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August 2012

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Big step for civil partnerships News item summary PL 31 AUG

'Reasonable precautions' defence welcomed News item summary AU (NSW) 31 AUG

California: Conversion Therapy Ban Passes, Heads to Gov. Brown News item summary US (CA) 31 AUG

Malaysia: Court case challenges trans "discrimination" law News item summary MY 31 AUG

Bill to allow lesbian women equal access to fertility services passes California senate News item summary US (CA) 31 AUG

Ancient world had no noun for gays News item summary US (MO) 30 AUG

Brazil: Gay father granted full "maternity" leave News item summary BR 30 AUG

Judge tells couple to consider challenging state's gay marriage ban News item summary US (MI) 29 AUG

Surrogacy hopes closer News item summary AU (TAS) 30 AUG 12
• Tasmanian Parliament: Surrogacy Bill 2011 PDF 115.73, 27 APR 11

Same-sex bill passes first reading News item summary NZ 30 AUG
• New Zealand Parliament: Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill PDF 136.38, 31 MAY 12

Malta Gay Rights Movement 'disappointed' with cohabitation bill News item summary MT 28 AUG

Gay unions move closer News item summary AU (TAS) 28 AUG
• Parliament of Tasmania: Same-sex Marriage Bill 2012 PDF 501.52kb, 28 AUG 12

Assembly approves bill to allow multiple parents News item summary US (CA) 27 AUG

Trial Judge Orders Prop 8 Case Closed, Outcome Hinges On Supreme Court Decision News item summary US (CA) 27 AUG
• Order: Kristin M Perry v. Arnold Schwarznegger C 09-02292 JW PDF 38.84kb, 27 AUG 12

Same-sex marriage bill to be introduced in France this October News item summary FR 26 AUG

Judge refuses lesbians a divorce News item summary US (OH) 24 AUG

Holder calls on LGBT attorneys to advance cause of equality News item summary US (DC) 23 AUG

Mexican judge orders state to perform homosexual 'marriages' News item summary MX 23 AUG

Marriage equality bill to be co-sponsored News item summary AU (TAS) 23 AUG

Australian Capital Territory passes new laws allowing same-sex civil unions News item summary AU (ACT) 23 AUG
• Bill: Civil Unions Bill 2011 PDF 221.49kb, 28 FEB 12

Ohio Judge Recognizes Sexual Orientation Discrimination Under Title VII News item summary US (OH) 21 AUG
• Opinion & Order: Jason W Koran v. The Ohio Bell Telephone Company Case No. 1:11-CV-2674 PDF 115.67kb, 14 AUG 12

Electoral Commission makes it easy for first-time transgenders to vote News item summary IN 21 AUG

High Court set to hear case on law criminalising gay sex News item summary SG 21 AUG
• Judgment: Tan Eng Hong and Attorney General [2012] SGCA 45 PDF 489.09kb, 21 AUG 12

South Carolina county sheriffs warned over illegal entrapment of gay men News item summary US (SC) 19 AUG
• ACLU: Letter to Greenville County Sheriff & Others PDF 2.38MB, 16 AUG 12

São Paulo marries its first gay couple News item summary BR 19 AUG

Hospital tells lesbian domestic partners “you need medical power of attorney” News item summary US (NV) 19 AUG

Man's Will Disinherits Grandson Unless Gay Son Marries Woman News item summary US (NY), 19 AUG

Court of appeals finds that same-sex harassment isn't always illegal News item summary US (LA) 19 AUG
• Case: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission v. Boh Brothers Construction Company LLLC 11-30770 PDF 93.24kb, 27 JUL 12

Bullied student barred from schools News item summary US (IN) 18 AUG

First gay man elected to lead a mainstream church News item summary CA (ON) 18 AUG

Gay Cure Law Headed To California Governor's Desk News item summary US (CA) 18 AUG

Gay former University of Michigan student president wins harassment case News item summary US (MI) 17 AUG

Appeal against century-long ban on gay pride in Moscow is refused News item summary RU 17 AUG

Jacksonville Fails Its LGBT Citizens, Rejects Work Protections News item summary US (FL) 16 AUG

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SaS to propose new legislation on same-sex registered partnerships News item summary SK 15 AUG

Gay Surrey judge earns 'Hero Award' News item summary CA (BC) 14 AUG

Christian B&B couple take same-sex bed ban to highest UK court News item summary UK 14 AUG

Indianapolis City-County Council Approves Domestic Partner Benefits News item summary US (IN) 14 AUG

County Approves Same-Sex Benefits News item summary US (TX) 13 AUG

Pensions for the transgender community in Tamil Nadu News item summary IN 13 AUG

Tunisia blasphemy bill threatens gays and free speech News item summary TN 11 AUG

ACT moves to legalise gay civil unions News item summary AU (ACT) 11 AUG

Democratic Party Backs Same-Sex Marriage for 2012 Platform News item summary US (MI) 11 AUG

Move by one gay parent to Georgia raises parental rights issue for other parent News item summary US (NJ) 10 AUG

Doctors ban anal exam used to charge men with homosexuality News item summary LB 08 AUG

Top German court demands tax benefit for same-sex couples News item summary DE 08 AUG
• Case: BVerfG 1 BvL 16/11 (in German), 08 AUG 12

Federal judge upholds Hawaii ban on same-sex marriage News item summary US (HI) 08 AUG
• Order: Natasha N Jackson, Janin Kleid and Gary Bradley v. Neil S Abercrombie, Governor of Hawaii, and Loretta J Fuddy, Director of Health, State of Hawaii 11-00734 ACK-KSC PDF 12.65MB, 08 AUG 12

Obama signs military funeral protest ban bill News item summary US (DC) 07 AUG

Kentucky Gay Couple Allowed to File for Joint Bankruptcy News item summary US (KY) 07 AUG

Costa Rican government to support same-sex unions bill News item summary CR 06 AUG

France adds "sexual identity" to the protected grounds of discrimination News item summary FR 06 AUG

Labor to back gay marriage laws in Tasmania News item summary AU (TAS) 05 AUG

Gay couple in Taiwan continue fight for marriage recognition News item summary TW 02 AUG

Obama Administration Will Consider Gay Couples' Marriages In Deportation Decisions News item summary US (DC) 02 AUG

Appeals Court: Hate Crimes Act Doesn’t Suppress Anti-Gay Speech News item summary US (CA) 02 AUG
• Opinion: Gary Glenn & Ors v. Eric H Holder 10-2273 PDF 42.95kb, 02 AUG 12

Lesbian Couple Win Battle With NYC Landlord News item summary US (NY) 01 AUG

Hennepin County court rules same-sex partner can inherit assets News item summary US (MN) 01 AUG

In Italy, Telling a Man He Has "No Balls" Is Now a Crime News item summary IT 01 AUG

Bid to decriminalise gay acts in Northern Cyprus at European court News item summary CY 01 AUG

St. Petersburg begins registering same-sex couples News item summary US (FL) 01 AUG

Gay couple register child without court order News item summary AR 01 AUG

Defense of Marriage Act Ruled Unlawful by U.S. Judge News item summary US (CT) 01 AUG
• Memorandum of Decision: Joanne Pedersem, et al v. Office of Personnel Management et al 10-cv-1750 (VLB) PDF 283.34kb, 31 JUL 12

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