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Assisted Reproduction, Artificial Insemination,
In Vitro Fertilisation, Surrogacy

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StarSperm Donor William Marotta Ordered to Pay Child Support to Lesbian Couple News item summary US (KS) 31 DEC
• Summons, Petition to Determine Paternity: State of Texas & Ors. v. William Marotta 12D002686 PDF 130.28kb, 03 OCT12
• Answer, Sperm Donor Contract: State of Texas & Ors. v. William Marotta 12D002686 PDF 218.62kb, 29 OCT12

StarGay sperm donor told to pay for 'his' daughters News item summary UK 29 OCT

StarGay couple win right to be parents of twin boys in legal first after Indian surrogate mother vanished before giving consent News item summary UK 02 OCT
• Judgment: D and L (Surrogacy) [2012] EWHC 2631 (Fam), 28 SEP 12

StarSame-Sex Couples Will Have Equal Access to Fertility Services US (CA) 28 SEP

StarBill to allow lesbian women equal access to fertility services passes California senate US (CA) 31 AUG

StarSurrogacy hopes closer AU (TAS) 30 AUG 12
• Tasmanian Parliament: Surrogacy Bill 2011 PDF 115.73, 27 APR 11

StarQueensland surrogacy ban would breach federal discrimination laws, says legal expert AU (QLD) 09 JUL

StarSurrogacy rights to go for gay couples AU (QLD) 22 JUN

StarTwo dads and a surrogate create legal landmark AU (NSW) 01 JUN

StarState panel calls for legal surrogacy for same-sex couples IL 20 MAY

StarMaine SJC Rules in Gestational Surrogate Case US (ME) 07 MAY

StarSouth Australia IVF bill passes Upper House AU (SA) 04 MAY

StarCourt orders former B.C. lesbian couple to divide leftover sperm CA (BC) 27 APR

StarCommittee to recommend legalization of surrogacy for gays IL 06 APR

StarLesbian couple can both be mother, Israel court rules IL 06 MAR

StarBrazilian gay couple has child by IVF BR 03 MAR

StarNew IVF bill for SA introduced AU (SA) 21 FEB

StarCustody law covers children of both same-sex and heterosexual marriages conceived by artificial insemination US (MA) 02 FEB

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