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September 2011

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Federal Bureau of Prisons Makes Major Change in Transgender Medical Policy MagGlassUS (MA) 30 SEP
• US Department of Justice Bureau of Prisons: Memorandum for Chief Executive Officers: Gender Identity Disorder Evaluation and Treatment PDF3.26MB, 15 JUN 10, 31 MAY 11

Parliament turns down gay adoption MagGlass CH 30 SEP

US military chaplains can officiate at gay weddings MagGlass US (DC) 30 SEP

Lawrence City Commission approves gender identity ordinance MagGlass US (KS) 28 SEP

European Parliament calls for end of classifying transgender people as mentally ill MagGlass EU 29 SEP
• European Parliament: Motion for a Resolution PDF77.05kb, 28 SEP 11 at para 16

European Parliament pass resolution to uphold gay rights across member states MagGlass EU 29 SEP
• European Parliament: Motion for a Resolution PDF77.05kb, 28 SEP 11 at paras 9, 11

Judges Nullify Earlier DADT Ruling MagGlass US (CA) 29 SEP
• Opinion: Log Cabin Republicans v. United States of America PDF95.93kb, 29 SEP 11

Judge Throws Out Binational Couple's DOMA Lawsuit MagGlassUS (CA) 29 SEP
• Order: Handi Lui v. Eric H Holder PDF121.94kb, 28 SEP 11

Unequal Equality for Lesbian Mom MagGlass US (AR) 28 SEP
• Opinion: Robert E Bamburg v. Lisa J Bamburg PDF96.03kb, 21 SEP 11

Judgment reserved on constitutional challenge to gay law MagGlass SG 28 SEP

Governor Cuomo Signs Legislation Addressing The Needs Of LGBT Seniors MagGlass US (NY) 26 SEP

Singapore Court of Appeal to hear section 377A constitutional challenge application, Sep 27 MagGlass SG 26 SEP

Transman wins new birth certificate MagGlass AU (NSW) 25 SEP

Equality bill is back in Statehouse next week MagGlass US (OH) 23 SEP

Senator Kerry and Representative Nadler Introduce Housing Non-Discrimination Legislation MagGlass US (DC) 22 SEP

Trans bill reintroduced in House of Commons MagGlass CA (ON) 22 SEP

China lifts ban on inmate homosexuality MagGlass CN 22 SEP

Trans Inmate Denied Reassignment Surgery MagGlass US (CA) 22 SEP
• Disposition: In re Lyralisa Lavena Stevens PDF93.15kb, 21 SEP 11

Same-sex couples can now register in Shoreview MagGlass US (MN) 22 SEP

Gay marriage vote passed MagGlass AU (TAS) 21 SEP

Top Estate Planning Tips For Same-Sex Couples MagGlass US 20 SEP

Same-sex couples in Alaska get tax exemption, judge rules MagGlass US (AK) 20 SEP
• Decision & Order: Julie A Schmidt & Others v. The State of Alaska & Anor PDF1.23MB, 16 SEP 11

San Antonio Votes to Provide DP Benefits to City Employees MagGlass US (TX) 19 SEP

Florida victories hailed as progress for same sex couples MagGlass US (FL) 19 SEP

Hope for new law to allow gay marriage MagGlass UK 17 SEP

White House Backs Social Security Admin.'s Pro-Trans Policy MagGlass US (DC) 16 SEP

Michigan House Says No to Partner Benefits MagGlass US (MI) 16 SEP

Despite Marriage Ban, Florida Lawmakers Try for Domestic Partnerships MagGlass US (FL) 15 SEP

Third gender for Nepal? MagGlass NP 15 SEP

Illinois Trans Woman Wins Discrimination Suit MagGlass US (IL) 14 SEP

High Court to decide on same-sex marriage MagGlass IN 15 SEP

Getting a passport made easier for sex and gender diverse people MagGlass AU (FED) 14 SEP

Netherlands violates transgender rights MagGlass NL 13 SEP
• Report: Controlling Bodies, Denying Identities PDF506.81kb, SEP 11

North Carolina Puts Same-Sex Marriage Ban on Ballot MagGlass US (NC) 13 SEP

Gay couple wins right to amend child's birth record MagGlass CA (SK) 10 SEP
• Judgment: WJQM ("John") and LJE ("Bill") and AMA ("Mary") and Jane Dow PDF24.98kb, 30 AUG 11

UK to Lift Lifetime Ban on Gay Blood Donors MagGlass UK 08 SEP

LGBT Legal Advocates Re-Release Guide for Fair Practices in Parenting and Custody Agreements MagGlass US (MA) 08 SEP

Appleton approves benefits for same-sex domestic partners MagGlass US (WI) 08 SEP

Medicare steps up enforcement of equal visitation and representation rights in hospitals MagGlass US (DC) 07 SEP

California governor signs equal benefits law MagGlass US (CA) 07 SEP

Arizona same-sex partners entitled to benefits MagGlass US (AZ) 06 SEP

State justices seem to favor allowing proponents to defend Prop. 8 MagGlass US (CA) 06 SEP

Definition of abuse 'should change' MagGlass UK 06 SEP

Gay Marriage Bill Introduced In Uruguay MagGlass UY 05 SEP

Liberty secures pension benefits for civil partner MagGlass UK 05 SEP

South Australia bill attempts to end IVF discrimination MagGlass AU (SA) 05 SEP

Deported Peruvian Civil Partner Wins New Hope In Appellate Ruling MagGlass PDF 487.30kb, US (PA) 04 SEP

Venezuelan lesbian applicant not entitled to asylum MagGlass PDF 487.30kb, US (PA) 04 SEP

Residency application denied despite determination Section 3 of DOMA unconstitutional MagGlass PDF 487.30kb, US (PA) 04 SEP

Paid paternity leave announced for Dads MagGlass AU 04 SEP

Armenia: police blackmailed gays MagGlass AM 03 SEP

Thai transgender conscripts no longer "insane" MagGlass TH 02 SEP

Mayor Fined in Tahiti for Refusing to Officiate Wedding MagGlass PF 02 SEP

Seth's Law, Measure Designed To Curb Anti-Gay Bullying, Passes California State Senate MagGlass US (CA) 02 SEP

Ministry grants citizenship to gay spouse of immigrant MagGlass IL 02 SEP

Canadian Lesbian Couple Forced to Fill Out Separate Customs Forms MagGlass CA (BC) 01 SEP

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