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StarSame-sex spouses lose big on taxes US 27 DEC

StarI.R.S. Denied Lesbians Legitimate Adoption Credit US (DC) 13 DEC

StarGays and lesbians in Illinois civil unions will be able to file joint tax returns US (IL) 28 NOV

StarFederal taxation of healthcare benefits for same-sex couples: current status and ongoing developments US 04 NOV

StarIRS Formally Agrees with Historic Court Ruling for Transgender Taxpayers US (DC) 03 NOV

StarTax exemption found unavailable for gay couples US (RI) 11 OCT

StarSame-sex couples in Alaska get tax exemption, judge rules US (AK) 20 SEP

StarSame-Sex Marriage Tax Information US (NY) 01 AUG

StarCambridge to offset federal gay marriage tax for city employees US (MA) 08 JUN

StarBill Would End Taxing Benefits for Domestic Partners US (DC) 04 JUN

StarWhat your wedding planner may not have told you about taxes CA 05 APR

StarThe incredibly boring case for federally recognized same-sex marriage US (MA) 15 MAR

StarCambridge city councilors demand solution to same-sex marriage benefits taxes US (MA) 09 MAR

StarSame-Sex Couples And The Marriage Penalty US 19 FEB

StarIRS recognizes same-sex couples in three states US 18 FEB

StarThe IRS Applies "Income-Splitting" to California's Registered Domestic Partners and Same-Sex Spouses (and Now RDPs in Washington and Nevada, too!) PDF 96.77kb 10 FEB, Amended 28 FEB)

StarLenihan pledges tax entitlements for gay couples will be backdated IE 31 JAN

StarCambridge City Council opposes federal tax on same-sex benefits US (MA) 11 JAN