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October 2011

StarHistoric vote extends EU asylum standards to transgender people EU 27 OCT

StarEU adopts new trans asylum rules EU 28 OCT

StarTranssexuals Demand a Place in Postponed Anti-Discrimination Law CL 20 OCT

StarCalifornia Transgender Bills Signed Into Law By Governor Jerry Brown US (CA) 11 OCT

StarPark Ridge discards 83-year-old drag ban US (IL) 06 OCT

StarHigh Court rules in trans favour AU (WA) 06 OCT

November 2011

StarTranssexual seeks Hong Kong court ruling for right to marry HK 26 NOV

StarVictory in Massachusetts: Trans Rights Bill on Way to Governor US (MA) 16 NOV

StarPakistan eunuchs in India poll steps PK 15 NOV

StarTexas Transgender Widow Appeals Benefits Decision US (TX) 15 NOV

StarBreakthrough on Transgender Rights in … Kyrgyzstan KG 11 NOV

StarIRS Formally Agrees with Historic Court Ruling for Transgender Taxpayers US (DC) 03 NOV

December 2011

StarSex identity ruling against 'common sense' AU (NSW) 23 DEC

StarExisting laws 'let third sex get citizenship' NP 13 DEC

StarUK Announces Plan to Advance Trans Rights UK 08 DEC

StarTrans woman wins in firing case US (GA) 08 DEC

StarTransgender Virginia inmate wants sex change operation US (VA) 05 DEC

StarJudge Rules Texas Transgender Man's Marriage Valid US (TX) 02 DEC

July 2011

StarNation’s Fourth-Largest School District Adds Gender Identity Protections US (FL) 22 JUL

StarIllinois to Issue New Birth Certificates to Litigants US (IL) 19 JUL

StarComplications for Transgender Recognition in Ireland IE 15 JUL

StarItalian court says sterilisation is not mandatory for gender reassignment IT 06 JUL

StarConnecticut governor signs transgender protections into law US (CT) 06 JUL

Star'Third gender' a 'glorious miracle': Samoan PM WS 04 JUL

August 2011

StarCalifornia Senate Passes Increased Protections for Gender Identity and Expression US (CA) 31 AUG

StarTransgender inmates win appeal over treatments US (WI) 05 AUG

September 2011

StarFederal Bureau of Prisons Makes Major Change in Transgender Medical Policy US (MA) 30 SEP

StarEuropean Parliament calls for end of classifying transgender people as mentally ill EU 29 SEP

StarLawrence City Commission approves gender identity ordinance US (KS) 28 SEP

StarTransman wins new birth certificate AU (NSW) 25 SEP

StarTrans bill reintroduced in House of Commons CA (ON) 22 SEP

StarTrans Inmate Denied Reassignment Surgery US (CA) 22 SEP

StarWhite House Backs Social Security Admin.'s Pro-Trans Policy US (DC) 16 SEP

StarIllinois Trans Woman Wins Discrimination Suit US (IL) 14 SEP

StarGetting a passport made easier for sex and gender diverse people AU (FED) 14 SEP

StarNetherlands violates transgender rights NL 13 SEP

StarMayor Fined in Tahiti for Refusing to Officiate Wedding PF 02 SEP

April 2011

StarTrans Protections Approved in Dallas US (TX) 27 APR

StarCourt rules on Australia's youngest sex change AU 27 APR

StarHawaii Legislature Passes Transgender Employment Protections US (HI) 19 APR

StarAssembly passes transgender discrimination bill US (NV) 18 APR

StarIrish trans woman wins £30,000 for discrimination IE 18 APR

StarWestern Australian trans men head to High Court AU (WA) 16 APR

StarHawaii passes transgender employment protections US (HI) 12 APR

StarGender Anti-Discrimination Bill Advances In Maryland Senate US (MD) 09 APR

StarNew Transgender Policy at Chicago Jail US (IL) 07 APR

StarHawaii expected to pass transgender labor anti-discrimination bill US (HI) 05 APR

StarTransgender non-discrimination bill passes Judiciary – without any amendments US (CT) 05 APR

May 2011

StarTexas judge voids transgender widow's marriage US (TX) 31 MAY

StarJudge Decides Transgender Widow’s Marriage Was Illegal US (TX) 26 MAY

StarNevada Governor Signs Pro-Trans Law US (NV) 24 MAY

StarTranssexual’s marriage case to be taken to ECHR MT 24 MAY

StarCalifornia's transgender protection bill makes progress US (CA) 19 MAY

StarNevada Trans Protections Head to Governor US (NV) 17 MAY

StarTribunal upholds gender certificate decision AU (NSW) 17 MAY

StarHawaii Governor signs transgender workplace protections bill into law US (HI) 06 MAY

June 2011

StarUS organisation Lambda Legal sues Oregon state over trans operation 27 JUN

StarItalian Court divorces same-sex couple IT 17 JUN

StarPortland passes trans-inclusive health care benefits bill US (OR) 09 JUN

StarHormone Treatment Ordered for Trans Detainee US (MA) 08 JUN

StarFrance's First Gay Marriage FR 06 JUN

StarLegislature Approves a Pair of Controversial Bills US (CT) 04 JUN

January 2011

StarMalta Gay Rights pushing for the Gender Identity Bill MT 11 JAN

StarMalaysian transsexual to appeal court decision MY 10 JAN

StarFrench government accused of transgender hypocrisy – Report FR 05 JAN

StarTrans hospital protections go into effect US (NC) 04 JAN

February 2011

StarMassachusetts Governor Orders Protection for Trans Workers US (MA) 17 FEB

StarCommons approves transgender protection bill CA 10 FEB

StarGerman court blocks trans sterilization requirement DE 07 FEB

March 2011

StarConnecticut Transgender Protections Bill on Hold US (CT) 31 MAR

StarMaltese trans man wins right to be recognised as male MT 29 MAR

StarTransgender rights bill killed by election CA 28 MAR

StarGender Identity Bill Passes Maryland House US (MD) 26 MAR

StarTLDEF Files Lawsuit Against New York City Over Refusal to Correct Transgender Birth Certificates US (NY) 22 MAR

StarThai Army Changes Terms for Trans Men TH 21 MAR

StarNew York City Adopts New Policy for Trans Marriages US (NY) 08 MAR

StarNew guidelines state rights for transgender prisoners UK 07 MAR

StarAdministrative Supreme Court Ends Transsexuals' Forced Outing AT MAR