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October 2012

StarGay sperm donor told to pay for 'his' daughters News item summary UK 29 OCT

StarSame-sex couple suing over death certificate News item summary US (IA) 28 OCT

StarNorthern Ireland gay adoption ban ruled unlawful News item summary UK 18 OCT
• Judgment: The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission's Application [2012] NIQB 77, 18 OCT 12

StarCourt upholds Alabama act banning same-sex marriage News item summary US (AL) 13 OCT

StarEuropean Court of Human Rights looks into second parent adoption in same-sex family case News item summary EU 04 OCT
• Press Release: Grand Chamber hearing concerning second-parent adoption in as same-sex relationship ECHR 365 (2012) PDF 150.76kb, 03 OCT 12

StarGay couple win right to be parents of twin boys in legal first after Indian surrogate mother vanished before giving consent News item summary UK 02 OCT
• Judgment: D and L (Surrogacy) [2012] EWHC 2631 (Fam), 28 SEP 12

StarCalifornia: Brown Vetoes Multiparent Protection Law News item summary US (CA) 01 OCT
• Veto Message: Bill No SB 1476 30 SEP 12

November 2012

StarTransgender father-of-three wins right to help raise his girls after lengthy custody battle News item summary AU (NSW) 30 NOV
• Judgment: Parer & Taub (No. 2) [2012] FMCAfam 1250 (19 November 2012)

StarSame-sex parents to get new rights News item summary IE 22 NOV

StarIllinois Public Health Department Policy Change Ensures Equal Protection for ALL Intended Parents News item summary US (IL) 21 NOV

StarPFLAG China confronts national adoption agency ban on gay couples News item summary CN 06 NOV
• Statement: Homosexual adoption of children (in Chinese), 12 OCT 05

StarTokyo court rejects family registry suit by man with GID News item summary JP 03 NOV

StarAdoption agency cannot change its objects to exclude gay couples, tribunal rules News item summary UK 02 NOV
• Judgment: Catholic Care (Diocese of Leeds) v. Charity Commission for England and Wales FTC/52/2011 PDF 233.01kb, 28 SEP 12

December 2012

StarSperm Donor William Marotta Ordered to Pay Child Support to Lesbian Couple News item summary US (KS) 31 DEC
• Summons, Petition to Determine Paternity: State of Texas & Ors. v. William Marotta 12D002686 PDF 130.28kb, 03 OCT12
• Answer, Sperm Donor Contract: State of Texas & Ors. v. William Marotta 12D002686 PDF 218.62kb, 29 OCT12

StarCourt orders same-sex parents' names on birth certificates News item summary AU (NSW) 28 DEC
• Judgment: Dent & Rees [2012] FMCAfam 1303, 19 DEC 12

StarIowa Court Orders Same-Sex Couple Listed on Death Certificate News item summary US (IA) 17 DEC
• Ruling on Application for Judicial Review: Jessica M Buntemeyer & Jennifer L Buntemeyer v. Iowa Department of Public Health CV 9041 PDF 223.39kb, 12 DEC 12

StarGays granted more adoption rights News item summary CH 14 DEC

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July 2012

Star"Shared parenting responsibilities" for separated mums AU (QLD) 06 JUL

August 2012

StarBrazil: Gay father granted full "maternity" leave BR 30 AUG

StarJudge tells couple to consider challenging state's gay marriage ban US (MI) 29 AUG

StarAssembly approves bill to allow multiple parents US (CA) 27 AUG

StarMove by one gay parent to Georgia raises parental rights issue for other parent US (NJ) 10 AUG

StarGay couple register child without court order AR 01 AUG

September 2012

StarNo Relief for Mom Who Labeled Kid Transgender US (KY) 12 SEP
• Opinion Affirming: Linda Williams v. David Frymire No. 2011-CA-001568-ME PDF 143.71kb, 31 AUG 12

StarCourt reverses custody ruling for lesbian’s former partner US (OH) 04 SEP

StarDads to get baby help AU 04 SEP
DHS: Dad and Partner Pay

StarIt’s because we’re gay ZA 01 SEP

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April 2012

StarVictory for lesbian mom ZA 30 APR

StarLawmakers reject proposal to allow gay adoption US (LA) 24 APR

May 2012

StarAmerican gay dad wins Colombian custody battle CO 23 MAY

StarHuman Rights Campaign: Romney's Adoption Remark Trivializes Gay Inequalities US (DC) 15 MAY

June 2012

StarParental leave extended to same-sex couples AU (FED) 27 JUN

Same-Sex Couples Seek To Strengthen Families By Expanding Adoption Rights In North Carolina US (NC) 13 JUN 12

StarTwo dads and a surrogate create legal landmark AU (NSW) 01 JUN

StarCase sets standard for same-sex parents US (NM) 01 JUN

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January 2012

StarProposed bill would allow same-sex, live-in couples to adopt in Utah US (UT) 25 JAN

StarColombian High Court to Hear American Gay Adoption Case CO 23 JAN

StarAppeals Panel Revives Same-Sex Partner’s Bid for Parental Status US (CA) 20 JAN

StarIowa same-sex parents win birth certificate lawsuit US (IA) 05 JAN

February 2012

StarPortuguese lawmakers defeat adoption bill PT 25 FEB

StarVirginia legislature signs off on bill to let agencies deny adoptions to gay parents US (VA) 21 FEB

StarIowa appeals same-sex birth ruling US (IA)06 FEB

StarVirginia House approves anti-gay adoption rule US (VA) 03 FEB

StarCustody law covers children of both same-sex and heterosexual marriages conceived by artificial insemination US (MA) 02 FEB

March 2012

StarSlovenian referendum rejects law allowing same-sex couples to adopt children in some cases SI 26 MAR

StarChile: Lesbian judge whose sexuality ‘put daughters at risk’ wins legal battle CL 23 MAR

StarSlovenia to vote on homosexual rights in referendum SI 22 MAR

StarNorthern Ireland Attorney General: Ban on gay adoption will remain IE 22 MAR

StarEuropean Ruling Against Lesbian Trying to Adopt FR 15 MAR

StarSwiss edge closer to gay adoption CH 15 MAR

StarGay father wins right to see son raised by lesbian couple UK 15 MAR

StarLesbian couple must share custody, Ohio court decides US (OH) 08 MAR

StarLesbian couple can both be mother, Israel court rules IL 06 MAR

StarSame Sex Couple Fights for Custody of Child US (OK) 03 MAR

StarSame-sex adoptions nod AU (TAS) 03 MAR

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