage in New Mexico US (NM) 31 JAN

StarLenihan pledges tax entitlements for gay couples will be backdated IE 31 JAN

StarGovernor Quinn Signs Historic Law to Legalize Civil Unions in Illinois US (IL) 31 JAN

StarCivil unions bill dies in committee US (WY) 29 JAN

StarCivil Union Bill Passes Full Senate by Vote of 19–6 US (HI) 28 JAN

StarFrench Watchdog Upholds Marriage Ban FR 28 JAN

StarIowa Dems Block Marriage Repeal US (IA) 28 JAN

StarAllentown now offers domestic partner benefits US (PA) 27 JAN

StarWyoming Senate OKs proposed gay marriage ban US (WY) 27 JAN

StarState employees' same-sex partners to get health benefits 26 JAN

StarJudge denies divorce to same-sex Nebraska City couple US (NE) 26 JAN

StarCivil Union bill passes through Hawaii Senate Committee US (HI) 26 JAN

StarSame-sex issue heard in Helena court US (MT) 25 JAN

StarWyoming Forwards Another Antigay Bill US (WY) 25 JAN

StarHouse passes anti-gay marriage bill US (WY) 24 JAN

StarIllinois Governor to Sign Civil Unions Bill US (IL) 22 JAN

StarGay Couples Can Sue for Benefits US (CA) 20 JAN

StarAllentown OKs Domestic-Partner Benefits US (PA) 20 JAN

Star(Russian) Gay Marriage Suit Filed FR 19 JAN

StarCourt rejects appeal over DC gay marriage law US (DC) 18 JAN

StarNew Hospital Visitation Rules in Effect US (FED) 18 JAN

StarSame-sex divorce stirs debate US (WY) 14 JAN

StarDOJ Files DOMA Defense in First Circuit Cases US (MA) 13 JAN

StarImmigration rules for gay couples haven't been toughened: CIC CA 13 JAN

StarMacedonia Activists Oppose Anti-Gay Constitution Change MK 13 JAN

StarMaryland edges towards gay marriage US (MD) 13 JAN

StarJudge Reverses on Lesbian Name Change US (VA) 13 JAN

StarCambridge City Council opposes federal tax on same-sex benefits US (MA) 11 JAN

StarGay NGO pushes for same-sex marriage RS 11 JAN

StarMarried Mexican gay couples granted spousal health coverage MX 10 JAN

StarCourt: Refusing same-sex marriage violates constitution CA (SK) 10 JAN

StarTravis County gay divorce stands under appellate ruling US (TX) 07 JAN

StarRhode Island eyeing gay marriage legislation US (RI) 06 JAN

StarIs Gay Divorce Coming Soon to New Mexico? US (NM) 06 JAN

StarCanada toughens gay marriage immigration checks CA 06 JAN

Star9th Circuit Wants Help With Prop. 8 US (CA) 04 JAN

StarChilean court to rule on same-sex marriage CL 04 JAN

StarMistake in El Paso Antigay Law US (TX) 03 JAN

February 2011

StarSlovenian government proposes legalization of same-sex marriage SI 28 FEB

StarTrinidad and Tobago debates same-sex unions TT 28 FEB

StarGovernment Drops Two More DOMA Cases US (DC) 25 FEB

StarMaryland Senate approves same-sex marriage US (MD) 24 FEB

StarMore separating couples to be spared court battles UK 23 FEB

StarHawaii governor signs gay civil unions into law US (HI) 23 FEB

StarCourt rejects lawmakers' brief in divorce case US (WY) 23 FEB

StarImmigration benefits arrive for same-sex couples … but only if you're a diplomat US (DC) 23 FEB

StarStatement of the Attorney General on Litigation Involving the Defense of Marriage Act US (DC) 23 FEB

StarLetter from the Attorney General to Congress on Litigation Involving the Defense of Marriage Act US (DC) 23 FEB

StarAnti-gay marriage amendment filed in North Carolina Senate US (NC) 22 FEB

StarHouse doesn't concur on same-sex marriage bill US (WY) 22 FEB

StarDate set for civil union signing ceremony US (HI) 18 FEB

StarPanel shelves proposals to ban same-sex marriage US (NM) 18 FEB

StarWyoming Senate Advances Anti-Marriage Equality Bill US (WY) 18 FEB

StarNew Push for LGB and T equality will allow civil partnerships in religious buildings UK 17 FEB

StarSenate committee backs gay marriage US (MD) 17 FEB

StarHawaii Senate Passes Civil Unions US (HI) 16 FEB

StarIndiana House Passes Marriage Ban US (IN) 15 FEB

StarJust in time for Valentine's Day, a bill to legalize same-sex marriage US (WA) 14 FEB

StarColorado state senator introduces same-sex civil unions bill US (CO) 14 FEB

StarRomanian Govt Opposes Bill Introducing Civil Unions RO 14 FEB

StarCivil unions in Hawaii head toward final vote US (HI) 14 FEB

StarHawaii Passes Civil Unions US (HI) 11 FEB

StarOne million Minnesotans now covered by domestic partner registries US (MN) 10 FEB

StarSame-sex couples should have benefits US (MI) 10 FEB

StarA second big relationship case in 9th Circuit Monday US (CA) 09 FEB

StarHawaii House to Decide Civil Unions US (HI) 09 FEB

StarGay-marriage ban clears House panel US (IN) 08 FEB

StarCounty grants first same-sex divorce US (NY) 03 FEB

StarIowa House Votes For Marriage Ban US (IA) 01 FEB

March 2011

StarGoing gay around the world FR 30 MAR

StarDelaware Senate panel clears bill providing legal recognition to same-sex civil unions US (DE) 20 MAR

StarWashington to Recognize Out-of-State Gay Marriages US (WA) 30 MAR

StarIndiana Senate approves Constitutional gay marriage ban US (IN) 29 MAR

StarSenate Says No to Civil Unions US (IN) 28 MAR

StarCourt rules on cohabitation relationships ZA 25 MAR

StarColorado Senate passes civil unions bill US (CO) 24 MAR

StarIndiana Senate Panel Approves Marriage Ban US (IN) 23 MAR

StarStay on California Gay Marriages Remains US (CA) 23 MAR

StarDelaware lawmakers introduce bill legally recognizing same-sex civil unions US (DE) 22 MAR

StarLiechtenstein parliament approves same-sex partner recognition LI 21 MAR

StarAttorneys file final brief asking appeals court to lift stay on Prop 8 ruling US (CA) 19 MAR

StarCommittee Confirms Article of Bill Proposal that Precludes Gay Marriage SI 18 MAR

StarScottish government advised to legalise gay marriage UK 17 MAR

StarDonors freeze $400 million aid to Malawi: finance minister MW 16 MAR

StarJudge grants lesbian marriage name change US (ND) 15 MAR

StarThe incredibly boring case for federally recognized same-sex marriage US (MA) 15 MAR

StarCivil Partnership Bill Given Royal Assent IM 15 MAR

StarDOMA Repeal Bill Introduced Wednesday US (DC) 14 MAR

StarInsurance Bill for LGBTs Introduced US (DC) 11 MAR

StarCivil unions measure clears second Senate committee US (CO) 10 MAR

StarMichigan Senate knocks down same-sex benefits US (MI) 10 MAR

StarCambridge city councilors demand solution to same-sex marriage benefits taxes US (MA) 09 MAR

StarJudge keeps gay marriage ban in Minnesota US (MN) 09 MAR

StarMaryland gay marriage debate leads to rejection of amendments US (MD) 09 MAR

StarColorado Advances Civil Unions Bill US (CO) 08 MAR

StarNew York City Adopts New Policy for Trans Marriages US (NY) 08 MAR

StarWashington bill recognizes out-of-state same-sex marriages US(WA) 05 MAR

StarMaryland House committee approves same-sex marriage US (MD) 04 MAR

StarEuropean Court Could Rule Traditional Marriage Benefits Are Discriminatory LU 03 MAR

StarWyoming Senate Kills Antigay Bill US (WY) 03 MAR

StarGillard faces revolt on gay unions AU (FED) 03 MAR

StarCourt: No Expedited Prop. 8 Hearing US (CA) 01 MAR

StarWyoming lawmakers reach compromise on anti-gay marriage bill US (WY) 01 MAR

StarAttorney General Asks Court to Allow Same Sex Marriages to Resume US (CA) 01 MAR

StarCorrection: Iowa Wed Same Sex Couples Protected Under Illinois Law US (IL) MAR

StarIllinois Same Sex Couples Wed in Iowa Should File for Civil Union US (IL) MAR